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³³ Screen By: John Richardson
³±±³ F-14 Thunder Cat
ÚÄÄÙ±°°±ÀÄÄ¿ By: John Richardson
/³±±³±°°±³±±³\ Robert McNaughton
/±\±±±±±±³±±³±±±±±±±/\ (C) Copyright 1989 Topsoft Software
/±±±\±±±±±³±±³±±±±±±/±±\ "Software of The FUTURE"
/±±±±±/\³±±±±±³³±±±±±±³/\±±±±\ ³³
/±±±±±/ /³±±±±±³³±±±±±±³\ \±±±±\ ³±±³
/±±±±±/ /±³±³±±±³³±±±±³±³±\ \±±±±\ ³±±³
/±±±±±/ /±±³±³\±±³³±±±/³±³±±\ \±±±±\ ³±°°±³
/±±±±±/ /±±±³±³±³±³³±±³±³±³±±±\ \±±±±\ ³±°°±³
\±±±±/ /±±±±³ÄÅij±³³±±³ÄÅij±±±±\ \±±±/ ÚÄÄÙ±°°±ÀÄÄ¿
\ÄÄÄ /±±±±±³±³±³³±±±³³±³±³±±±±±\ ÄÄ/ /±³±±³±°°±³±±³±\
ÀÄÄÄÄÄ/ \³Ä/ÀÄÄÄÙ\ij/ \ÄÄÄÄÄÙ /±±³±±±³±±³±±±³±±\
°°±± ±±°° /ÄÄÄÙ±±±³±±³±±±ÀÄÄÄ\

Commands Available In Thunder Cat
[A] Attack Another F-14 Pilot/Jet

In here you may either Dog-Fight Them, or either Just take them on like
usually, The Dog-Fight part you only get 1 chance to get them, in the
usual one you get to nail them depending on what weapons you have and
what your strength is and what % you got left remaining of your aircraft.
You may also scan radar which this will list all the F-14 Fighter Pilots
that you may attack.

[C] Target Trainging

Target Traing, This is a fun part, you got to get yourself on aim, you
bet your experience points and then if you get the right aim, you will get
10 times the amount of points you bet.

[D] Your Status

This will simply display your stats

[E] Upgrade / Armor and junk

Here you may upgrade your weapons and sell your old ones if nessesary.
Which you will have a selection of 9 weapons to choose from, for different

[F] Land for Repairs

Land for Repairs, if your ship isn't at 100% you should go here and get
it fixed up to 100% for a small price.

[G] Bail Out

See Send a Distress Signal

[H] Long Range Radar

Your Long Range Rader will list all active F-14 Fighter Pilots and bring
them up on radar with some stats.

[I] Pilot Log Books

This is kind of like a newspaper, but its log books, it will show you all
of the stuff that happened today.

[J] Intellegence Report

Here you may get info on other F-14 Fighter Pilots.

[K] Quit

Quits you from the game

[L] Send a Distress Signal

You will be given the choice to bail out over enemy terrirtory, and many
things can happen here, you can get killed, captured, or rescuded!

[X] Xpert Mode

Turns the menu on and off!

[?] Displays the Menu

Displays the Menu

[!] Instructions

What your reading now.


Enjoy Topsoft's Thunder Cat - Top Gun ][ BBS (414)796-8408


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