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Copyright (c) 1991-1992 IHS Software. Inc.
In His Service


Sinkem is distributed as-is. The author disclaims all
warranties, expressed or implied. The author will assume no
liability for damages either from the direct use of this product
or as a consequence of the use of this product.


Sinkem is a door game for Wildcat BBS's that up to ten
players can play. The players must be able to view ANSI graphics
in order to play this game. Each player has a sea zone in which
he or she places five ships. Each player gets five shots a day
to take at the other players. One point is given for each hit
and additional points equal to length of the ship are given to
the player who sinks it. The registered version will show the
name of your BBS, allow access to the message base and generate a
bulletin showing the scores of the players and the last date they


Sinkem, Copyright (c) 1991 IHS Software, Inc. is released as
shareware. All rights are reserved. You may copy the Sinkem zip
file and share it far and wide. You may use Sinkem for thirty
days to give it a test drive. If you continue to use Sinkem
after the trial period, you must register it by completing the
form in REGISTER.DOC and sending $15.00US to

IHS Software, Inc.
P. O. Box 5103
Macon, GA. 31208

Who has ever given to God that God should repay him?
For from him and through him and and to him are all things.
To him be the glory forever! Amen.

Romans 11:35-36

Ten percent of all proceeds for all IHS Software, Inc.
products is joyfully given to the Lord through whom all things
are possible. If you want all of your registration to go to the
Lord, then send a donation of at least $15.00 to your favorite
Christian charity and send us a copy of the receipt. Be sure
that the receipt has the name, address, area code, and phone
number of the charity and we at IHS will accept that as

When you register Sinkem, then name of your BBS will appear
on the entry and exit screens, the message base will be activated
and a bulletin will be generated showing the names of the
players, their scores, how many ships they have left, and the
date that they last played.

Sinkem is the result of many hours of work. Your
registration makes it possible to support and improve Sinkem as
well as helping us to create other fun games. Please support the
Shareware system.


Special thanks to Richard Weeks, Sysop of U Want What!?!
BBS, and the users of U Want What!?! BBS for their help in
testing Sinkem. Thanks also to John Sherman, Sysop of The GATE
BBS, for making Sinkem available through FIDONET.


To setup Sinkem to run as a door, you must first create a
batch file called DOOR#.BAT, where # is the number of the door in
which you wish to place sinkem. The batch file should change to
the directory where sinkem is located, run sinkem with the name
of the config file on the command line, change back to the
wildcat directory, and run cat.bat. Wildcat 3.0 will let you
shell out to doors rather than actually terminating the BBS. In
this case all you don't need to change back to the WC30 directory
and run CAT.BAT. There is a sample file called DOOR1.BAT
contained in the zip file. See your Wildcat manual for further
details on this file.

Next you must edit the configuration file. The default name
is SINKEM.CFG, but if you are running multiple doors of sinkem,
you will want to change the name and specify it on the command
line (see example DOOR1.BAT). There is a sample config file
called SINKEM.CFG that you can use as a model. This the first
line of this file should contain the path pointing to the
CALLINFO.BBS, or DOOR.SYS file. The second line should contain
the path and name of the bulletin file. Sinkem must be
registered in order to have it create a bulletin. The third line
of the config file should contain the name of the ship file.
This is normally SHIPS.DAT. The fourth line should contain the
name of the player file. The gameinit program creates a player
file called PLAY.DAT. If you are running more than one game at a
time, you will need to change the name of this file and specify
it here. The fifth line of the config file should contain the
name of the message file. This file should NOT HAVE AN EXTENSION
as it will be the name for the .DAT file and the .IDX file.
Sinkem must be registered in order to be able to access the
messages. Line six should contain the name of the news file. It
can have an extension. Line seven should contain the minimum
security level to be able to read private messages not addressed
to you. This is ideally the sysop security level. Line eight
controls whether LF's are added to the bulletin. WC 3.0 adds its
own LF's so sinkem doesn't need to add them. Use CRLF to add
LF's or just CR to leave them out. Line Nine is used to control
the game type. PLAY on this line indicates that new players can
enter the game any time. ADD indicates that new players can
enter the game, but no one may shoot at anybody. NOADD indicates
that no new players may enter the game, but the players already
in the game may shoot at each other.

Here is a rundown of the config file:

SHIPS.DAT <= Name of ship file normally SHIPS.DAT
PLAY#.DAT <= Player file
SINKMSG# <= Message file (no extension)
SINKEM#.NWS <= News file
500 <= Sysop security level
CR <= CR or CRLF

If you are running more than 1 game, replace the # with an
identifying number, otherwise leave it out.

Finally, in the Doors Setup section of the MAKEWILD program,
you must enter sinkem so that it is NOT a multiuser door. Though
you can have multiple games of Sinkem and can have up to ten
players in each game, only one player can play a particular game
of Sinkem at a time.


It is suggested that you start a new game of Sinkem when the
most frequent players have lost all their ships. Run GAMEINIT to
clear the player names and scores. The command line is as

GAMEINIT [high score file]

You must specify the name of the .CFG file. The high score
file name is optional, and should only be used if you have
registered (It won't work if you have not registered and it takes
it a minute to determine that).

When you run GAMEINIT, you will be taken to the ship entry
screen at which time you can enter the Computer's ships. The
purpose of the Computer player is to give the early players
something to shoot at. For instructions on ship entry see the
file SINKEM.HLP. Do not alter SINKEM.HLP or the online help will
not look right.

The game is now ready for play. Up to ten players can enter
the game. A players is not added until he or she enters all his
or her ships.


EDPLAY.EXE will let you edit the player file. The usage is:


Where filename is the name of the player file you wish to
edit. You can change the players names, or delete them by
deleting their name, but what ever you do, DON"T ADD NEW PLAYERS
WITH THIS UTILITY. You won't be able to place their ships and it
will cause the game to lock up when that player tries to play.


Run SHIPINIT to change ship names and lengths. The usage

SHIPINIT [filename]

You may specify the name of the ship file on the command
line or let it default to SHIPS.DAT. Ships may have from two to
five "hits" in length.


PORTINIT will allow you to change the base addresses and
IRQ's for Sinkem's Com port. The usage is:


Just enter the values you wish and press F10.


The FIXMESS program will attempt to fix your message base in
the event that the index gets corrupted. It also purges the
deleted messages. The usage is:


Where filename is the name of the message file WITHOUT THE
EXTENSION. There may be a case in which FIXMESS fails. In this
case, a file called SINKMSG.TMP will have been created. In most
cases, you should rename this file back to your message .DAT file
and rerun FIXMESS. If you can't get FIXMESS to run successfully,
your best bet is to delete the message .DAT and .IDX files and
let it start from scratch.


Inquiries can be made to:

IHS Software, Inc.
P. O. Box 5103
Macon, GA. 31208


On line support can be obtained by leaving a message to Jim
Wilcox on the U Want What!?! BBS at (912) 471-7629. My GENie
address is J.WILCOX12, My Compuserve address is 71371,2736.

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