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Version 1.02. Apr. 20, 1991.

* The allowed delay between connecting and recieving an NN: prompt was too
short for a Front Door or BinkleyTerm environment. That delay has been
lengthened from 10 seconds to 45 seconds.

Version 1.01. Mar. 23, 1991.

* Snarf v1.00 speeded up modem handling a little too much. Many modems
require a short pause between commands. This version provides one.
* Some modems do not activate the carrier detect line immediately upon
connection. With these modems, Snarf v1.00 would report a lost carrier
immediately after connection. This version does not begin checking for lost
carrier until the first data character is recieved.
* Snarf v1.00 interpreted command-line telephone numbers containing dashes as
if they were logical BBS names. This version interprets them correctly.

Version 1.00. Mar. 19, 1991.

* Snarf callers can now specify a username in their configuration screen. This
lets sysops know who is calling and downloading files. (This is the single
most-requested Snarf feature.)
* Snarf users can now specify a BBS to call by name rather than by phone
number. (This is the second most-requested feature.)
* Snarf now supports uploading as well as downloading.
* Users can now request a BBS file list without knowing exactly what filename
the sysop of the BBS likes to use. This allows some standardization of file
lists without requiring a specific file name convention.
* Configuration screens have been added to both Snarf and Remote. This allows
simplification of the command line, since many parameters are stored as
* Sysops can create a banner file which is displayed to callers whenever they
snarf files. This banner can be any file, and does not have to be specific
to Snarf. For example, the WELCOME.MSG file for the BBS could do dual
service as the Snarf banner.
* Snarf now supports unusual COM port configurations. Snarf v0.94 only
supported standard COM ports 1 through 4; Snarf v1.00 can support any
hardware port address and any IRQ line.
* There are now configuration options for DSZ command line parameters. Version
0.94 of Snarf always used 1k Compressed Zmodem. Version 1.00 allows you to
use CRC-32, or Moby Turbo, or whatever is best for you.
* The internal modem drivers in Snarf have been improved to better handle
high-speed modems. The beta-test versions of Snarf used communications
routines which were not interrupt-based; version 1.00 uses full
interrupt-driven buffering for both send and recieve.
* The link negotiation routines in Snarf now give preference to terminator
characters over timeouts. This signifigantly improves the speed of modem
initialization and logon.
* Stack problems sometimes occurred when Snarf v0.94 was run in an interrupt-
rich environment, such as a multitasker or a system with background fax
activity. This was due to stack overflow during multiple simultaneous
interrupt processing. Snarf's internal stack has been enlarged from 4k to
8k to avoid this problem.
* Modem handling has been improved somewhat with the addition of user-defined
init and connect strings. Snarf still requires a Hayes-compatible modem,

Version 0.94. Dec. 14, 1990.

* Security probelm fixed. With prior versions, paths containing the forward
slash character could be used to override Snarf's internal security. For
example, the file \valid\../bbs/data/config.dat could be downloaded. This
was because Snarf does not recognize the forward slash as a directory
separator, but DSZ does. With version 0.94, all forward slashes are
translated to backslashes before file requests are processed.

Version 0.93. Nov. 10, 1990.
* Reads CONFIG.DAT, instead of CHAIN.TXT, to discover the location of the
gfiles and data directories.
* Remote handles odd ports with the DSZ portx command. Snarf still doesn't.
* Makes no assumptions about the WWIV port structure. (IE, just because WWIV
says it's COM1, it's not necessarily port 3F8 and IRQ4.)
* Handles error conditions and user aborts better.

Version 0.92. Nov. 5, 1990.

* Uses the 'ha slow' parameter on the DSZ command line.
* Call logging is much more detailed, especially if there are errors during
the call.
* Snarf now checks to see if DSZ exists, and if there is enough memory for it,
before trying to run it.
* Files can now be downloaded without explicitly specifying a directory.
* A list-file can now be used to avoid having to enter long lists of files on
the command line.

Version 0.91. Nov. 3, 1990.

* Initial working beta-test release.

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