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Toped Online Help . . .

Command Alternative Description
Ctrl-ACtrl-Left Arr Move One Word To The Left.
Ctrl-BNoneReformat Paragraph.
Ctrl-CPgdnMove Down One Page.
Ctrl-DRight Arrow Move Cursor One To The Right.
Ctrl-EUp ArrowMove Cursor Up By One.
Ctrl-FCtrl-Right Arr Move One Word To The Right.
Ctrl-GDelDelete Current Character.
Ctrl-HBackspaceDelete Character To The Left.
Ctrl-ITABAdvance Cursor 8 Characters.
Ctrl-KF4Remove Quote Screen.
Ctrl-LNoneRefresh Display.
Ctrl-MEnterMove To Next Line.
Ctrl-PEndMove To End Of Line.
Ctrl-QF3Enter Quote Mode. Quote Previous Message.
Ctrl-RPgUpMove Up On Page.
Ctrl-SLeft ArrowMove Cursor One To The Left.
Ctrl-UNoneUndelete Deleted Text From Ctrl-Y.
Ctrl-VInsertInsert Mode On/Off
Ctrl-WHomeMove Cursor To Start Of Line.
Ctrl-XDown ArrowMove Cursor Down By One.
Ctrl-YNoneDelete Current Line.
Ctrl-ZESC SInstant Save Of Message.
ESCCommand Menu (Save/Abort Message).
Control-PgUpBring Cursor To Beginning Of Message.
Control-PgDnBring Cursor To End Of Message.
Control-HomeBring Cursor To Top Of Message.
Control-EndDelete To End Of Line.