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Version 1.0
Lynda Kendrick


SFANTRV is a fast paced Animal and Pet Trivia game designed to run
as a door feature within the SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System. It can
also be installed as a sysop configurable command from the Main, File
or Message menus of SPITFIRE. A data file containing 500 Animal & Pet
Trivia questions is randomly accessed and displayed to the screen.
With each question that is displayed, four multiple choice options
are provided from which the player may select. SFANTRV allows the
player ten seconds to read the question and respond with the number
corresponding to the answer they wish to select.


To set up SFANTRV to be executed as a door, it is recommended that
a separate directory be set up for it. For explanation purposes, let's
assume the directory DOORA is created for use with SFANTRV. The following
files must then be placed in the directory:

SFANTRV.EXE The actual game program.

SFANTRV.DAT The data file containing the trivia questions.

SFANTRV.TOP This is a listing of the TOP TEN players. SFANTRV.EXE
will create this file if it is not found.

The Sysop will then need to use a text editor to edit the SF.BAT file
as illustrated below:


You will notice that the commands needed to execute SFANTRV are placed
between the :DOOR_A and GOTO LOOP command lines. These are entered in
place of the existing REM Place Program Name Here. The following will
briefly explain each of the commands which were set up within SF.BAT to
run SFANTRV as a SPITFIRE Door program:

SFDOORS.DAT is created automatically by SPITFIRE when a user enters a
door. It contains information about the user such as name and password.
SFANTRV requires access to the information within SFDOORS.DAT. Therefore,
before executing the program it must be copied to the directory in which
SFANTRV is running.

SFANTRV is the program name and executes the game program from within
the door program.

Once the user has terminated the game play of SFANTRV the SF.BAT file
erases the SFDOORS.DAT file.


SPITFIRE has a sysop configurable command for the Main, Message and
File menus. The sysop configurable command is executed through a
batch file which corresponds to the menu it is being run from. In
other words, SFMAIN.BAT runs the sysop configurable command from
the Main Menu, SFMESS.BAT runs the one from the Message Menu and
SFFILE.BAT the one from the File Menu. The commands necessary
to execute SFANTRV can be set up in the batch file which corresponds
to the menu you wish to have SFANTRV run from.

The first thing you will need to establish is which of these menus
you wish to use to run SFANTRV. For this purpose, let's assume that
it is going to be set up so it can be run from the Main Menu. (It
should be noted the set up procedure is the same regardless of which
Menu you are running SFANTRV from.)

Next, you will need to decide what you wish to name the command
option and establish what security level will be required for
users of your system to be able to access this option. Once this
is determined you will need to modify the SFMAIN.MNU file using
your favorite text editor, as long as it saves in ASCII format.
(Refer to the SPITFIRE manual for further documentation on this
if needed. It should also be noted that if SFANTRV were being
set up to run from the File Menu, you would need to modify the
SFFILE.MNU file and if it was being set up to be run from the
Message Menu you would need to modify the SFMSG.MNU file.)

Examining the default SFMAIN.MNU file, you will notice the sysop
configurable command appears as:

............. Add Your Own,,1000,@

This will need to be replaced with a Command Character that will
be used to select the option from the menu. It is ASOLUTELY IMPERATIVE
that the Command Character must not duplicate an existing Command
Character for another menu option. You will then need to include
a brief description of the Wildcat door program you are running, two
commas, the security level required to access this feature, and another
comma followed by the a @. The @ must not be changed! (For more detailed
information on modifying your SFMAIN.MNU, SFMSG.MNU or SFFILE.MNU refer
to your SPITFIRE manual.)

.... Brief Program Description,,10,@

Now you will need to modify the corresponding batch file, SFMAIN.BAT,
so that it can be executed from the Main Menu. Do this using your
favorite text editor, as long as it saves in ASCII format. (Again, it
should be noted that if SFANTRV were being set up to run from the File
Menu, you would need to modify the SFFILE.BAT file and if it was being
set up to be run from the Message Menu you would need to modify the

Place the SFANTRV.EXE file in the directory you wish to run the
program from. SFANTRV will create its own player score file,
SFANTRV.TOP, if does not already exist.

The commands set up in the SFMAIN.BAT file are very similar to
those used for executing the game through a door in the SF.BAT file.
For instance, if you were running SFANTRV from the main SPITFIRE
directory your SFMAIN.BAT file might look like this:


(BRK is not included in the SPITFIRE package because it is written
and copyrighted by Solid Systems, 1985, but can be downloaded from
The Mother Board BBS and Buffalo Creek's BBS as well as a number of
other BBS systems. BRK is not required to run SFANTRV, however, it
is recommended since it will prevent a user using the CTRL BRK command
to terminate the batch file, gaining access to your system at the
DOS level.)

If you wish to set SFANTRV up in a separate subdirectory from
SPITFIRE, for instance, a subdirectory named SFANTRV, your batch
file might look like this.


When SFANTRV is executed, from either the door with the SF.BAT file
or from the sysop configurable command through a menu with the
corresponding batch file, it will first look for the SFMAIN.DAT file,
then the SFMESS.DAT file, then the SFFILE.DAT file and lastly the
SFDOORS.DAT file. It will look for each of these files until it finds
it and the commands required for its execution. If none of these
files are found, SFANTRV will halt its execution.


It should also be noted that a Sysop can play SFANTRV locally by
entering the following command at the DOS prompt:



SFANTRV automatically detects if the DTE is locked at 19200 baud. If
SFANTRV detects that the DTE is locked, then SFANTRV opens the serial
port to the maximum baud rate of your system. If SFANTRV does not
detect that the DTE is locked, then the serial port is opened to the
baud rate of the caller.


This door program contains several features which give the sysop
control over the door game play on their BBS system. First, a status
line is displayed on the BBS monitor that provides information in
regard to the caller's name, baud rate of the caller and the security
level of the caller.

A SFANTRV.LMT file allows the sysop to establish a time limit for
door play according to the security level the caller has on the system.
To modify the accompanying SFANTRV.LMT file, use your favorite text
editor to represent the various security levels you have available on
your system, a comma then the corresponding time you wish to allow for
that particular security level in minutes. For instance, it might look
like this:


Each security level should begin a new line and you should have a
setting for each security level you have available on your system.
If you do not have a time limit set for a particular security
SFANTRV will default to the level 10 security level setting.

Pressing the Shift Key and the F1 key simultaneously will
terminate game play of SFANTRV and return the caller back to the
BBS. Pressing the Shift Key and the F9 key simultaneously will
terminate game play of SFANTRV and log the caller off of the BBS.
If the Shift Key and the F9 key are pressed together, logging the
caller off the BBS, SPITFIRE will recycle and return to the
SPITFIRE Ready For Caller Prompt.


When first executed, SFANTRV will display a list of the Top Ten high
score players and the percentage of correct responses they acheived
while playing SFANTRV. Initially, this will be a dummy listing with
ten lines that display:

0%...............YOUR NAME COULD BE HERE

However, as the game is played, this will fill with the name of the
players and their percentage ratings.

NOTE: At least twenty questions must be attempted before SFANTRV will
will figure the percentage rating for the player.

To keep things interesting...the Sysop can erase the file which contains
the top ten listings SFANTRV.TOP on a routine basis to give additional
players a chance to have their name added to the list.

As the top ten list is displayed, at the bottom of the screen is a
question which prompts the user whether they want to have ANSI Graphics
(y/n)? available to them during game play. If the user responds with a
y (for yes) the game will display in color and if the user responds with
a n (for no) the game will display in monochrome.


Immediately after pressing any key (other than for Quit) from
the Top Ten listing the game screen is displayed. The screen will
look like the following:


º >>>>>>>> ANIMAL & PET TRIVIA <<<<<<<< º
º Version 1.0 º
º Animal & Pet Trivia Door For SPITFIRE! º
º Shareware from "The New Ganas" BBS! º
º (305) 235-6247 ** All Rights Reserved º
º Copyright (C) by Lynda Kendrick, 1990 º


The Animal & Pet trivia question will be displayed

<1> Choice 1 <2> Choice 2
<3> Choice 3 <4> Choice 4

Enter Answer: [ 1 2 3 4 uit]?


The first randomly choosen trivia question is selected from the data
file and is displayed to the screen.

The player makes his selection by entering the corresponding number.
As the game progresses, SFANTRV will provide a running total of the
correct answers and also of the wrong answers the user has selected
during the game play.

If the ten second timer should elapse before you respond, SFANTRV
will count this as a wrong response and add an incorrect answer to
the total WRONG answers obtained so far.


When you are ready to exit the game, simply select press "Q" for
uit. If you qualify as one of the top ten players to date,
SFANTRV will congratulate you for becoming one of the top ten scorers
and add your name to the Top Ten listing. You will once again see the
Top Ten list displayed with your name added to the list.

If you exit the game before you have completed the twenty
questions required for eligibility to the Top Ten list or if you do not
qualify as a Top Ten player, the Top Ten listing will be displayed and
you will be prompted to press any key to return to SPITFIRE.


Please feel free to share SFANTRV.ZIP with others. However, it must
be distributed with SFANTRV.EXE , SFANTRV.DAT , SFANTRV.TOP and the
SFANTRV.DOC in the SFANTRV.ZIP distribution package. These files MUST
NOT be ALTERED in any way or by any means.


Lynda Kendrick shall not be held responsible for any damage incurred
by the user to hardware, software, or peripheral devices while running
SFANTRV. All responsibility lies in the user of the software.

Many thanks are indeed owed to Mike Woltz of Buffalo Creek BBS (515)-
225-8496 for his assistance. Without his help this program would not
have been possible.

SFANTRV and other SPITFIRE programs are available for download from:

Buffalo Creek BBS The Mother Board BBS
Sysop - Mike Woltz Sysop - Jacque Shipley
(515) 225-8496 (515) 986-3445
19200/9600/2400/1200 9800/2400/1200

The New Ganas BBS
Sysop: Lynda Kendrick
(305) 235-6247


I would like to thank a VERY SPECIAL lady. Without her knowledge a
release of this version of Animal & Pet Trivia would not have been at all
possible. Dia is a sysop of the PET PLACE BBS, (305) 624-2190 which has
MANY many files on the care of ALL types of Animals and Birds. I bugged
her night and day ... for all the correct answers and ALOT of the
questions. I think she got tired of me! Her bbs has such a wealth of
information in her FILE AREA! So please give her BBS a call also. I am
hoping that if Animal & Pet Trivia becomes popular, that Dia & I can do
many more!
Pet Place BBS
Sysop: Dia
(305) 624-2190

Again, I would like to thank Mike Woltz for his support with this
project. " SPITFIRE BULLETIN BOARDS " are sweeping across the nation. I
am so pleased and proud to be apart of this UNIQUE group of Spitfire
people. Being proud of Spitfire led me to my handle, Lady Spitfire!
Mike Woltz is also the person who wrote the driver for this new
trivia called ...... Animals & Pets Trivia ...Thanks Mike!!!!!
Lynda Kendrick aka Lady Spitfire


SFANTRV.ZIP is distributed as shareware/Doorware: By registering your copy
it encourages the authors to continue providing other fine door products,
and removing that annoying sign UNREGISTERED VERSION!
After a trial period, I feel 60 days you will know if your users
enjoy Animals & Pet Trivia please REGISTER your copy. Here is
a very easy way to do it.
_____________________ CUT ALONG LINE AND MAIL ___________________________
To: Lynda Kendrick Date___/___/___
P.O.Box 970595
Miami, Fl. 33197

( Please use capitalization and punctuation where necessary )

From: SysOp Name: _______________________________________________________

BBS Name: _________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

City: _______________________ State: _____________ Zip : __________

Voice : ( )__________ BBS: ( ) __________

BBS Software: ________________________ BBS Hours: _________________

Baud Rates: _______________________________________________________

-------- ------- -----

SFANTRV ( Animals & Pets ) 1.0 $10.00 *_______

*( If you will not be downloading your Registered copy from Ganas BBS
and want it mailed on 5 1/4 add shipping charge as indicated below.)

( Fl. residents add 6 % tax ) ____________

( Continental U.S orders add $5.00 for shipping) ____________

( Foreign orders add $15.00 for shipping) ____________

Total enclosed $____________

**** If downloading it from Ganas bbs (305) 235-6247 Leave me the needed
information and I will PRE-register you for access and leave you
a message as to where your REGISTERED version of SFAVTRV is located.

Pre-registration for downloading:

Password: ( which you can change if you want to stay with us )
I really hope you do ...........................
Allow 3-4 weeks if sending a PERSONAL CHECK .............................

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