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RFNet (tm)
Official Information and "How to Join" Document
Updated: 06/13/92

RFNet (tm) Network System Administration:

Bob Shuck, KB4ZSS
The Capitol Connection BBS
DATA: (703) 280-5490

Jim Rhodes, KF4GL
CrossNet(tm) NETHUB)
The Computer Forum BBS
DATA: (804) 471-3360


The RFNet(tm) Network has been formed to provide a medium
for BBS systems to transfer electronic messages and files
for the edification and use of Amateur Radio operators,
Shortwave Listeners, and individuals with related interests

RFNet(tm) currently utilizes PCRelay and Fido Technology
networking software. The Fido Technology network is
called CrossNet(tm).


The RFNet(tm) Network is a publicly accessible tool for
communicating messages, opinions and ideas over great
distances. Each message released through the RFNet(tm)
network has the potential to convey its information to
thousands of people in a relatively short period of time.
Because the RFNet(tm) network utilizes inexpensive PC
hardware and software resources and standard telephone
lines, it is easily accessible to a large number of


Our goals are simple: Try to help others to understand what
Ham Radio and Shortwave Listening is all about and how they
too can join in on this fun and exciting hobby. These
conferences are *NOT* just for licensed Hams any and all
users are welcome.


RFNet(tm) was formed October 5, 1991 by Bob Shuck, KB4ZSS
and Jim Rhodes, KF4GL, as a medium for exchanging information
and files of interest to Amateur Radio Operators and
Shortwave Listening enthusiasts.

By popular demand, RFNet(tm) has started expanding and
searching for HUB's and NODE's world wide.


Common sense is basically all that is required. Each HUB
will be responsible for his users and each relaying NODE
and their users.

A conference "host" will be assigned to each conference that
has experience in the topic of the conference. Policing of
the conferences is expected to be kept to a minimum. Each
user is expected to exercise common sense, be courteous to
others, and keep messages posted to the topic of the
conference. Any user that disrupts a conference in the
network may be reprimanded as seen fit by the NODE SysOp
that they are communicating through or the National HUB
SysOp. It is expected that each individual on the network
behave in a proper and courteous manner and will settle any
disputes in a kind and forgiving fashion.

System Administration:

The RFNet(tm) conferences are provided "AS IS" with no
claims regarding its usefulness or functionality.

Each SysOp is responsible for the messages entered through
their node. Each user on the network is solely responsible
for the content of the messages that they enter.

The RFNet(tm) Network, Network Administrators, and National
Network HUB SysOp will not be liable for any misuse,
damage, or illegal activity initiated by any user or SysOp
on the RFNet(tm) Network.

You, the user, accept full responsibility and liability for
any problems or damages associated with the use of the

All HUB and NODE SysOps are encouraged to work out all
situations or disagreements originating on their nodes.

Situations that cannot be handled by affected NODEs or HUBs
shall be referred to me, Jim Rhodes in the RFNet
Administration conference.


A listing of available conferences is posted in the file CONFLIST.DOC
in the RFNET.ZIP RFNet(tm) information package.

To propose new conferences contact Jim Rhodes, RFNet(tm) NETHUB
SysOp, in the RFNet Administration conference.

How To Join

Complete the application form RFAPP.DOC and upload it to
The Computer Forum BBS (804) 471-3360 or mail it to:
Jim Rhodes, 985 Penhook Court, Virginia Beach, Virginia

There are NO FEES of any kind at this time. We do not
anticipate any fees in the near future and every effort will
be made to keep from having to charge any kind of fee
for the acceptance as a node on RFNet(tm).

Any reimbursement of long distance charges to HUB operators
is a matter strictly between the HUB and NODE SysOps.

By joining the RFNet(tm) network you agree to follow the
rules and guidelines set forth in this document and in the