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Archive   : THDPRO10.ZIP
Filename : QUICK.THD

Output of file : QUICK.THD contained in archive : THDPRO10.ZIP

A list of quick informational notes.

Users of McAfee's VirusScan version 1.x.x need to set the env variable
(version 2.x.x compatible command line is sent if this is not set)

Network Users are strongly recommended to rename THDINSTL.EXE to NETINSTL.EXE
(or optionally run THDINSTL.EXE /NET). You should also take a moment to read
"Network Notes" in THDDOC.TXT.

If files constantly fail the scan, double check the above as well as ensuring
enough available memory.

When running THDPRO.EXE from a BBS, be sure that your BBS is swapping it's
memory out to DISK/EMS/XMS (see your BBS documentation for swapping options)
or risk failing of files due to insufficient memory to load scanners and
archive utilities.

If using Scan 2.x.x be sure that *.DAT files are located in the same directory
as SCAN.EXE. (Subject to change, see this program's documentation)

If using F-PROT be sure the file ENGLISH.TX0 (or other TX0 file) and SIGN.DEF
are in the same directory as F-PROT.EXE. (Subject to change, see this
program's documentation)

If using TBSCAN.EXE be sure that TBSCAN.DAT and TBSCAN.SIG are located in the
same directory as TBSCAN.EXE. (Subject to change, see this program's

For MULTI-NODE BBS'es set comports to "0" and pass the needed comport on the
command line whenever possible.

If Secure Mode is used, you must run THDPRO.EXE /SEC to initiate/update the
THDPRO.SEC file after each utility update or reconfiguration. Failure to do so
will cause unwarranted failures. If THDPRO.EXE is renamed, it will create a
file whose name matches the new name of THDPRO.EXE with the extension ".SEC"
(thus allowing multiple copies of both THDPRO.EXE and THDPRO.SEC to reside in
the same directory) ie. If THDPRO.EXE were renamed to "NEWTHD.EXE" then
running NEWTHD.EXE /SEC would produce the file NEWTHD.SEC.

Command line options (except comport) will override the "default

TG/RG users, THDPRO.DIZ file format is no longer supported - see the section
of THDDOC.TXT in regards to THDPLUS.

THDINSTL.EXE /NOMOVE is no longer supported. Failed file moving is now toggled
from the final screen of THDINSTL.EXE.
(THDINSTL.EXE /NOMOVE = "Failed File Moving - Inactive")

Run THDINSTL.EXE for AUTHOR contact information.


/ADD - for use with third party programs to indicate the users desire to
have entries added to their FDB if not already present (Not supported
by THDPLUS). This is equivalent to "SET THDOPT=ADD".

/CO - Convert Only

/KO - Keep Original

/NODESC - Do Not update descriptions.

/TOxxx# - Convert to "xxx" at level "#"
...where "xxx" = one of the following

...and "#" = nothing or one of the following
0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

/SEC - Generate THDPRO.SEC file (Required when Secure Mode is chosen).

/SECTEST - check current values in THDPRO.SEC file. (Reports only failures)

CRC - update the CRC removal list

DIZ - run THDPLUS.EXE only (left over from prior versions)

0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 = comport number to send output to.


ANSI - to force ANSI output to the remote (when present)

SOLID - to use the "solid" option when re-archiving to RAR format.

SC1 - to send a scan 1.x.x compatible command line.

ADD - see above regarding the parameter "/ADD".

NDx - force THDPRO to attempt usage of drive "x" for testing
(usually a ramdrive or network drive)

NFL - Cause THDPRO.EXE to send the "/NOFLOPPY" switch when calling F-PROT.

PKZIP and ARJ security features are available through the use of THDZIP and
THDARJ environment variables. Please see THDDOC.TXT for proper use of these


THDPRO.EXE [mode] {drive:\path\filename.ext} [/CO] [/KO] [/NODESC] [cvt] [com]

{} = Required (except with /SEC or /SECTEST or DIZ)
[] = optional

Where [mode] = CRC or DIZ (no mode indicated means test mode)
[cvt] = Convert indicator - TOxxx# as shown above
[com] = the comport as explained above.

Not all switches can be used together (See THDDOC.TXT for proper use)

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Archive   : THDPRO10.ZIP
Filename : QUICK.THD

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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