Category : BBS Programs+Doors
Archive   : TB120.ZIP
Filename : TB.BAT

Output of file : TB.BAT contained in archive : TB120.ZIP

@echo off
rem The TurBoard Standalone BBS Batch Program (Support Shareware!)
rem (c) Copyright Shawn Rhoads 1993
rem (c) Copyright Software @ Work 1993
rem Use the following two commands if you are getting errors of
rem mode com1:1200,N,8,1
rem echo ATH>com1
turboard %1 %2 %3 %4
if errorlevel=255 goto end;
if errorlevel=254 goto node1;
if errorlevel=253 goto node2;
if errorlevel=252 goto node3;
if errorlevel=251 goto node4;
if errorlevel=250 goto node5;
if errorlevel=249 goto node6;
goto start

call node1.bat
goto start;

call node2.bat
goto start;

call node3.bat
goto start;

call node4.bat
goto start;

call node5.bat
goto start;

call node6.bat
goto start;