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Landline BBS to Amateur Packet TNC Interface


LOCAL mode for use as a full-service



The TNC DOOR uses a PACKET RADIO terminal-node-controller (TNC) to
control amateur radio transmitting equipment. Using such equipment
requires a FEDERAL amateur radio license of the appropriate class.

Neither Vince Quaresima nor K2NE SOFTWARE, or the legal heirs,
assigns or designees of either of them assumes any liability
whatsoever for any use or misuse of the TNC DOOR.

If you do not have a valid amateur radio license then DO NOT USE

If you are a BBS sysop, then you are very welcome to circulate this
software among your friends and system users. And I thank you in
advance for doing this.

This software is made available strictly on an "as is" basis. Absolutely
NO warranty is implied or stated. Specifically, there is no warranty
of merchantability and there is no warranty of fitness for a particular

If you receive the software directly from Vince Quaresima or K2NE Software
on floppy disk, and if the floppy disk will not run on your machine because
of a defect in the disk, then a replacement will be provided at no cost
to you.

FILES CONTAINED in the TNC-DOOR release package:

TNC-DOOR.EXE is the actual software.
TNC-DOOR.DOC is the documentation for the software.
REGISTER.TNC is a "self-mailer" registration form for the software.
Print out REGISTER.TNC on a standard 80-column printer.
TNCPARMS.TXT is a sample "TNCPARMS.DEF" file - see Documentation for
more details.
INSTALL.BAT Run this to INSTALL TNC DOOR. Before you do, make sure
you create a directory for it, and move to that directory.
Put ALL the files from your TNC DOOR "distribution ZIPfile"
into that directory BEFORE running INSTALL. This will get
you "up and running" immediately for local packet terminal
use, and with minor "massaging" you should be able to interface
TNC DOOR with your BBS in only a few minutes!
PRINTDOC.BAT A simple batchfile for generating a hard-copy of the
documentation file on your PRN device.
READ.ME is this file.

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Archive   : TNCDR106.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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