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rOverBoard BBS Software - Version 2.0a
Copyright (C) 1991 FreeLance Programming
All rights reserved

This document contains setup information for a variety of different modems.
Note that with any modem, it is possible to configure the modem in a variety
of different ways (numeric result codes vs. alpha ones, for example). The
settings shown should be used as guidelines only, not hard and fast rules.

For each modem shown, a suggested modem init string (for answer mode) is
displayed, along with the table of valid connect codes for that modem. Also
shown for some modems is a list of miscellaneous settings that should be in
effect, even if not explicitly specified in the init string. These settings
should usually be written to the modem's non-volatile ram, typically by using
the AT&W command once they are set. Also, shown in parens next to the modem
name is the command line switch suggested to start node #1 with that modem

Note that most modems include &C1 and &D2 in their suggested init strings.
These two commands tell the modem to inform the computer of the TRUE state
of the carrier signal (as opposed to "always on"), and to hang up and return
to command state when DTR (the Data Terminal Ready signal) is cycled (which
is how rOver hangs up). Some modems do not support these two commands, and
use dip-switches to set these options instead. One such example is the USR
Courier 2400. Consult your modem manual for more information.

Also, the following result codes are standard for all Hayes compatible modems,
and are not listed for each modem. Only the codes unique to each modem are
shown for the specific modems. All result codes are listed as xxxx/y/z,
where xxxx is the result code string, y is the BAUD setting, and z is the
UART setting. Generic result codes are:

0/0/0 1/1/1 2/0/0 3/0/0 5/2/2 10/3/3

Generic 300 Baud Modems: (/11)

Init string: ATE0V0Q0S0=1
Result Codes:

Generic 1200 Baud Modems: (/12)

Init string: ATE0V0Q0&C1&D2S0=1
Result Codes:

Generic 2400 Baud Modems: (/13)

Init string: ATE0V0Q0X1&C1&D2S0=1
Result Codes:

ATI 2400etc (with MNP): (/13)

Init string: ATE0V0Q0X1&C1&D2&Q5S0=1
Result Codes: 46/2/2 47/3/3

USR Courier 2400: (/13)

Init string: ATE0V0Q0M1X1S0=1 Dip Switches: 1 = OFF
Result Codes: 6 = OFF

CASE 4696\VS: (/13)

Init string: ATE0V0Q0M1X4\N3\J1\Q3&C1&D2
Result Codes: 20/1/1 22/2/2 23/3/3 32/5/5 33/5/5

USR Courier HST DS: (/17)

Init string: ATS0=1B0E0Q0V0X4&B1&H1&K0&C1&D2
Defaults: F1 &A1 &M4 &I0 &N0
Result Codes: 13/5/7 14/1/7 15/2/7 16/3/7 17/5/7 18/4/7 19/4/7

Remove the B0 for the HST (only) and V.32 versions of the Courier.
This assumes the serial port is locked at 38.4k baud. ALL '7's in the
init string and uart code fields may also be replaced by 5 (to lock the
serial port at 9600) or 6 (to lock the port at 19.2k). (If you change
one, you must change them all.)

PPI PP9600SA (/17)

Init string: ATSO=1E0V0Q0M1X4&C1&D2&K3&Q5
Defaults: W2 N1 S36=7 S37=9 S48=7 S95=0
Result Codes: 11/4/7 12/5/7 14/6/7 28/7/7

Verified settings for modems not listed here would be greatly appreciated.
Please send any such info to FreeLance Programming, either on our BBS or by
mail to the address shown in the ROVER.DOC file. Thanks for you help!

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Archive   : RVR20C-2.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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