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/ /
/ S u p e r S l o t s ! /
/ Version 2.7 /
/ /
/ (c) Copyright 1992 /
/ All Rights Reserved /
/ J & W Software /
/ /
/ /
/ Slot Machine game -DOOR- for Wildcat!, PCBoard 14.x, /
/ RA/QBBS, SPITFIRE, GAP and other BBS software which /
/ uses door information files compatible with the above. /
/ /
/ /
/ Support BBS: /
/ Gulf Coast BBS /
/ (904) 563-2547 /
/ 1200 - 14400 HST/v.32bis /


SuperSlots! is a fun (and addictive) game DOOR for Bulletin Board
Systems. It is a close approximation of a real slot machine at
your favorite casino. There is even a Super Progressive Jackpot
which starts out at $100,000,000 and increases by $10,000 after
each game. Playing the game is simple. Place your bet, pull the
handle and let the wheels spin. The strategy is knowing when to
bet big and when to bet small. Players compete for weekly/monthly
and all time high scores.


- ANSI Color and Mono screens with sound and animation
- Straight ASCII mode for users without ANSI/IBM displays
- Full multi-node support
- Support for locked DTE up to 115K bps
- Support for non-standard com ports
- DESQview aware
- Easy installation and no maintenance


Setup is very simple. Create a directory and place the files
SUPRSLOT.EXE and SS!SETUP.EXE in this directory.

Change to this directory and run SS!SETUP. A screen with several
fields will be displayed. There will be a box at the bottom of
the screen that will display help information for each field.
The following edit keys are allowed: HOME, END, BACKSPACE, LEFT
and RIGHT ARROW. Use the ENTER, UP and DOWN ARROW keys to move
between the different fields.

Each field is described below:

Name: The name of the person registering the program as it will be
displayed on the opening screen (when registered). This does not
necessarily have to be the SysOp, it could be the name of a user
who donated the registration fee.

BBS Name: The name of the BBS as it will be displayed on the
opening screen (when registered).

Key Number: If registered, enter your Key Number here. Until the
program is registered leave this field as all zeroes. See the
registration section below for more information about registering.

Initial number of turns: The starting number of turns per day that
each player will be allowed. Each player is given this number of
turns to start with and will gain an extra turn each time they
win. If a player does not complete all their turns, they may enter
the DOOR again and play any remaining turns.

Path and Name of ANSI Bulletin: Path and name for the ANSI (Color)
bulletin file. If left blank no file will be written.

Path and Name of ASCII Bulletin: Path and name for the ASCII (Non-
Color) bulletin file. If left blank no file will be written.

COM3 (Base Address and IRQ): If installed enter the Base Address
in Hex (e.g. 03E8) and IRQ of COM3.

COM4 (Base Address and IRQ): If installed enter the Base Address
in Hex (e.g. 02E8) and IRQ of COM4.

After entering all of the information, press 'ESC'. SS!SETUP will
ask if you want to save the configuration file. If this is the
first time SS!SETUP has been run or you have previously run
SS!SETUP but changed some of the information, press 'Y'. This
will create or update the configuration file (SUPRSLOT.CFG). It
will also create a SUPRSLOT.SCO file if one does not exist. This
is the score file and is needed for the program to run.

SS!SETUP will then ask if you want to create the registration file
(SUPRSLOT.REG). The registration file will be needed when the
program is registered, so you will need to answer 'Y' at least one
time for this file to be created. Please be sure all information
is correct as your 'Key Number' will be based on this information.

Consult your BBS manual regarding the creation of DOOR batch files
for your BBS. SUPRSLOT.EXE must be started from the directory it
resides in for the game to function. The command line for calling
SuperSlots! is as follows:

SUPRSLOT SUPRSLOT.CFG 'Full pathname to BBS information file'

'Full pathname to BBS information file'

This will be the full path and filename of your BBS information
file. For example: C:\PCB\PCBOARD.SYS. SuperSlots! uses this
filename to determine the BBS software which is being used as

CALLINFO.BBS (Wildcat 2.xx)
DOOR.SYS (GAP, Wildcat! 3.0 and other systems using DOOR.SYS)

Please note that the DORINFOx.DEF file that RA/QBBS uses is not
compatible with RBBS.

An example of a batch file for PCBoard:



To upgrade from versions 2.5+, replace the old SUPRSLOT.EXE and
SS!SETUP.EXE files with the new version 2.7 SUPRSLOT.EXE and
SS!SETUP.EXE files and run SS!SETUP.

To upgrade from version 2.3 to version 2.7 follow these steps:

1 - Replace the existing SUPRSLOT.EXE with the new SUPRSLOT.EXE
2 - Delete your existing SUPRSLOT.CFG
3 - Run SS!SETUP to create the new SUPRSLOT.CFG
4 - Modify your batch file(s) for the new command line syntax

Multiple configuration files are no longer necessary if running

If upgrading from a version earlier than 2.3 you will need to
delete your score file and install SuperSlots! over again. This
is necessary since the score files from earlier versions are not
compatible with version 2.7.


Any errors which may occur will be written to the SUPRSLOT.ERR
file. When possible, a descriptive error message will be written
to SUPRSLOT.ERR with the exact cause of the error. If the error
cannot be resolved, call the support BBS (Gulf Coast BBS) and
files. This will allow us to more quickly determine the cause of
the error. All support is handled through the Gulf Coast BBS.


SuperSlots! has been developed in a networked environment. All
multi-node features have been thoroughly tested on multi-node sys-
tems using DESQview and Peer-To-Peer Local Area Networks. DOS 3.1+
full record and file locking is supported. Multiple configuration
files are NOT necessary when running on multi-node systems.

SuperSlots! is DESQview aware. It is automatically detected,
screen and keyboard I/O are "well behaved", and time slices are
given back to other applications where appropriate. SuperSlots!
has been tested with 3 nodes running simultaneously under DESQview
(all ports locked at 38400) with no noticeable effect on other


There is an optional command line parameter (/MONTHLY) to reset
the score file at the beginning of each month instead of each
week. Place this at the very end of the line in your batch file
calling SuperSlots!. For example:


This switch was added because of the requests from a few customers
for tournament use. It's use is not recommended. Players who lose
their entire bankroll will quickly lose interest in the game if
they must wait until a new month starts to play again.

SuperSlots! is designed to give each player a $500,000 stake to
begin the game. At the beginning of the selected time period the
score file will automatically be cleared and the last periods high
scorer will be determined.

If the Super Jackpot is won, it will be reset to $100,000,000.
The winning players name, date and amount they won will be
displayed on the menu screen.

If you are using a high speed modem and have your com port LOCKED,
the program will not respond to keyboard input while your modem
buffer is full. This is normal.

SuperSlots! may be played from the DOS prompt by typing:


Note that the user name is hard coded as 'SysOp'. This mode is
only for testing. The file LOCAL.BAT is included for this purpose.

To turn on screen writing, if it is off, press any key.


Registration is required if you choose to continue using this DOOR
program. After 60 days of running the program unregistered, the
score file will cease to be updated. However, the game will
continue to allow players to play. This should be long enough to
determine if the program meets your needs and is popular with your

When registered, the '[UNREGISTERED COPY]' line will be replaced
with a 'Registered To:' message. This will show the Name and BBS
Name from the SUPRSLOT.CFG file.

There are two ways to register.

* Mail order Registration *

If the SUPRSLOT.REG form was not previously created, run SS!SETUP
and have it create SUPRSLOT.REG. Check this file to insure the
information is correct. If it is not, re-run SS!SETUP and correct
any errors. Your Key Number is based on the information in this
file and must be correct for your Key Number to work. Make sure
that the Name and BBS Name are correct as printed! When done print
the form to your printer. Send the completed SUPRSLOT.REG form
along with your check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or Discover
credit card information for $15.00 (US) to:

J & W Software
9426 N. China Pink Way
Crystal River, FL 34428-9500

Your personalized Key Number will be sent to you promptly. When it
is received, run SS!SETUP and enter your Key Number. SuperSlots!
will then be registered. No other action is necessary.

* Instant On-Line Registration *

You may register SuperSlots! with VISA, MasterCard or Discover and
receive your personalized Key Number instantly by calling the Gulf
Coast BBS, (904) 563-2547, and entering REGISTER at the main menu
prompt. You will need the Name and BBS Name exactly as it is
entered on lines 1 & 2 of SS!SETUP as well as your credit card
information to register. You might want to make note of this
information to speed your call. You will receive your Key Number
on that call.


There are no warranties, express or implied, for unregistered
copies of SuperSlots!. The author will NOT be held liable for any
direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damage resulting
from the use of this program. Your use of this program
constitutes your AGREEMENT to this disclaimer and your release of
the author from any form of liability.

Registered copies of SuperSlots! are warranted to perform as
described in this documentation. In the event SuperSlots! does
not perform as described, then the author will elect to either
rectify the problem or refund the amount of the registration paid,
provided notification is received within 30 days of registration.

- END -

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