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** TopEd European Registration Form **

The TopEd registration is a Dfls 47 one time payment, and will entitle you to
life time upgrades as they are made available. After registering TopEd, you
will be given a unique KEY file which will be for you and only YOU to use.
If you are in the United Kingdom, please see TOPEDREG.UK.

I understand that the key file is for me and only me to use. I will not
distribute it or alter it in any way. I also agree to follow all copyright
laws and terms stated in the sysop documentation.


SysOp FULL name:_____________________________________________________________

Street Address:______________________________________________________________

City, State, and ZIP:________________________________________________________

BBS Name:____________________________________________________________________

FidoNet node number:_________________________________________________________

BBS Phone number:____________________________________________________________

Voice Phone number:__________________________________________________________

Disk Size: [ ] 360K or [ ] 720K

Enclosed for payment is:

[ ] A Eurocheque for Dfls 47. Make check payable to Peter Janssens.

[ ] Any other cheque/money order for Dfls 57. (Includes Dfls 10 for bank
charges). Make check/money order payable to Peter Janssens.

[ ] Visa/Mastercard information (fill out CC section)

Please send this form and registration payment to:

Peter Janssens
Patersstraat 48
5801 AV Venray

Please fill out if paying by Credit Card:

[ ] Visa [ ] Mastercard (sorry, AMEX not accepted)

Credit Card Number:______________________________________________

Exp Date:________________________________________________________