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Filename : SREAD.HIS

Output of file : SREAD.HIS contained in archive : SREAD104.ZIP


Version 1.04

Command Added:

^DEFQCOLOR|{@Xxy} - This will set the default color for your questions

^DEFICOLOR|{@Xxy} - This will set the default input color

Extraneous astricts in the answer file has been corrected.

Cursor keys will now work from most telecomunication programs
even without entering doorway mode.

Version 1.03

Bug fix:

If you were using the ^LVL command under PCBOARD.SYS, the command
would not work. This should now be corrected.

DOOR.SYS users were having a problem with the user file being
loaded when it should not be. This was due to my forcing the
system to read the pcboard user file at all times.

Additional commands or features added to both Sread and Sread Plus

The line showing how much data can be entered and the minimum data.
This will only work in the graphics mode as it requires ANSI to
do it.

^LINESON - Turns on the underline capability

^LINESOFF - Turns off the underline capability

^LFON - Turns on line feeds after printing a

^LFOFF - Turns off line feeds after printing a

Additional commands added to Sread Plus:

^ASSIGN - Used to setup a full screen mode data
entry screen

^GET - Get the ^ASSIGN fields

^GETSAVE - Save the fields that were entered. The
information will not be saved until you
use this command.

^LOCATE|{ROW}|{COL}|"text" - This is used to position the cursor
anywhere on the screen if the user is
in the ANSI graphics mode.

^ISGRAPHICS|{$LABEL} - Used to jump to $LABEL if you are not
int an ANSI graphics mode.

Version 1.02

Bug fix:

On the original answer file, there would be two lines of
astriss instead of one. This has now been corrected.

Version 1.01

Two error levels added:

17 - Original DOOR.SYS not found
18 - Unable to open SREAD.TMP file

There was a bug with the ^ADJ| command. This has been corrected.
It was not making the system adjust the user level in the DOOR.SYS
file and/or the PCBOARD.SYS files.

Version 1.00

Initial release.