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Due to the number of requests from sysop's on "how" to set up
THD ProScan to work with their BBS programs, I am including this explanation
for setup in RA 2.00 (gamma 1), WWIV, Renegade, Telegard 2.7, PCBoard,
Maximus, EzyCom and T.A.G. 2.6c.
Although it works equally well with other BBS programs, These are the
only programs which I can supply any assistance with. Most of these setup
suggestions have been supplied by users of THD ProScan.
But first a multi-purpose batch file for those wishing to test numerous
files in a single directory.


* - * - * - * - * - *

(See THDTERM4.ZIP as well)

This will cause all files in the supplied directory to be tested. However,
be warned that only the errorlevel from the last file tested will be
returned to the calling program.
Syntax for this batch file would be C:\THDPRO\DIRTEST.BAT C:\TEST
where DIRTEST.BAT is located in "C:\THDPRO" and "C:\TEST" is the directory
containing the files to be tested.

* - * - * - * - * - *

Lets start from scratch..
make a dir called C:\THDPRO
change to that directory.
unzip THDPRO-* into that directory (or unarj, whatever).
answer all the questions and double check the settings on the final
screens as if your life depended on it's being correct.
change to your BBS directory.
press "P"
press "F"
look at option "L".. make note of the path here
shell to dos.
go to the directory just seen in option "L".
copy THDPRO.EXE from C:\THDPRO\ to this directory.
return to TG (exit shell).
press "A"
press "M"
press "1" (which I assume will correspond to the "ZIP" archive type)
check the first option to be sure it is marked "ACTIVE" (if not mark it
change line "#6" to read "THDPRO.EXE @F"
Press "Q" until you are back at the "WFC" screen and from their do a local
Once logged on.. Go to the file section and list the files long enough to
find the name of a single valid "zip" file.
now type at the menu prompt "//\\AT"
enter the name of the "zip" filename you just found using "list"
answer no to delete files question.. and No to search all dirs question.
watch the output on your side to see if the file is being scanned.

The ONLY reason that this process (if followed EXACTLY) would not
work.. is because you have no directory listed under option "L" (as above).
IF you do not have a directory specified there, then change the "line #6"
mentioned above to include the full path "C:\THDPRO\THDPRO.EXE @F".. DO NOT
enter this if there is a path in option "L" or the archive tester will not
be found.
Also.. you might wish to test it from the command line as follows to be
sure that it works.
This will show you the scanner at work and if you do not see this type
of screen when run from TG.. then you have failed in configuring TG NOT the
fault of the scanner.
This is FAR more detailed than I had ever hoped to have to get. Any TG
sysop should be able to accomplish this without such detail.. BUT given that
you may never have had to do this before.. Follow the instructions

* - * - * - * - * - *

Renegade v07-17 Beta

1. Make a directory for THD ProScan. We'll assume for now that you've
called it "C:\THDPRO". Change to that directory. Unarchive
(unzip, unarj, etc.) the THDPRO-* distribution archive into that
2. Run THDINSTL.EXE. Answer all the questions, and double check that the
settings are correct on the final screens.
3. Change to your main BBS directory, and type "RENEGADE.EXE -L".
Press "S" to enter the system configuration menu. Press "A" to enter
the main BBS configuration menu. Look at option "9", your archivers
path, and make a note of the path here.
4. Shell to DOS. Change to the directory you just saw in option "9". If it
doesn't exist, create it. Copy THDPRO.EXE from C:\THDPRO to
this directory. Return to Renegade (type "EXIT").
5. Press "Q" to leave the main BBS configuration menu. Press "L" to
enter the archivers configuration menu. Press "M" to modify an
archiver. Press the number of any archiver that has a "+" in front
of it (in other words, any active archiver) and hit ENTER. Change

option number 6 ("File testing cmdline") to read "THDPRO.EXE %F".
If you are running more than one node, you should change this to read
"THDPRO.EXE %F %P". (You can also do this if you only run one node
if you like, but it's not necessary.) Repeat step number 5 until
you've setup THD ProScan in option number 6 for every active

If you followed this process exactly, the only reason it wouldn't work is
if you hadn't defined your archivers directory. (Option "9" from "MAIN
BBS CONFIGURATION".) If you have NOT specified an archivers directory, then
you can change the commandline in each of your archivers to read
"C:\THDPRO\THDPRO.EXE %F". Use the full path ONLY if you haven't already
specified a path in your archivers setup.
Most sysops should be able to figure this out. If THD ProScan DOESN'T work,
then try going through this process once more, and make sure you
follow the instructions EXACTLY.

Note that not mentioned above is the need to have RG swap out prior to
running THDPRO.EXE. Failure to swap RG could result in failed scan sessions
or other memory shortages.

Renegade Setup text was supplied by Lars Hellsten.

* - * - * - * - * - *
T.A.G. 2.6c

T.A.G. is very simple to set up. T.A.G. simply runs a file called
"FILETEST.BAT" (found in the main BBS directory). So to set up T.A.G. you
need only make your FILETEST.BAT read as follows...

C:\THDPRO\THDPRO.EXE %1%2.%3 {optional comport #}

This will cause the uploaded files to be tested by THDPRO.EXE. The "optional
comport #" is for use with systems running multi-nodes where the output is to
be sent to a comport other than the one configured directly into the program.
This parameter is to be ONLY a single digit between 0 and 8.

Note that many T.A.G. users have suggested that the above may no longer be
appropriate with newer versions of T.A.G. and have suggested that it should be
run from POSTUL.BAT (the parameters would differ in this case).

C:\THDPRO\THDPRO.EXE %4%5 {optional comport #}

An honorable mention as well to the Utility created by Rick Cooper For
interfacing THD with T.A.G.. Although I have not tested the program myself, a
number of T.A.G. users have mentioned that they fine it to be extremely
useful. Unfortunately at the time of this release I am not aware of the
correct filename of this utility (or it's most current version), but you might
do well to look for this utility.

* - * - * - * - * - *


1) In PCBSETUP, under options 1 :
Verify files uploaded is set to "Yes".

2) Edit the PCBTEST.BAT file in the PCBoard directory, and make it look similar
to the following:


THDPRO.EXE will exit with an errorlevel of 1 or higher if the file fails the
test. It will then exit without changing the PCBFAIL.TXT. However, if the
test is successful, it will delete the "PCBFAIL.TXT" file.

** this text was supplied by Mike Thomson **

* - * - * - * - * - *



Run the WWIV's INIT program and select external programs. Go down to the
upload event and enter...

| | | |
Path to THDPRO.EXE-- | | |
| | |
BBS Directory--------------- | |
| |
File directory----------------- |
File to test---------------------

This text supplied by: Rob Giannini

* - * - * - * - * - *

REMOTEACCESS 2.00 (and 2.01)
Unarchive THDPRO-*.* in it's own directory.
Be sure to include the "nomove" parameter so that THD ProScan will
not move or rename files which fail its various tests (This applies only to
THD ProScan Version 6 and later). If you forget the nomove parameter, be
sure to toggle it off from the final screen in the installation. Insert all
necessary information as prompted by THDINSTL.EXE. If the need arises to
reconfigure THDPRO.EXE be sure to use the "NOMOVE" parameter each and every
time THDINSTL is run or the move action will be made active again.
Note also that THDINSTL will still require input for a "Failed
directory" but no files will be moved when THDPRO.EXE is actually run.
Also during the THDINSTL, if you run RA 2.00 and would like THDPRO.EXE
to automatically insert FILE_ID.DIZ comments into RA's File data bases, Be
sure to tell the install that you use RA and supply the path to your RA
directory (available from the final screen). DO NOT enable this option if
you are running a "FILES.BBS" oriented system.

Setting up Raconfig:

Run raconfig and select the following menu options:

1/ Options
2/ Files

The following is an example of how to fill in the upload scanning section...

Scan online Yes
Failed scan /unavailable/move to 998
Scan utility C:\THDPRO\THDPRO.EXE @ *P *M

Scan Online is set to yes to allow the user to see straight away
if there are any problems with his upload.

Failed scan action is set to mark the file as unavailable and move it
to file area 998 (an area previously decided to be a badfiles area).

Scan utility runs C:\THDPRO\THDPRO.EXE with following parameters:

@ path and filename of file to be tested
*P com port in use
*M swap RA out of memory to give THD ProScan as much room as possible.

This general outline was supplied by Mark Kerr.
Mark can be reached VIA Fidonet at 2:443/59 for further support in
regards to RemoteAccess.

* - * - * - * - * -*

EZYCOM (1.02)

The following is a batch file supplied for use with EZYCOM v1.02. It is
intended to be used as both UPCONV.BAT and/or DOCNV.BAT.

-!- Start Text --- Upconv.bat, Doconv.bat
@echo off
rem This batchfile requires an environment SET TASK=1 setting,
rem 1=Task 1, 2=Task 2, 3=Task 3 etc. 0 is for a Local Logon....
rem This should be done in your main BBS Batch file for every
rem node that you have.

rem %1 C:\EZY\SECUPLD\ where uploaded
rem %2 C:\EZY\TEMP\CONV01 where it does it
rem %3 C: drive it is on
rem %4 LIST file name no ext
rem %5 ZIP 8 ext to
rem %6 ARJ ext from (could be NULL)

rem If TASK variable not set then assume local logon, thus no output
rem to the user....

IF !%TASK%! == !! SET TASK=0

IF !%5! == !! GOTO ENDIT

IF "%TASK%"=="0" THDPRO %1%4.%6 0 TO%5
IF "%TASK%"=="1" THDPRO %1%4.%6 2 TO%5
IF "%TASK%"=="2" THDPRO %1%4.%6 3 TO%5

rem ^
rem )
rem --------------------
rem (
rem Com Port which is equivalent to the TASK Number
-!- End Text ---

----- This portion supplied by John Pallister -----

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Create a batch file called VIRCHECK.BAT as follows...

@echo off

Thereafter, edit the MAX.CTL file in the following way

% Max will call this batch file once for each file uploaded. For
% more information on this keyword, please see MAX_REF.PRN.

Upload Check Virus Vircheck.bat

This text supplied by : Michel van der Heijden

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Keep in mind that this information is general and version specific and
may not work for you as is. No person or group accepts responsibility for
the accuracy of this text as it is supplied only as "assistance".

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