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Copyright 1993 Heavy Duty Software/HD's BBS

Proceeds from the sale of this utility are applied to the maintenance
and upkeep of Radio Freaks/HD's Support BBS. The BBS is
free to all callers and programs such as this
are it's sole source of revenue.

Version 5.xx 12/04/93


H. D. Holland
2911 Chestnut Grove Dr.
Austell, Ga. 30001

The latest version of this Product and online Support are available
at the Radio Freaks/HD's Support BBS, (404) 941-1308, or via WME net.
I am sorry but I can not promise to provide support for unregistered
users of the program. If you have a question, please leave me a note on
my BBS or WME, I will get back to you as time permits. Registered users
will receive immediate replies and a satisfactory resolution of their

I do solemnly swear that I will do my best to keep the program current
and compatible with the latest releases of TriBBS. I do not intend to
leave good customers with a useless program. ๐Ÿ™‚


You may make this file available for downloading from your BBS or you may
upload it to any BBS of your choice, provided that you do not make any
changes to the contents of the archive (ZIP file). The term "BBS" includes
online services. However, commercial disk vendors must contact the
author for permission prior to distribution.

THDUTL is a multi function utility for TriBBS* V5.xx bulletin boards. It
is intended to provide the most used/requested 'nice little features'.
The program is TriBBS specific.

The utility is NOT (CURRENTLY) crippled in any way. You may place it on
your system for a period of Thirty days for test and evaluation. After
that period, you are expected to register the software with the author,
or remove it from your system. Remember it is a screen generator, anyone
calling your board can ascertain your use of the program. ShareWare
works only if we make it work. The accompanying THDUTL.KEY file will
allow you to evaluate the program for an appropriate period. Should the
key file be expired when you receive this archive, you may download a
current key file from HD's Support BBS. You will realize the key file
has expired by the 30 second delay and irritating beeps. BE SURE THE

1. Last 15 Callers screen with programmable 'watch' items. Provides
the usual screen with a few added goodies that allows you and
your callers to get a feel for the boards activity.

2. BBS Door/activity tally screen with programmable 'tally' items.
Activity in your doors as listed in the DOORS.MNU is tallied
automatically, alternately; you may add additional items to be

3. Welcome New Users screen. List the names, Alias, City/State, date and
baudrate of new callers.

4. Download tracking. The utility places the usual "# Downloads:"
comment in your FILES.LST. Special interest downloads may be
tracked with the name, city & state, and date/time of download
being placed in a separate file.

5. Upload tracking. THDUTL builds a file named UPLOAD.DAT in the TriBBS
directory. You may use it as you wish. The file simply contains the
names of the files that were uploaded. Unless deleted in the
BETWEEN.BAT, it will continue to grow with each user that uploads.

6. Upload archive Integrity checking, conversion and Virus checking in
the BETWEEN.BAT (after the user logs off), optional. Stripping and
Addition of new archive comments also supported, and addition of
DESC.SDI (description) files to archives having none. The oldest
file date found in archives is also added to the FILES.LST. Optionally
the archive reformat may be bypassed. Failed files may be discarded
or retained in a directory specified by the user.

7. Top 15 tracking of Uploaders, Downloaders and popular Files. Screen
displays your top 15 activity if desired. Exclusion files are
available to exclude particular file names or file areas or users.

8. BBS hourly usage graph. A screen to appraise your users when the BBS
is busy and when it is most open for calls. Statistics reflecting the
number of calls and duration are also provided. Mail run hour may be
flagged also.

9. Trim your CALLERS.LOG to a specified length automatically. You set
the maximum length in kilo-bytes. Trimmed portion may be saved.

10.Dropped carrier notification. A user specific screen advising that
carrier was dropped on their last call may be generated. The screen
will be automatically deleted on the user's next call.

11. THDUTL will exit with an ERRORLEVEL of 1 if and upload was found.

Create a directory off of your TriBBS directory such as \UTL. Copy
THDUTL.EXE, THDUTL.CFG and the THDUTL.KEY files from the archive to the new
directory. Edit the THDUTL.CFG file to the specifications of your BBS.

Build the support exclusion files desired for your specific board.

Run the program with the /F command line switch from the \UTL directory
to initialize the screen files. Depending on the size of your
CALLERS.LOG file, the program may take some time to run. Subsequent runs
will only look at that portion of the CALLERS.LOG added since it last
ran. If you manually edit your CALLERS.LOG file, THDUTL will note the
change and run from the beginning again, rebuilding the screens and
files. To prevent this, use the autotrim function.

If you are NOT now using a download tracker, you may use the command
line switch /D on the FIRST run. This will provide for tracking of
past downloads into your .LST files. Do NOT use the /D switch on any
subsequent runs or the download numbers will be falsely inflated.

Place a call to THDUTL in your BETWEEN.BAT file. Each time a caller
logs off, THDUTL will examine that portion of the CALLERS.LOG which
has been appended by TriBBS since it last was called. Include the
command line switches of your selection (see below).

You may also have THDUTL keep your CALLERS.LOG trimmed to a specified
length by adding the command line switch /T# (See switches below).
Alternately, the trimmed portion may also be saved with /ST.

Upload Virus and integrity checking may be performed if desired. Place
the /U switch in the call to THDUTL in BETWEEN.BAT. If you desire an
archive comment file be added to your files, build THDUTL.MSG with your
information and place it in the \UTL directory. Ensure your default
archive is set correctly in TriBBS's WFC Configure System menu and turn
upload checking OFF and set EXACT MATCH to YES. Note that THDUTL will
convert ALL uploads to the default archive system unless specifically
excluded or the Skip rePack switch is used. To exclude specified file
extensions, build the file THDUTL.ACX in the \UTL directory and enter
the three letter extensions you do NOT want converted to archive. If the
upload does not include a FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI file, THDUTL will
extract the file description from the FILES.LST and build a DESC.SDI
for inclusion in the archive. All uploads are tracked in file
UPLOAD.DAT in the TriBBS directory also. See below for use of /SP.

THDUTL prints various items to the screen while running. You may
want to redirect the printouts to a log file to provide a condensed
CALLERS.LOG for your own use. Try THDUTL >> C:\UTL\UTILITY.LOG in your
BETWEEN.BAT if you wish.

The program assumes there will never be anyone around to answer a
prompt. All errors recover automatically and proceed. A THDUTL.LOG
is produced which indicates when errors occur. Please upload this
file to the BBS with any request for support so that I may review
it. Note: THDUTL calls the various archive routines and Mc Afee's
SCAN routine. Any halts in these programs may fail to return control

IMPORTANT: If you do not now use the Index files associated with the
file areas, I suggest you do. They speed up the download tracking
process immensely. Simply go into your Waiting For Caller screen and
edit the file areas adding an index file name for each file area, then
run MAKEIDX /ALL. Additionally, if your use /U without /SP, add a check
for the UPLOAD.DAT file to your BETWEEN.BAT and if it exist, call
MAKEIDX /F:#-# (Where #-# include your upload file areas) See example
below. This is necessary in those cases where the filename is changed to
the new archive. NOTE: the ERRORLEVEL may also be used to indicate when
uploads occurred.

If you wish to track the download of particular files on your system,
build an ASCII file named THDUTL.CHK, and place the names of the files
you wish to track in this list. You may enter partial filenames (e.g.
.ZIP) to track all files which contain that partial. The results are
printed to FILECHK.DAT in the \UTL directory, giving filename, user
name, city & state and date/time of download.

Example configuration file for THDUTL.CFG

Radio Freaks/HD's Support BBS <=- Name of your BBS (<30 characters)
C:\TRIBBS <=- Your BBS home directory
CD=OK <=- OK to track CD-ROM downloads
LOGON2 <=- Name of Last 15 caller screen
LOGON3 <=- Name of BBS activity tally screen
LOGON4 <=- Name of New User Welcome screen
LOGON5 <=- Top 15 activity screen
LOGON6 <=- BBS Hourly usage screen
QWK=TriMail <=- Variable #1 for Last 15 Caller screen
CBV=MAIN# <=- Variable #2
CHT=Chat Started <=- Variable #3
ANSI graphics <=- Variable #1 for the BBS activity tally
RIPScrip graphics <=- Note new variables added in B09 +
TriMail QWK <=- Variable #3 for BBS activity tally
Executed door <=- Variable #4 - N
Downloaded file <=-
Uploaded file <=-
Entered message <=-

BBS Name - Up to 30 characters which will be displayed in the screens.

BBS directory The node 1 directory of your TriBBS.

CD-ROM - If you have a CD-ROM drive on-line, and have moved the
FILES.LST to a hard drive, indicate OK, otherwise
indicate NO. THDUTL will track downloads from the CD-ROM
if it is able to write to the FILES.LST associated with
it. A NO answer here will exclude CD-ROM files from
download tracking and the Top 15 list also.

LOGON2-6 Self explanatory. The names of the screen files to be
generated and may be BULLET#, DBULL# or LOGON#. If you
do not wish to use a particular screen, enter a dummy
filename, e.g. JUNK. THDUTL always generates the screens
but you do not have to use them. Edit your BULLETIN.MNU
or DRBULL.MNU accordingly.

QWK=TriMail Up to three Variable elements to display and track in the
Last 15 Caller screen. Enter a Three (3) letter heading
such as QWK, CBV, CHT, DOR etc followed by an equal (=)
and the key-word occurring in the CALLERS.LOG that
indicates this action has occurred. The three letter
heading will be displayed verbatim in the screen. The
screen will indicate the occurrence of the item with a
check mark. If you do not desire to have these items
tracked, edit the .CFG file and enter "NONE" in the three

TriMail QWK Variables to be tallied and displayed in the BBS activity
screen. You may edit these out or leave them as they are,
or modify them to your liking. They must be typed into the
.CFG file EXACTLY as they appear in the CALLERS.LOG in
order to match (and tally). Note that THDUTL will read your
DOORS.MNU from the NWORK directory and compute activity
tallies based on those entries automatically. This area of
the .CFG file offers you an opportunity to add additional
activity items to the screen. If you do not wish these
items tallied, edit them out of the .CFG file.

You may create this file to tell THDUTL which users NOT to include in
the Last 15 Callers and Top 15 screens. You may enter the full user's
name or partials, one per line, up to 20. Partials may be used; e.g.
entering MAILRUN would prevent all of your mailrun users from showing up
in the displays. Note: Uploads and downloads will still be tracked for
excluded users.

You may optionally select the colors used by THDUTL for the various
screens. Edit the provided file as desired, entering the ANSI color
control sequences desired for each of the 5 screens. Each screen's
controls consist of 7 ANSI color sequences, the BBS @command that is
sent prior to displaying the screen and the terminating BBS @command
separated by comma's. The file is not required for THDUTL to generate
the screens, default colors will be used. The @X## codes have been
tested but do not seem to work well due to TriBBS's handling of them
with respect to spacing. See COLOR.DAT file included in archive.

Archive exclude file. Enter the three letter file extensions you do NOT
wish repacked into your default archive format, e.g. GIF. Unless
excluded in this way, all files NOT in the default archive format will
be repacked and renamed.

Top 15 files exclude. If you have files you do NOT wish displayed in
the Top 15 download area, list them (up to 50) in this ASCII file.
You may use partials also. Useful for excluding specific adult files.

Top 15 screen area exclude. An ASCII file listing the file area numbers
that are to be excluded from Top 15 screen listing. Similar to the TTX
file except entire file areas are excluded. The file area number refers
to the number of the file area as viewed from the WFC Edit File area.

Archive comment text. Place the message you wish added to your archives
in this file. ASCII or ANSI may be used but ASCII is suggested. Some
archive routines 'require' a blank line at the beginning in order to
display correctly.

If this file exist, the filenames or partials listed in it will receive
special download tracking. A FILESCHK.DAT file is build in the /UTL
directory listing downloads.

Build an ASCII file named THDUTL.CHK in the \UTL directory and enter the
names of files you wish tracked. You may enter full file names
(THDUTL.ZIP), or partials (THDUTL). Each time a user downloads one of
these files, an entry is made in the FILECHK.DAT file:

filename user from date/time logged on
THDULTxx.ZIP by Hal Holland From Austell, Ga. 10/24/93 12:51:43

If used, this file will be copied to the user specific logon screen
in the DISPLAY directory when a user drops carrier. You must also use
the /R (Real name) switch as this routine is used to determine the user's
index number. The file may be ASCII or ANSI (@X codes suggested). It is
copied to a .BBS file only.

Example BETWEEN Batch File (Use what you need, discard what you don't)
ECHO ATH1 >> COM1 <= Take the phone off the hook to prevent
calls while we are working
CD\UTL <=- Switch to the utility's Directory.

GOTO LOOP2 <=- Delay handling for multi node operations
:LOOP1 delete for single node BBS's
WAIT 5 <=- delay program included in the archive.

THDUTL /U /R /M /T50 /ST /H04 <=- Execute THDUTL with options

ECHO There were UPLOADS <=- See UPLOAD.DAT below

:: Do whatever you do when you had someone download your special files
:: then move the data to another file and delete the FILECHK.DAT.

DEL INUSE <=- Required for multi nodes, don't forget it!

CD\TRIBBS <=- Go back to TriBBS DIR


if an upload was found.
You may use it or check for the

MAKEIDX /F:#-# <=- Re index upload areas

ECHO ATH0 >> COM1 <=- Put the phone back on the hook
BOARD <=- Restart BBS.

Support Files
Program and support files:

THDUTL.EXE The executable.
THDUTL.CFG The configuration file
THDUTL.XCL List of users to exclude from Last 15 screen.
THDUTL.MSG Ascii text file to be added to archives as comment.
THDUTL.CLR Color control for the 5 screens generated
THDUTL.TTX Top 15 file name excludes
THDUTL.AFX Top 15 file Area excludes
THDUTL.ACX Files extensions excluded from archive conversion
THDUTL.CHK Files to receive special download tracking
THDUTL.DRP Dropped Carrier notification screen.

THDUTL will build various support files when it is invoked.

THDUTL.WRK data to build the Last 15 Caller screen.
THDULT.DOR data to build the BBS Activity screen.
THDUTL.GUY data to build the New Users screen
THDUTL.TIM data to build the Hourly call graph
THDUTL.FIL Download file tracking for Top 15
THDUTL.DLD Download user name tracking for Top 15
THDUTL.UPL Upload user name tracking for Top 15
UPLOAD.DAT Contains a list of uploads w/name of user
THDUTL.LOG An error log.
FILECHK.DAT Contains the information about special downloads
CALLERS.TRM In the MWORK directory. The trimmings from CALLERS.LOG
$TMP, TMP Temporary files built by THDUTL. They 'should' be
deleted by the program ๐Ÿ™‚

To run the program, simply type (or add to your .BAT file) THDUTL
(With appropriate switches).

e.g. THDUTL /U /T50 /ST /R /M /H05

Multiple switches may be used, in any order:

/F = Force output and use the entire CALLERS.LOG. New
support files and new screens are constructed. Unless
the /F is used, the data used in screen construction is
added to each call. Use the /F switch to re initialize
your screens. Although any of the other switches can be
used with a Forced run, only /R, /A, /L and /H## are
suggested. Many of the others may cause unwanted

/D = Force tracking of downloads and update of the .LST
files on a full run. Use only once! On the first run
if you were NOT using a download tracker prior to
installing THDUTL.

/A = Include all users (ignore the THDUTL.XCL file)

/L = Include local logons in the generated screens.
By default, local logons (baudrate of 0) are not
displayed in any of the screens, nor is the activity

/T# = Trim log length in Kilo bytes. /T50 will maintain
your CALLERS.LOG length at 50,000 bytes, trimming it
back each time it exceeds the desired setting by %20.
The log is trimmed back to the first logon occurring
after the specified length. NOTE: the log is trimmed
before the data is examined. Do not include this switch
with a (/F) full run.

/ST = Save Trimmed log. Entries from CALLERS.LOG trimmed
with the use of the /T# switch are appended to file
CALLERS.TRM. This file will continue to grow until
trimmed/removed by you. CALLERS.TRM + CALLERS.LOG =
full log of events.

/U = Perform upload archive integrity checking and Virus
checking on any uploads found. Convert the archive to the
default set in TriBBS, and (optionally) add archive comment
from the THDUTL.MSG file and stamp the entry with the
oldest file date found in the archive. Files failing the
check are deleted and the entry is removed from the
FILES.LST. You may alternately retain the failed files by
specifying a directory with the /U command. Simply enter
the full path to the directory immediately after the /U
switch, e.g. "/UC:\TRASH".
NOTE: You may run MAKEIDX /F:#-# in your BETWEEN.BAT if
UPLOAD.DAT exist. If THDUTL changes the name of the file,
it will need to be reindexed into the .IDX file. (#-#
should include your upload directories)

/SP = Used with the /U option if desired. Skip the rePack
process. If included on the command line, this switch
will cause the program to skip over the archive repack
process. The file will be checked for archive integrity,
scanned for virus. The archive comment will be added
only if it is in a supported archive format (ARJ, ARC,
PAK, ZIP). The switch is meaningless unless the /U
option was also used.

/M = If no 'Uploaded By:" line is found in the FILES.LST,
place one in the file with the name of the SysOp as
the uploader. The process is performed during download
tracking, and will be added only to files after download.

/R = If the logon name is an alias, change it to the Real name
of the user. This option must be specified if the Dropped
Carrier notification is desired.

/H## = Mail run hour. The hour indicated (00 - 23) will appear
in the BBS Hourly usage screen flagged as the mail hour.

/Q = Run Quietly, do not print the normal advisories to the
screen. Advisories of some import will still be printed.

/Z = A debug switch. DO NOT USE IT. Forces THDUTL to look in
C:\D directory for all FILES.LST and Up/Download FILES.

/$$ = Calls your bank and authorizes a transfer of $25.00 to
the account of HD's BBS. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's a Joke guys!

Let us know what you would like to see added, subtracted or modified!!
If it can be done, odds are 50%/50% that I can do it.

NOTE: Check the Support BBS from time to time for upgrades. You will
find them in a private directory accessible by registered users (after
initial logon and verification). You may find additional programs for
registered users also from time to time. Registration of THDUTL will
entitle you to several other HD utilities.

Registration is $25.00. Considering the price of the 3 to 5 utilities
necessary to do the job of THDUTL, this price is reasonable. If you feel
it is not, and you are interested in the program, drop me a note and
state your case. Please complete the enclosed text file, REGISTER.TXT.
This one-time fee will "register you for life" and will allow you to get
Updates as occurring. Mail the completed registration from along with
check, money order or plane hard cash to:

H. D. Holland
2911 Chestnut Grove Dr.
Austell, Ga. 30001-000

You will receive a letter of registration (and the sincere appreciation
of myself and the users of Radio Freaks/HD's Support BBS) via return

*TriBBS is a registered trademark of Mark D. Goodwin and is in no way
associated with Heavy Duty Software, HD's Support BBS or H. D. Holland.

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