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Copyright (c) 1991-1992 IHS Software. Inc.
In His Service

Playing Instructions

General Rules

Each player gets five shots a day. These five shots can be taken at
any time during the day and do not have to be during the same session. As each
player has five shots a day, he or she can attack up to five players a day.
Any shots remaining at the end of the day are forfeited.

One point will be given for each hit on an opponent's ship. If a hit
sinks a ship, then the attacking player will get an additional number of points
equal to the length of the ship that was sunk.

Once all of your ships have been sunk, you will no longer be able to
shoot, but you will be able to look around and see how everybody else is doing.

Entering Your Ships

If you are a new player, you will first be sent to the Ship Entry
Screen. You must enter all five ships before you continue. To enter a ship,
you enter the ship number in the first box, the row (A-J) in the second box,
the column (0-9) in the third box, and the heading (NSEW) in the last box.
The ships cannot overlap or extend out of the the playing area.

If you need to remove a ship that has already been placed, you can
enter the row and column of the ship, then put "X" as the heading.

If you decide that you don't want to play, you can hit for the
ship number and you will exit without playing.

The Home Menu

At the home menu, your ships will be displayed and you will be able to
see all of the hits and misses on your ships. From here you can either view an
enemy sea zone (you can choose whether or not to attack later), or you can quit
the game.

If you decide to quit the game and you have some shots left, you can
take them later the same day.

If you decide to view an enemy sea zone you will be given a list of all
the players. Just enter the letter of the player whose sea zone you wish to

The Enemy Menu

At the enemy menu, you will be able to see the selected player's sea
zone. His ships will not be visible, but any hits or misses in his zone will
be indicated. You can choose to attack this player, view another sea zone, or
return home.

If you decide to attack this player, select 1 and enter the row and
column at which you wish to shoot. A hit or miss will be indicated by the
appropriate colored spot in the square at which you shot. If you sink a ship,
you will get a message indicating which one it was.

If you decide to view another sea zone you will be given a list of all
the players. Just enter the letter of the player whose sea zone you wish to

If you decide to return home, you will be taken back to your sea zone
at which time you may quit the game.


If the sysop has registered this game, you can send messages to other

To read messages, select "Read Messages" from the home menu. While
reading messages, you can read the next or previous message, or select the
message number you wish to read. You can also reply to a message.

To enter a message, view the sea zone of the person to whom you wish
to send the message, and select "Send a Message".

**** NOTICE ****

The Sysop will be able to read any private messages so don't write
anything that you don't want him or her to read.