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Output of file : VENDINFO.DIZ contained in archive : THDPRO10.ZIP
³ THD ProScan File/Archive Tester/Convertor v10.0 ³
³ This is a VENDINFO Product Information Record ³
³ ³
³ This record is a means of conveying information about a software ³
³ product from the author to distributors and users. It contains a ³
³ normal, "human-readable" section (you're reading it now), followed ³
³ by a compressed data record. The data record contains a great ³
³ deal of information in a form useable by automated tools. This ³
³ allows BBSes, disk vendors, etc. to test automatically for ³
³ permission to distribute, and to automatically extract product ³
³ information for use in BBS files databases, vendor catalogs, etc. ³
³ ³
³ The VENDINFO file standard is published and is freely useable. ³
³ ³
³ The VENDINFO toolset includes a free end-user viewer, processing ³
³ tools for use by distributors (BBSes, shareware disk vendors, ³
³ etc.), and the editor used by author/publishers to produce these ³
³ records. These tools are either free or very-low cost shareware. ³
³ The toolset can be obtained from many sources, including the ³
³ originators of VENDINFO: ³
³ ³
³ Rams' Island Software Voice: 303-841-2848 CompuServe: 76244,324 ³
³ 7644 E. Lakecliff Way BBS: 303-841-6269 FidoNet: 1:104/333 ³
³ Parker, CO 80134-5904 USA RIME: RAMSISLE ³
VENDINFO standard v1.00, produced by VendEdit v1.00, 25-Aug-1994

===== Product Information ==============================
Product: THD ProScan File/Archive Tester/Convertor
Version: 10.0
Version Date: 27-Aug-1994
Product Type: Software
Basic Distribution Policy (see License, below, for details):
Freeware, copyrighted but freely distributable and useable

Product Description: THD ProScan Version 10.0 File/Upload
Tester/Convertor. ARC-ARJ-HYP-LHA-PAK-RAR-
UC2-ZIP-GIF-TD0 Virus Scan using any
combination of TBScan, Scan and F-Prot.
Simple to use installation for the first time
user. Test and convert all of the supported
archive types, incl. imbedded archives.
Generic upload tester with support for
FILES.BBS, RG, TG and RA 2.xx formats.

Category: File utilities
Required Packages: THDPRO10
This Package: THDPRO10

Required Configuration
Processor Family: Intel 80x86 (minimum 8086/8088)
Minimum OS: MS-DOS 3.0
Standard RAM: 225K
Hard Drive Space: 250K
Hard drive
Won't Work With:
Floppy only
Req'd Software: At least one of TBSCAN, F-Prot, or ViruScan.
The appropriate archive utils
Other Require:

Address: PainSoft
198 Leyton Ave
Scarborough, Ontario
M1L 3V6
Phone: Private
FAX: Private
BBS Name: The Forbidden Knights BBS
BBS Phone: (905) 820-7273
FidoNet: 1:259/423
Internet: [email protected]

Address: PainSoft
198 Leyton Ave
Scarborough, Ontario
M1L 3V6
Phone: Private
FAX: Private
BBS Name: The Forbidden Knights BBS
BBS Phone: (905) 820-7273
FidoNet: 1:259/423
Internet: [email protected]

===== Packing List =====================================

As released by the author or publisher, this package contained the
following files in addition to this VENDINFO.DIZ:

Filename Size Date Time CRC32
NEWINV10. 8061 27-Aug-1994 10:00a ACD76622
THDPRO.ADD 422 27-Aug-1994 10:00a 5B322E76
FILE_ID.DIZ 419 27-Aug-1994 10:00a FF256969
HISTORY.DOC 26587 27-Aug-1994 10:00a C3CFB88D
THDDEMO.EXE 10556 27-Aug-1994 10:00a 38440F5D
THDINSTL.EXE 46396 27-Aug-1994 10:00a A34C3542
THDPLUS.EXE 11180 27-Aug-1994 10:00a 8411F7C3
THDPRO.EXE 64908 27-Aug-1994 10:00a 465951C5
THDTERM.EXE 25680 27-Aug-1994 10:00a 7C4AC461
TESTINFO.INC 14475 27-Aug-1994 10:00a D1ACEE5D
DONATORS.LST 844 27-Aug-1994 10:00a 707B2AE9
DONATE.PLS 2915 27-Aug-1994 10:00a 3ED11408
DESC.SDI 419 27-Aug-1994 10:00a FF256969
DESC.SDN 419 27-Aug-1994 10:00a FF256969
QUICK.THD 6320 27-Aug-1994 10:00a DEB3B587
DISTSITE.TXT 2929 27-Aug-1994 10:00a 6C575AEA
TG-RG.TXT 4087 27-Aug-1994 10:00a C2B50973
THDDOC.TXT 148591 27-Aug-1994 10:00a B0966AFE
THDSETUP.TXT 13433 27-Aug-1994 10:00a 1DBBA1AB
THDANSI.ZIP 9111 27-Aug-1994 10:00a AB7C9E28

===== Compressed Data Record Follows ===================

. o=Ô} ò$ VENDDATA.s/ 

 9 %   O  '&)O % &    ¿    o  ÿÿŸ     Oo? $#  )- -

}= 3&÷÷ç²Ò£g¤g¦…—0üË°0ÀÂ
X€‡A i`А ‡ sèÀ‡AºÁ
d ŠA¶£Fÿ©ã”Ò\gÖ!2oõÅéŽÍÚ-¾ß~g¿1Nö4߸§jtNn/w a¥ìu^Öqù¥r}\—ç”äI¾§vÒrr‡…Sˆ©ñ„®¤¢ŸÓ Áßµq*ÕkŸdIrî9ÇåäÆÈjƒ¦àü#¼ñÜiþŽÑàG{óoóËto yù¬Þo­ç9ù˺ßùiü™‘³Rz1b¤ ~'Úà·£¡ÖîÝKºÊºO~øï‹O}®ùαþ=h^>õü#•ªû–õþïX:ÿ˜ÿùëùɯZu¸Ê:'‚}sš·^זÕMåmÒùþw«Õ)ùÿÒyãÿËkÜYhƒí"]åW_ñUMª»öþ)•ËÓ¸ßòWÍêñÊÁBþÿ'ð/°äå3l<åˆåê´.Bjîv²ûÝN°ûQƒ™ÚµÛOíFéwº~ÄìØý`d¤ö£edöÛÑs¥>‚Aú³ïÒ¹sýþö›S¥%Û·f=5¤¾éT+kö3û`}÷~Ê­xf{BɤþÎg¯Õ*ÞJÜ¸ãÙÿï[yx©Š`³\ñR1Þ ö>µ™—ï–òwbùÁ¿s³Úû·ÒzË¢šh©—2.¥n£ôO¾»öEg”ÚЧ1¨¤cT*¨¹TÒûxAõB®­ÿ¥Yü—9ÿO®Ý¦N_«g2*=¢ŽÜ4W~ÍÛ`ü¯8õH³·nu×øxßm~à³TþãÒø`n™žë-G,ÃéWCÂúΫLûu›6m`õȯ£Ë}òW•x±Rf—”)©ÕÇ*e«œ?ÍÕĸ=]C\^~ùrGÿ´Ížû=…Â0¥PŒa¸Ÿ’ÝMçè1î««ú^ìÛ½Ÿ±}3Ä E½§z »Q}+G@™›ÕÒâ|v9CŽä^àüÛäÈÝòŠmÖ®¡8?è¦ñ*O«Í™¶È'Yý~IÔ6qvpÛ[î6ÈD2¾©´Ë%¢°CjëýÊ´ å4]@p³töT¡æŸÏåÈiòÙ7Ý®±½¨ñ׫>0N~ã1‡ÏOœJVŸ<•ª®úY'ªV}þ%áÄÛÑ͓}š°x”—?¾ú5=‚®b/¥¦¾ßBªæäæ†øgv²²Bëv²(´`š×ô¼fi¼;Q#¾oS©I†ŽÙ$.™UVò‡µ›oÔۄߔ­×`¬ñm¦pÿF‰¯n”æ¦}¶VñBg¦|‹pž2éòëñ"½²$Îüô4¬ñóã)(9+Ž«§­åŽlù4&þ³G™\R‡%°UC8/_ž ~æLŒÜ¢‹ÈMÌyù©Qä,:¿®ÜäÈ`â!Šg‰ǨŽa<¦®^Š*‡²—¤`/ØËöò½|`/¨ÿÀ^îÊP ëvט€B¸`7ÞEœØéáMÉYˆgi‹ô³;ٟL…±›ÜGBV´bç#ÔÚ,ѳ7®§ßÙ¤: ç£|ˆ¡èwúTòw“ÞóÏ ¹à4:ÍsۛÓÓڄZ™*—>7ýD§NHߤõÕu¬?(†ôçiy¶J!rhæäýÑþ%]óòMZ›2I¢é3(€äGËÀ2€Œ‚ßՍ%ðñ€¥:õ ¯Lß!tÜu\©Êu'G-ò¸zk4íÃÂùèT'ÌÃqË[ª]ª†hùTYM§zäC™Z…4Å8ÒñÞöæ¸eÉF’Î?~mm†ò«$úø=7¾ý|ù~ün„ø!´eªWw ÕäS$øÞsíýnqº’òeëvìZ…}‹Æ>p,kñ•ì̽ÚÕcD¡íùyÑqE7O›«Wäj¯ZÆR¸B¬Ô[UùµÈ1ԞÎ.nïܕ%oqÖ@ý o”
CÅoaülDaBWg©µ•Q¹lӌ©ƒV }'ϒ²P˜p$ÈÀᰄ,𪄄¬:‡Ÿ0|·:A‚…………WPnØ
Õ$ãÝ-EñŠà{¹˜2t ÊÉ@ŠK(Òæêñ³b·ËÚâòxáTŒ‚KûVOØ ;/?l"bò0˜h=áہw˜”pL‰?bjä´nôßÎJigu~vZz„¬N;­ƒ<ðèkñ.ò;B
X*9󔩱و×À…ȉúü7‘¾[Å¡öck ñÀT½×ñN ”ùNJ<Ÿá¤$ô 3LõáÖõ] Òdp!+s[’ñü£Ì·^ۇg<^ÌÜ0ãþÐcçöÈF,Ûh(0hNpƒ;VœØaÆì1àà ÷õ*Üœ†Î÷fž jN¯qõîMcÝ¡äa(0Ù47Fhi#XšBڀa’'m¤†ÑŽãi›ŒIñ
Œˆ>Ò†$"LåuYè©£Š–öJÙá—{By{3»*F=-u&'VR“ N}2,yŒ8ÌN¾ùÙôÒÜì[
g}Êq'>éÚ¤/hb¶EAÝÙÄ_˜A¦ŒÙä%Ò#½\j™ãþ_Óç¯tJФ†ÃJ_¿ž¸êNT !Ë”þ6EqØHVƒ'`²RäÒÄ¢´‰Èo j–Ü cÄû;Œ¨£_¿ ¸Yh…uìü1²ÂÝwÓ±¡À¤%"&ˆY< ÚT×ÜgƏ.ûݒ?ú£f¥™jÚ¦@¬Äxâ<ñžøO •Ø[RB¸“gO¹#äÓxtáE–û‚^Þ¿¼&šÃ…Hï 1-‚B¸ÙȬ$½

. o=Ô} ò$ VENDDATA.PK*)

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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