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JIM-ALL ZIP HUCK-002 File trading indexes. Graphics, animations, sound, etc.
(!List of files that I have to trade with other people!)

FCP-302 ZIP HUCK-003 Financial Calculations Program version 3.02 (Business)
NOTES200 ZIP HUCK-003 Promissory Notes, make, buy, sell, renew, etc. Color or Mono (Business)
RECON ZIP HUCK-003 Bank reconciliation templates for Lotus and Quattro 1.0 (Business)

BK14-400 ZIP HUCK-001 Book Review door. Multi-BBS support, baud to 115,200 bps (Communications)
BR14-400 ZIP HUCK-001 BBS Review door. Multi-BBS support, baud to 115,200 bps (Communications)
CS14-500 ZIP HUCK-001 Community Service door. Multi-BBS support, baud to 115,200 bps (Communications)
DORPCH38 ZIP HUCK-001 Door Patch 3.8. Door writing in QuickBASIC 3.0 (not mine own) (Communications)
DR14-300 ZIP HUCK-001 BBS Door review door. Multi-BBS support, baud to 115,200 bps (Communications)
GO14-400 ZIP HUCK-001 Gotcha door. Multi-BBS support, baud to 115,200 bps (Communications)
GTPL-510 ZIP HUCK-001 GT Power List Door. View worldwide nodes. Multi-BBS, BPS>115200 (Communications)
MR14-300 ZIP HUCK-001 Music review door. Multi-BBS support, baud to 115,200 bps (Communications)
MV14-300 ZIP HUCK-001 Movie View(review) door. Multi-BBS support, baud to 115,200 bps (Communications)
PCOVE504 ZIP HUCK-001 Pirate's Cove door. Multi-BBS, baud rates to 115,200, utilities (Communications)
RR14-400 ZIP HUCK-001 Restaurant review door. Multi-BBS support, baud to 115,200 bps (Communications)
SW14-600 ZIP HUCK-001 Software review door. Multi-BBS support, baud to 115,200 bps (Communications)
TRLD-113 ZIP HUCK-001 The Rime List Door - View all Rime nodes. Multi-BBS, BAUD-115200 (Communications)
WR14-300 ZIP HUCK-001 Wine Review door. Multi-BBS support, baud to 115,200 bps (Communications)

HL-313 ZIP HUCK-002 Print labels. Add, delete, edit, search. 3.5x5/16 standard (Database)

HANGMN65 ZIP HUCK-002 Hangman series 6.5. Children's, Adult, and party ver. Color/Mono (Educational)
STARS20 ZIP HUCK-002 Universe simulation program in EGA. Includes BASIC versions. (Educational)
TYPING27 ZIP HUCK-002 Typing for smaller children. Can't hurt anything. Color/Mono (Educational)

CCARDS53 ZIP HUCK-002 Crazy Cards (Card Shark Clone). Color or Mono, great fun! (Games)
GOTCHA51 ZIP HUCK-002 Home version of my BBS door. Color or mono. Great fun! (Games)
GUESS330 ZIP HUCK-002 Guess A Number: Fun for all ages. Hints! Mono or Color! (Games)
KENO401 ZIP HUCK-002 Huckabey Keno (Vegas Style). View payoffs, scores. Color only! (Games)
LOTTO81 ZIP HUCK-002 49 number 6 pick lotto program. Washington State system picks! (Games)

GRAPH-3D ZIP HUCK-002 Contour graphics in BASIC and compiled versions (Graphics)
PATRNS13 ZIP HUCK-002 Puts simple patterns on the screen. EGA (Graphics)
RUNS12 ZIP HUCK-002 Splat clone. Puts paint runs on screen, EGA only (Graphics)
SATURN2 ZIP HUCK-002 Saturn and it's orbiting moons, with/with out music, BASIC/Comp. (Graphics)

MUSIC302 ZIP HUCK-002 63 songs or parts for the PC speaker, menu driven. (Music)

BRUN30 ZIP HUCK-001 DTR patched BRUN30.EXE (QuickBASIC runtime library), 38.4K baud (Utilities)
CHECKR24 ZIP HUCK-002 Save program execution start and stop time&date to file. (Utilities)
CHNGIT11 ZIP HUCK-002 Change file date and/or time, DOS or own, several options! (Utilities)
CURSOR ZIP HUCK-002 Turns on the cursor as well as turning off any sound that is on! (Utilities)
DFILES25 ZIP HUCK-002 DoFiles: Uses PKZIP.EXE to archive *.ext files, and more! (Utilities)
LT100392 ZIP HUCK-001 Lasttime. Generates bulletin for last import mail w/Postlink (Utilities)
STATSC1D ZIP HUCK-001 StatusC for Cam-Mail network mail imports. Make trans. blts (3) (Utilities)
STATUS3L ZIP HUCK-001 Status for Postlink (LOG) software. Makes transfer bulletins (3) (Utilities)
WAITFR11 ZIP HUCK-002 Add delays to batch files. 1-3600 seconds (hour). No key press! (Utilities)
ZERO-430 ZIP HUCK-002 Make quick/easy zero length files. Series or single files! (Utilities)

This list of file archives are programs written by, or needed to run
programs written by James Huckabey. The file names and version numbers
are current as of the date on this file. These names and version numbers
are subject to change. All complete archives may be freely distributed to
others, posted on BBS systems or used by software libraries. No individual
contents (extracted from any archives) may be added to other distributed
products without written permission from the author.

To print out set your printer to 17 pitch (if less than 17 pitch you will
get line-wrap on some lines). Use either TYPE HUCKABEY.TXT > PRN or if DOS

Files with a category of Communications are for Bulletin Board Systems
(BBS). These may not run on a home computer without additional files and
/ or programs.

If you would like a copy of these files to evaluate send $1 plus two megs
worth of diskettes, return mailer, and return postage to the following:

James Huckabey
3621-A Fraser Street
Bellingham, Washington 98226-2473 U.S.A.
(206) 671-2868 (voice, Pacific)

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Archive   : STATUS3L.ZIP

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: