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STATUS 3.0L: Nice little utility to generate ANSI/ASCII screens with stats on your RIME/Postlink Mail Imports and Exports (BBS).

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Status: Generate Export, Import, Last Import
and Monthly Total bulletins with Postlink
logs. Multi-Network. Rollovers. ANSI, ASCII,
PCB color/mono support. CleanUp log utility.

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STATUS 3.0L: Nice little utility to generate ANSI/ASCII screens with stats on your RIME/Postlink Mail Imports and Exports (BBS).
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Status: Generate Export, Import, Last Import
and Monthly Total bulletins with Postlink
logs. Multi-Network. Rollovers. ANSI, ASCII,
PCB color/mono support. CleanUp log utility.
Status 1.0

Version 1.0 of Network Mail (import) Status. First publice
release of program I originally wrote for my own use with the
PCRelay import/export log. Now uses the Postlink log(s).

I have done a lot of rewrite in this release so if you have any
problems please report them to me as quickly as possible...

Status 1.1

Verson 1.1. Tightened up the code and made internal enhancements
to program. No bugs reported. Did fix last transfer date so that
the bulletin displays that date instead of the current date.

Status 1.2

Version 1.2. Corrected an error in the archiving routine that
prevented the log file to roll over and generat the archive.
Also added the last bulletin to the archive so the totals would
be contained in the archive too.

Status 1.3

Version 1.3. Corrected an error that made the conference totals
in the right hand column, of odd totaled conferenves, off by one
position. The grand total was correct but the totals displayed
in the right hand columns was incorrect.

Status 1.4

Version 1.4. Corrected a network problem with the archive file.
I had
the LOG file open at the time the archiving took place on the
rollover. On a network this produced a "Cannot open file" error
with PKZIP.EXE. I have corrected the problem thanks to Bob Neal
of Corporate Headquarters BBS (my support BBS) for testing the
code on his network. All I had to do was load SHARE.EXE to find
the error.

Status 1.5

Version 1.5. Corrected the sort problem with upper and lower
case conference names. Took me a while to figure this one out,
I'm just slow (dumb).

Status 1.6

Version 1.6. Changed white periods (spacer) in color bulletins
to blue so less white to glare at viewers. Contrast seems much
nicer with this color arrangement.

Status 1.7

Version 1.7. Continued to change format/colors on bulletins.
Corrected an error that created a premature Conference Name
termination. I was using the period at the end of the line for a
terminator but if the BBS had conference names with a period in
them if used them instead. I now scan the names backwards
starting at position 63 in the log. Also fixed a color error in
version 1.6 if number of conference total was an odd number.
This version produces a much nicer looking bulletin.

Status 2.0

Version 2.0. Major revisions. Now needs serial number to
register the program and remove the "Unregistered BBS" from
bulletins. Now also has optional last import mail transfer
bulletin. Bulletin format has been changed to make things
clearer. Much work on this update! Please read the docs, the
command line parameters have changed.

Status 2.1

Version 2.1. Continued to enhance the program and found a couple
of display errors. In the last mail bulletin I was incorrectly
using the current time instead of the time in the Postlink log.
I also added the option of using IBM exteneded codes in both the
ANSI and ACII versions and not using them in PCBoard. Please
read the doc file for details.

Status 2.2

Version 2.2. Corrected some display and bulletin output errors.
Added Status2 v1.0 to archive to do export bulletin. Corrected a
Hub problem with the bulletin output that created blank
(non-existant) conference names. I thought this had been totally
corrected in 2.1, but found there was still another problem in
this area. Whew!

Status 2.3

Version 2.3 (STATUS.EXE), v1.1 (STATUS2.EXE). Had an error in
the serial number routines in both programs that miscalculated
some BBS names and displayed then as Unregistered. Sorry!

Status 2.4

Version 2.4. Status Export/Import/Last Import are now a single
program verses the quick fix STATUS2.EXE. I forgot that the
Postlink logs could be two separate files and I only had
STATUS.EXE 2.1-2.3 doing the archiving (rollover). This meant
that the EXPORT.LOG would not be archived. Did not think about
this till I was converting this version. Command line options
have now been put in the nine line configuration file (can be
any name). Single or combined log files, single or multiple
configuration files. Some display and internal corrections made,
all non-critical. Three bulletins are now added to the archive.
Please see the documentation for details on changes.

Status 2.5

Version 2.5. Had problem come up that caused an endless loop on
some systems while the program was reading in and processing the
CFG file. Did not show up on my system till Bob Neal reported it
on his. Sure enough with his CFG file it locked up. Added a
display that shows when the program is doing it's configuration.
Normally this should just flash off the screen and you might
never see it. Fixed the error. Also fixed a couple other minor
stuff like the "no message" bulletins, and a display color or
two that were in error.

Status 2.6

Version 2.6. Had a problem in 2.5 that caused the serial numbers
not to register if user used a path to the bulletins. Oversight
on my part. Fixed this as well as a couple minior internal
errors. Added the ability to use a path to STATUS.EXE by setting
the Environment variable for those who might want to not run
this from current directory or path. See documentation for
details. Added display that now shows when it is searching for
it's location in current directory, path or environment. This
and the configuring message are for those times the program
might lock up so the user can report any problems and tell where
it happened. Both of these displays should normally be very
rapid displays depending on the system and it's configuration.

Status 2.7

Version 2.7. Had a stack overflow problem on some systems. I
have no idea why this suddenly surfaced since the value has been
constant from first version. Also no idea why this did not
happen on all systems. I have increased the stack size in the
program to four times what it was on earlier versions. I tried
twice the size and on the test log I was using from a problem
BBS it still crashed. I don't believe this will cause memory
problems on any system, but if you have problems please report
it right away. The problem area in 2.5 was when Status was going
to archive the log and bulletins at rollover (date change in

Status 2.8

Version 2.8. Discovered an archive (rollover) problem. When the
pathes were added to the log and bulletin files the length of
the command in Status became too long for PKZIP.EXE's command
line length. I have now fixed that problem.

Status 2.9

Version 2.9. On BBS systems with all or a very large number of
conferences an error could cause the program to error and exit
if the lines in the log(s) exceeded 36,767 lines. I have since
expanded the counters to cover 65,000 lines. The counters are
used in the rollover process as well as displays on the screen
to show program activity for those watching or testing the

Status 3.0

Version 3.0. Some BBS systems did not correctly display the ANSI
codes generated by my program. I have corrected the problem and
should now work correctly on ALL BBS systems.

Status 3.1

Version 3.1. Just a cosmetic fix. Discovered that the header
line was not always being centered correctly and fixed the
routine so that it should center itself correctly for all

Status 3.2

Version 3.2. Finally discovered that with Share loaded there was
a problem archiving the Export log, or main log if your system
only uses one log. I worked many long hours to fix this and was
unable to fix the problem which seems to be between Borland's
Pascal and Share. I did make a work around that is invisible to
the user. If at such time a fix is made for the problem I will
remove the work around. If you have problems let me know right
away with all the details you can furnish including your
configuration file syntax so I can try to duplicate the problem
and make a fix.

Status 3.3

Version 3.3. Oversight on my part. When correcting the rollover
archive problem with Share loaded I forgot to checkout and
correct the code for those using two log files (Export/Import).
In 3.2 the second log was not being added to the archive for the
same reason earlier versions added no logs when Share was
loaded. This should settle the rollover problem once and for
all. If any one has problems please contact me at once. One user
with the archive problem did a test on 3.2 and worked fine for
him, this one tested fine on my system. And yes I had Share
loaded! (grin)

Status 3.4

Version 3.4. Reduced the number of lines in the code for Status
making is slightly smaller and faster. Also added CleanUp (1.0)
to the archive to help control the size of the Postlink log(s).
CleanUp can be run everyday, before or after Status is run.
Please read STATUS.DOC for the details on CleanUp and the lines
it currently removes from the log.

Status 3.5

Version 3.5 (STATUS.EXE) Had an error in the last bulletin
routine if the network name was 18 characters (maximum size).
This caused the program to lock up during the creation of the
last import bulletin.

Version 1.1 (CLEANUP.EXE) Corrected a couple of non-critical
errors in the routine that was removing the unwanted lines. Some
of the intended lines were not being correctly removed. Also
changed the statistics display when the program is complete.
This is only seen if you run it manually other wise if run from
an event the results are displayed and the event continues
without stopping. Also changed the routine that obtained the
file size of the log. It is now an internal routine rather than
the external one used in 1.0.

Status 3.6

Version 3.6 (STATUS.EXE) Corrected another possible fatal error
with the 18 character network names and aborting because of log
file not found or zero conferences found. Modified the bulletins
that are generated with the aborted operation of Status due to
log problems. Have added a network.TOT, which uses first 8
alphabetical characters in network name, bulletin/file that is
written/appended to on roll overs. This contains the total line
from the previous month's Export and Import logs. It is a fully
functional bulletin as is. Please see STATUS.DOC for details.

Version 1.2 (CLEANUP.EXE) Add a couple more lines to those being
removed from the Postlink log(s). Some minor internal routines
have been modified. No critical errors found or reported.
CleanUp's doc file is now separate. Please see it for details.

Status 3.7

Version 3.7 (STATUS.EXE) Somehow I got a stack error when I ran
Status after days of testing. No idea what caused it to suddenly
come up but I have corrected it. Sorry to have two releases only
days apart!

Status 3.8

Version 3.8 (STATUS.EXE) Modified the rollover routine so that
it performs less steps and saves wear-n-tare on your hard drive
and is faster in the process.

Version 1.3 (CLEANUP.EXE) Fixed a minor error that would display
incorrectly that the log was one line longer when byte size
showed there no change.

Version 1.4 (CLEANUP.EXE) Fixed an error that caused illregular
totals if current days information was only information in
LOG(s). Program now exits if current date found at start of log.

Version 1.5 (CLEANUP.EXE) Added some features to try and remove
some of the garbage lines that show up in some of the Postlink
log(s). Also searches for the word 'packet' or first seven
characters are spaces and delete those lines.

Version 1.6 (CLEANUP.EXE) The program was not correctly finding
STATUS.EXE for verification under some conditions. Should be
corrected now. It is in testing.

Version 1.6a (CLEANUP.EXE) Corrected misspelled word in error
message. Some minor display color and character changes. This
upgrade not widely distributed.

Status 3-J

Version 3j (STATUS.EXE) Changed the version designation from
3.0 through 3.9 to 3-A through 3-Z, etc. This gives more room
for minor upgrades. Number normally changes with major software
changes or when I ran out of numbers. (grin) Changed the error
bulletin format and removed the "Error in Log" since most users
would not know what this means. Now reads "No Export" or "No
Import Entries Found!" Looks better too! Reduced the size of

the program by rewriting some routines, which reduced the
program by a number of lines of code. Corrected an error in
the last import transfer time if 10:00 pm or later.

Version 1-H (CLEANUP.EXE) Added more deletion lines to the
program. See CLEANUP.DOC for details. Same version designation
change here as in STATUS.EXE.

Version 3-J2

Version 3-J2 (STATUS.EXE) Just tightened up the code a little.
No major changes, archive name not changed. This version only
distributed via my home.

Version 1-H2 (CLEANUP.EXE) Same update as STATUS.EXE above.

Version 1-I (CLEANUP.EXE) Added four more lines to be removed
from the Postlink LOG(s). See CLEANUP.DOC for details.

Version 3-J3

Version 3-J3 (STATUS.EXE) Just tightened up the code a little.
Changed from ShellSort to QuickSort. Archive name not changed.
This version only distributed via my home. If you have problems
with 3-J3+ please contact me right away. The new sort routine
could cause other problems, but believe all is covered in this

change. This change has increased the program's size.

Version 3-I2 (CLEANUP.EXE) Modified the error exit routine making
the code slightly smaller and quicker. This version only released
via my home.

Version 3-K

Version 3-K (STATUS.EXE) General release of 3-3J (with some more
enhancements. No major changes, but the enhancements made the
program slightly larger, again. In further testing I have found no
problems with the new sort routine.

Version 1-J (CLEANUP.EXE) General release of 1-I2. See CLEANUP.DOC
for detalils on lines being deleted from the Postlink log(s). This
release is slightly larger than 1-I2.

Version 1-Ja (CLEANUP.EXE) Added more deletion lines. Please see
CLEANUP.DOC for details. All items may or may not appear in a
normal Postlink log. No new archive generated for this update.

Version 3-L

Version 3-L (STATUS.EXE) Discovered that sometimes the Last Import
Bulletin did not always contain a transfer time. Fixed it.

Version 1-K (CLEANUP.EXE) General release of 1-Ja.

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