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V5.02 94/01/04



1. FIX FOR YEAR END SORT PROBLEM. Extended the sort routine input to
include the year so we don't have problems on January 01 each year with
the last 15 callers screen. We will still have a problem on January, 01
2000. If I am still alive, give me a call, otherwise you best remember
to delete your CALLERS.LOG on that day and start a fresh set of screens.

NOTE: Upgrade Action required on this item:
2. Add node # to the last 15 caller screen (far right side) at the expense
of the year of the logon (we can probably figure that out). ๐Ÿ™‚ This change
adds an additional item to the THDUTL.WRK file and makes your old one
incpmpatable. You must run THDUTL /F to recompile the files. ALTERNATELY,
you may edit THDUTL.WRK adding ONE blank line JUST BEFORE every user name
in the list EXCEPT the first one (which will be the second line of the file).
The first line in the file is the pointer into CALLERS.LOG, the second line
is a user name, the next 9 refer to that user (old file), the next 10 now
refer to the user (new file). Be sure to add a blank line at the very end
of the file also (for the bottom user).


NOTE: Upgrade Action required on this item:
1. Added a start date to the THDUTL.TIM file. It previously used the start
date of the THDUTL.DOR file, however; when you changed the number of doors
in your DOORS.MNU, the date reverted to the current date, causing a
Situation 6 in Process 12 error when the BBS Usage Graph was constructed.
OF NUMBERS IN THE FORMAT mm-dd (e.g. 12-25). The date reflects the date
when the Usage graph was first started with it's current values. OR,,,,,
rerun THDUTL /F and rebuild all the files and screens.

2. More thorough checking of uploads for imbedded archive files (within an
archive) is performed. Internal archives are extracted and repacked into
the default archive unless the /SP (Skip rePack) switch is used. Tradeoff:
If internal archives are repacked, the original archive must also be
repacked to include them. Any volume labels or path data will be lost (I
haven't gotten that good yet).

3. The filesize of the repacked archive is updated to the ACTUAL size vice
an estimation as used previously.

4. File date stamping in the FILES.LST. The oldest date found in an
uploaded archive, or the actual file date of an uploaded file will be
indicated at the end of the 'Uploaded By' line in mm-dd-yy format.

5. For you dropped carrier watchers, build a file named THDUTL.DRP and
place it in the \UTL directory. It can be either ANSI or ASCII and should
contain your comment to those users who tend to drop carrier without first
signing off the BBS (Use the @X color codes for best results). When THDUTL
finds a user who has dropped carrier, THDUTL.DRP is copied to ##.BBS (user
specific logon screen) to welcome them on their next call. Only one screen
is made and given the .BBS extension so it will always be displayed.
Additionally, in order to keep the amount of code down, I hinged the
function off of the /R (Real name) routine. In order to use it you must
include the /R switch in your BETWEEN.BAT call to THDUTL. (Note I have NOT
tested this feature thoroughly, let me know if there are any problems). The
function is only called for normal runs and is not called by the /F switch.
(e.g. you can't go back and build several display screens for past
offenses) ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh yeah, the ##.BBS file is KILLED the next time the same
caller is noted by THDUTL so it doesn't hang around forever.

6. The exit ERRORLEVEL function now indicates whether an upload occurred or
not. An ERRORLEVEL of 1 is returned when upolad(s) were found.

7. Add a deadfile path to the /U switch. If you want files which failed
integrity or virus scanning to be retained, add a path to the /U switch
e.g. /UC:\TRIBBS\DEADFILE. All files failing /U validity checks will be
copied to this directory and deleted from the upload directory.

V5.01 93/12/24

1. Revamp the BBS Tally and Hourly usage graph screens to make them
more useful and match the other screens more closely.

2. Rework troublesome areas to make them more reliable under all

3. Add /Q switch to allow THDUTL to run Quietly (Limited printing
of advisories to the screen).

4. Add /SP switch to skip the repacking of uploaded archives to the
default. When used, archives will NOT be repacked, however integrity
and virus checks WILL be performed as usual when the /U switch is
used. The /SP switch has no meaning except as an amplification to the
/U switch.

5. Check for archives within archives and perform integrity and virus
checking on them independently. Normally, internal archives will be
repacked into the default unless the /SP switch is indicated.

6. Add support for DOS 6.2 simply by clipping the comma from the
filesize entered into the FILES.LST.

7. Revamp the handling of excluded callers. Uploads and Downloads and
Door Tallys are now checked as if they were not excluded, however they
will NOT show up in any of the screens.

This version changes the format of THDUTL.TIM. Rerun THDUTL /F [/R /H##]
to rebuild all screens. (Only the /R /H## /A /L switches should be used
for a forced run) /Recompile your CALLERS.LOG if necessary for the full

THDUTL will run 'out of the box' with no switches and do Download
Tracking, and screen generation. You need only edit the THDUTL.CFG for
your board and put THDUTL in your BETWEEN.BAT. Please read the .DOC file
for the advanced features.

Note: It was brought to my attention that chunked archives (large
archives split into several files) may cause a problem when they are
reformatted to a new archive format. Off hand, I don't have a solution
for this! Any suggestions?

I would really like to be able to see quickly (from the last 15 callers
screen for instance) if all my MAILRUN stuff went off OK during the
night. Maybe some simple cryptic check marks or something. Hmmm?

I will do a quick-and-dirty Dropped Carrier screen soon (by request).

APOLOGY: I am sorry but it has become necessary to use a KEY file with
THDUTL in order to realize any benefit from my efforts. Effective with
the release of the V5.01 and V4.02 versions, a KEY file will be necessary
to remove the 30 second wait and alarm. Registered users may pick up
their keys from the Support BBS. The THDUTL.KEY provided with this
archive will allow you to evaluate the program. After it expires the
program will continue to run, but with some agrivation. Copy the .KEY
file to the /UTL directory.

V3.06 93/12/04

1. Correct yet another stupid programmer's error. Misspelled one of
the variables in the Download tracking section. How dumb!

V3.05 93/12/04

1. Another bug found in the download section added to handle exclusion
of files from the Top 15 list. Some (if not all) downloads were NOT
being tracked. Fixed. THIS IS THE FINAL RELEASE ? maybe!

V3.04 93/12/03

1. Yet another bug fix &^)(%$#.

V3.03 93/12/02

1. A few more bug fixes, particularly in the /F (force new screens)
area, and the Top 15 exclusion routines. Barring any unforeseen
multi-legged critters, THIS IS THE FINAL RELEASE.

Note: It may be worthwhile to recombine your CALLERS.LOG and rerun
THDUTL /F to build new (and hopefully more correct) screens. Use
and finally REN TMP CALLERS.LOG, to rebuild your full log. Then
run THDUTL /F (/R if you use it) to rebuild new screens.

V3.02 93/12/02

//Thanks again to my trusty beta observers and testers for their
input and interest//

1. Correct an error where an extra blank line was added to FILES.LST
for downloads when the downloaded file was the last one in the list.

2. Add some 'fool proofing' to areas that used input from the various exclusion files.

3. Extend the Top 10 list to the Top 15, and extend the New Users
screen to a full 15 to match the Last 15 screen in length. I still
refer to it alternately as a Top 10 or Top 15 list. I found it weird
that the screens did not fill the computer display and were not the
same length as the Last 15 caller screen.

4. Add yet another exclusion file for the Top 15 list. THDUTL.AFX (Area
File exclude). The file is a pure ASCII file with the file area numbers
you wish to exclude from the screen. The THDUTL.TTX (Top Ten file name
exclude) is still operative if you wish to use it (see B04 below).

5. Speed up the search for downloads on /F runs (and on normal runs
as a by-product). (Thanks to the new binary FILES.LST format).

6. Exclude those callers listed in THDUTL.XCL from the Top 15 Up/
Download screen. Now the SysOp won't show up as the top uploader ๐Ÿ™‚

7. Move the DOOR tally routine outside of the Last 15 loop. Due to
the coding used, items in the logon line from the CALLERS.LOG were
not checked for the DOOR tally. Things like baudrate were not looked
at. They are now! (Thanks to Steve Sears's observation).

Note1: Index files are suggested to speed up the handling of Download
tracking. MAKEIDX must however be run for all upload directories to
make the recently uploaded files available. Suggest the following in
BETWEEN.BAT to run MAKEIDX if uploads occurred.

TYPE UPLOAD.DAT >> UPLOADS.DAT DEL UPLOAD.DAT MAKEIDX /F:#-# (where #-# will include your upload directories)

Note2: If you use the /U upload checking function, ensure the archive
programs, PKZIP/PKUNZIP.EXE, LHA.EXE, PAK.EXE are in the DOS path.
Without them strange things happen to the FILES.LST and file
discriptions, not to mention loss of uploads.

V3.01 93/11/24

Revise handling of FILES.LST to support TriBBS V5.01 B07 and
later releases.

Follow the instructions in BETA.DOC/README.1ST provided with TriBBS and


V3.00 93/11/20

Version 3.0 released.

Thanks to: (for trying the new products and offering suggestions)

Michael Kauffmann Villa Rica, Ga.
Karl Duncan Reading, Pa.
Michael Guerra Waldorf, Md.
Butch Nordstrom Billerica, Ma.
Jim Kunert Sheboygan, Wi.
Jim Wellis Knoxville, Tn.
Doug Nelson Columbia, Mo.
Steve Sears Ft.Meyers, Fl

Your comments were well taken and greatly appreciated.

B04 Released 93/11/17

1. Rework the default archive area to prevent losing Volume Labels in
ZIPs, to update the file size in FILES.LST and to clean up some
'bugs' in the routine. File sizes placed in the FILES.LST may differ
from actual by an amount equal to the size of the DESC.SDI and the
THDUTL.MSG as they are not contained in the archive when the filesize
is checked and placed into the FILES.LST.

2. Add a THDUTL.TTX file to exclude filenames or partials from the Top
10 files list. Enter up to 50 file names or partials (e.g. .GIF)

3. Add checking to ensure uploaded file TEST didn't overwrite an
existing TEST.ZIP (Default ZIP), when it was forced into an archive.
Just in case the EXACT MATCH flag was set in TriBBS. If the /U option
is used, EXACT MATCH should be turned off in TriBBS's WFC System

4. Changed the color for the numbers in the Top 10 screen to the first
color (in THDUTL.CLR) vice the 2nd (which was also used for the
border) I'm working on a better DOC on the color file and how it
equates to the actual screen colors used.

5. Add a Mail Run hour switch to place a notice in the usage graph for
the selected hour. Switch /H## added. To designate your Hub run hour
place the /H## switch on the THDUTL command line. e.g. /H04 for an
04 A.M. mailrun hour.

B03 Released 93/11/13

1. Add /R switch to check login names and replace with Real name if
they are an alias.

2. Add /M switch to Mark uploads with "Uploaded By: SysOp" if no
"Uploaded" comment is found in the FILES.LST.

3. Swat a couple of pesky bugs noted by my faithful testers. (THANKS)

4. Add some debug code to print more usable Situation and Process
information. Include PROCESS.DAT file with keys to printouts.

B02 Released 93/11/12

1. Add /ST switch to save the trimmed portion of the CALLERS.LOG into

B01 Released 93/11/11

Upgrade info: Copy THDUTL.EXE to your directory. Add the /U switch to
the BETWEEN.BAT if you desire to use the new feature. Ensure the default
archive extension is set correctly in TriBBS's WFC Configure System
window. Build an ASCII file THDUTL.MSG if you wish archive comments
added to your uploads. ZIP, ARJ, LZH, ARC, SDN and PAK archives are
currently supported. Build THDUTL.ACX file containing the three letter
file extensions (in UPPER CASE) which are to be excluded.

1. Adds upload archive integrity checking. If used, remember to turn
off files checking in the WFC setup screen. Deletes files and the
FILES.LST entries for those that fail.

2. Adds default archive conversion, the default archive extension is
taken from the SYSDAT1.DAT file as set from the WFC screen.

3. Adds insertion of archive comments if THDUTL.MSG exist in \UTL dir.

4. Adds virus checking after the user logs off. Calls McAfee's SCAN.EXE.
Deletes files and FILES.LST entries for those that fail.

5. Also if no FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI file was contained in the upload, one
will be build from the FILES.LST file description and added to the new
archive. Rebuilding of FILES.LST will have a description.

6. THDUTL.ACX file added to allow exclusion of specific file extensions
from conversion to default archive.

V2.00 93/11/05

Upgrade info: Copy THDUTL.EXE to your directory and edit your .CFG
file adding an output screen below the Top 10 screen for the new
BBS Hourly call graph. Edit your BETWEEN.BAT adding the /T# trim
switch if desired. Copy the THDUTL.CLR file to the /UTL directory
and edit it to suit your preferences for screen colors.

1. Added BBS Hourly call graph screen.

2. Added /T#, CALLERS.LOG trim function.

3. Added THDUTL.CLR file to customize screen colors.

4. Recompiles for speed and to correct bugs noted since release
of V1.02.

V1.02 93/10/29

Upgrade info: Copy THDUTL.EXE to your directory and edit your .CFG
file to include a screen name for the Top 10. The name is entered
just below the last screen file name in the THDUTL.CFG file. Rerun
the program with the /F switch to build the new screen.

1. Added Top Ten tracking for Uploaders, Downloaders and popular files.
Additional files THDUTL.FIL, THDUTL.UPL and THDUTL.DLD are built to
hold the data. New screen name required in .CFG.

V1.01 93/10/24

Upgrade info: Simply copy the THDUTL.EXE to your directory. No changes
in any other files.

1. Added a FILECHK.DAT output file. Build an ASCII file named THDUTL.CHK
in the \UTL directory and enter the names of files you wish to track the
downloads for. You may enter full file names (THDUTL.ZIP), or partials
(.ZIP). Each time a user downloads one of these files, an entry is made
in the FILECHK.DAT file:

filename user from date/time logged on
THDULT11.ZIP by Hal Holland From Austell, Ga. 10/24/93 12:51:43

2. If you do not currently use a download tracker on your system, you
may run THDUTL for the FIRST time with both the /F (force new screens)
and /D (force logging of downloads) command line switches. Do NOT run
it a second time with /D switch or false download numbers will result.

3. The printouts to the logging files and screen have been formatted to
be a little neater.

4. It is no longer necessary to run the NEWUSER.BAT file to obtain the
user's city and state. The data is taken from the USERS.DAT file now.

5. Missing entries in FILES.LST or FILES.IDX will no longer bomb the
program. Advisories are provided in THDUTL.LOG.

V1.00 Original release
(see docs)

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