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copy of SINK33.ZIP from the U Want What!?! BBS at (912) 471-7629.

Sinkem version 3.3

Fixed bug so messages would not be randomly marked deleted.

Fixed bug so that Sinkem will now not lock up with high speed
modems with the FIFO buffer enabled.

Added PORTINIT which is a utility for configuring Sinkem's COM
ports. With it you can customize port addresses and IRQ's.

Added a digit to the scores column in the bulletins & fixed

Added a Status line to console screen.

Added Force to BBS feature.

Added Stats Bulletin to News.

The CRLF line in the config file now does nothing as I have made
sinkem write text files correctly. LEAVE IT IN though for backward

Sinkem version 3.1

Fixed bug where Sinkem could not find message file after
several messages had been read.

fixed FIXMESS utility so it can better recover a corrupted
message base.

You now need to put the extension on the name of the bulletin
file in the config file. This was done because Sinkem will now work
with BBS types other than Wildcat which use extensions other than .BBS.

A new config file entry was added that will let you tell whether
or not the bulletin file will have LF's or not. See the DOC's on how to
use this.

A new config file entry was added that will let you control when
the players can enter a game. This was done so that some players would
not be able to wait until the first players in the game kill each other
off, then come in and clean up. See the DOC's on how to use this.

A high score bullentin can now be generated with the registered
version. As a result, the command line for the gameinit function has

A bug was fixed in the edplay program which would not delete a
players' ships when you deleted his name.

Sinkem version 3.0

Sinkem can now use the DOOR.SYS file to interface with the
BBS. This not only makes it compatible with Wildcat 3.0, but also
with PCBoard and other BBS's that use DOOR.SYS.

A bug was fixed that caused a problem with door converters.

The GAMEINIT and SHIPINIT programs can now take command line
parameters to specify the names of the files that they create.

Bug was fixed so that you can now delete a line from a message.

Sinkem version 2.7

You can now send private messages in the message base. The
sysop can, however, still read all of the messages. You must put an
entry the config which indicates the minimum security level which can
view all of the messages.

You can now delete messages. This can be done by the sender,
the receiver, or the sysop. The FIXMESS program will purge any deleted

A new program has been added called EDPLAY.EXE. It allows you to
edit the player file. You can change or delete player names with this
utility, but do not try to add a player, as you won't be able to place
his ships and this will cause the game to lock up if he or she plays.

Sinkem version 2.5

A message base has been added to the registered version.
This will allow players to send messages to each other in the game.

The config file is now read from the command line. This
allows for multiple games to be run from the same directory. See
DOCS on how to do this.

When taking a shot you can hit to abort if you change
your mind.

If you don't have any ships left, 0 turns are displayed.

Sinkem version 2.3

Bug fixed which caused the BBS to lock up if a player hits
any keys when exiting the door. The bug also caused high speed
modems that lock the DTE rate to act strangely.

Bug fix which caused the screen to display wrong on slower

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