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Snarf v1.02, copyright 1990, 1991 by Graham Mainwaring.
All rights reserved.


The BBS module for Snarf requires WWIV version 4.12 or greater, and a copy
of DSZ from Omen Technologies. If you are running modified WWIV and have
not yet upgraded to version 4.12, you can modify the source code to support
Snarf. This modification is available from the Octopus's Garden and from
several WWIV support boards.

To install the BBS module for Snarf, place REMOTE.EXE in your main BBS
directory and run the command REMOTE CONFIG. This will bring up a screen of
options, which are described in the next section. Once you have set these
options to your liking, you will have to create a text file listing which
file directories are to be Snarfable. You can either do this with any text
editor, or by using East Bay Ray's CVTDIR.EXE program.


To configure your system, run the command "REMOTE CONFIG". This will bring

up a screen of options. Use the up and down cursor keys, or the tab and
shift-tab keys, to move between options. Use the left and right cursor keys
to move within an option. The meanings of the individual options follow.

DSZ Option Group:
DSZ send command line
DSZ receive command line

These options control how the DSZ protocol driver is accessed. The send and
receive command lines are simply the commands to be given to DSZ when you
want to send or receive a file. There is no need to worry about port,
speed, or filename parameters, as these are handled automatically by Snarf.
The purpose of these options is to allow you to configure DSZ to use
Compressed, CRC-32, Moby Turbo, Crash Recovery, or other such options.
Details of DSZ command-line settings can be found in the documentation
accompanying DSZ.

BBS Option Group
Banner File
File List
Directory For Uploads
Snarfable Directory List

These options control how Snarf works on your system. The banner file
specifies a text file which is displayed to users when they call with Snarf.
This file can either be the system WELCOME.MSG file, or a separate file
specifically for Snarf callers. If you leave this field blank, callers will
not see a banner.

The file list field specifies the path and filename of your master file
listing. This is the file that is sent when Snarf users issue the *
command. There are several utilities available which create a master file
list automatically.

The directory for uploads is the directory on your system where Snarf-uploaded
files will be placed. This directory does not have to be downloadable via
Snarf. If you want to verify uploaded files before making them available
for download, it is best to have a separate "holding area" for files you
haven't checked yet.

The Snarfable directory list is the path and filename for a file to control
which directories Snarf callers can download from. This file is usually
named SNARFDIR.TXT and placed in the system DATA directory. In this file,
one to a line, place the full path of each directory you want Snarf users to
be able to download from. You can create this file using the WWIV //EDIT
command, EDLIN, or your favorite text editor. Here is a sample SNARFDIR.TXT


This file would specify that Snarf callers could download files from those
three directories only. If there were a subdirectory of TEXT called
TEXT\ARTICLES, users would NOT be able to download files from it. Only those
directories specified in the SNARFDIR.TXT file can be downloaded from.

If a caller requests a file, but neglects to specify a path to it, Snarf will
search each directory specified in SNARFDIR.TXT until the file is found or
all directories have been searched. This makes it possible to download a
file without being sure which directory it is in.


Should you have any questions concerning Snarf, or should you discover a bug
and wish to report it, please send WWIVnet e-mail to 1@9970. If you do not
have access to WWIVnet, please use paper mail to the address listed in the
registration section. While I try to answer all my mail, I will strongly
favor registered users for any time-consuming problem solving.


If you find Snarf useful, you are encouraged to become a registered user.
The cost to register is $25. When you register, you will be sent a disk
containing the current version of Snarf. At your option, you may request
that the disk not be sent until a new version is available. When new
versions are released, registered users will be given the option to receive
the new version on disk for a $5 postage and handling charge. Remember to
include your phone number in case of a problem. Please make checks payable
to Graham Mainwaring. It is unwise to send cash through the mail. North
Carolina residents please add 5% sales tax. All correspondence should be
addressed to:

Graham Mainwaring
P.O. Box 17288
Raleigh, NC 27619

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