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Spitcall is an amazingly easy to set up and use door program. The
whole purpose behind Spitcall is this:

On a subscription board with a WATS line, the caller logs on
and executes the door assigned to Spitcall. Spitcall will
prompt y or n for a help message on the use of it, prompt
a message to verify the call back phone number, hang up, and
then call the original caller back, thus eliminating those
long distance phone calls for paying customers.

There is an optional configuration file included with this package.
The one given contains the default parameters that the program will
substitute if there is no configuration file. These parameters are:

n (Spitcall will not call back if the number in the
user file is not verified as the call back number.
The other option is a 'y'.)
ATDP (Spitcall will dial pulse. The other option is 'ATDT')
3 (This is the number of times that spitcall will dial and
wait 30 seconds for a connection.)
Note: the time to wait for a connection may become configurable also
if there is a demand for it.

This file is simply and must be a three line text file. It may be
created with a text editor or a DOS copy con command.

Some needs and wants of Spitcall:

1) Like Spitfire, 'SFUSERS.DAT' must reside in a subdirectory
of the main spitfire directory called 'WORK'.

2) The file 'SFDOORS.DAT' must be copied to the currently used
door directory by SF.BAT. Spitcall reads this file to find
out who's phone number to get out of SFUSERS.BAT, and to set
the comm port and baud rate being used.

3) The user must, of course, be found in the SFUSERS.DAT file.

For comments, questions, suggestions, or registration, please use the
accompanying form. Thank you very much for your interest in Spitcall.

Send registration or comments to:

Kurt Kruse
Rt. 2, Box 44
Grimes, IA 50111

_____ Yes, I would like to register _____ copy(s) at $12 a piece.
The names to be used on registrations are below.

_____ I have some comments, complaints, or suggestions. They are:





Registration names should read:




My return address is:


Street:____________________________________________ Apt:_______


State:_________________________ Zip:_______________

I would like to again thank all who are taking the time to check this
door program for Spitfire out, especially those who register.

Happy Computing, Kurt.

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