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Output of file : TG-RG.TXT contained in archive : THDPRO10.ZIP
This portion pertains to setting up THD as a file convertor with TG or
RG. The following applies to both.
If you intend to do conversions, do so in the following manner...

In TG or RG's archive configuration, set the compression line to "EXIT"
and the expansion line to

Note that the "TOZIP" above can be any of the convert indicators used
This will enable TG/RG to change the filename itself (although THD will
do so if the old filename is in the Database at the time of conversion).
The "/KO" parameter will tell THD to NOT delete the original after a
successful conversion. In this way TG or RG will find the original (as it
expects to) and delete it if the conversion was successful.


THDPLUS.EXE must be run after the file has been entered into the database
in order for the info to be updated.
The way THDPRO.EXE will accomplish this is as follows. When THD is run,
it will test the file as usual and if the entry cannot be found in TG's
database, it will create a file called "TESTINFO.DAT". This file will contain
the necessary information to update the database after the entry has been
made. In this way, on it's next run THD will update the database.
For those who do not wish to wait for this to happen the following is a
reasonable work-around (kludge) that will accomplish the desired results.
If you need (or want) THD to update the database immediately following
an upload, I suggest that you add another "upload" command immediately after
the already present one.
Note that the second upload command should simply shell to dos and run
"THDPLUS.EXE". This command will simply update the databases based on the
contents of TESTINFO.DAT and will attempt no remote output or logging of any
kind. This was done to increase the speed of the operation. Alternately, you
can run THDPRO.EXE DIZ as with older versions and THDPRO.EXE will run
THDPLUS.EXE at a slight cost of speed.

The commandkeys for the second upload command should be "D-" and the
mstring should be the complete path and filename to THDPLUS.EXE.

CMDkey = D-

or alternately

CMDkey = D-

This second upload command should immediately follow the first so that it
is performed immediately following the actual upload. Also note that this
command "should" be hidden. If you do not understand this text, please ask a
sysop in your area for assistance, since as a TG BBS goes, this is
relatively simple stuff.

This text relates more directly to Telegard since RG automatically
imports the file_id.diz. The above method will accomplish those results for
Telegard, or update the name change after a file conversion (if necessary)
for either TG or RG. Although the name change will not be necessary if the
conversion method outlined above is used.

TG and RG batch uploads will NOT be processed by THD for this purpose
(updating databases). Since, when TG and RG do batch uploads, there is no
way for THD to know which filebase the uploaded files will end up in.

TESTINFO.DAT will hold up to 50 entries before discarding them. The logic
being that if the file still isn't in the database after 50 attempts to update
it... then odds are pretty good that it's not going to be in the near future.
Note also that TESTINFO.DAT will be processed on EVERY run if it exists.
The "DIZ" parameter is for use ONLY when you want "JUST" DIZ processing. ie. a
normal test and/or conversion will process the TESTINFO.DAT file if it exists
as well as running the test/conversion process.

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Archive   : THDPRO10.ZIP
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