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RFNet (tm)
Official Conference Rules and Guidelines
Updated: 4/1/92

Abusive Behavior

No abuse of other users will be tolerated. Do not abuse
the other users of the conferences by sending abusive,
foul, or insulting messages. No abuse of other users on
the basis of character, physical characteristics, religion,
gender, sexual orientation, intelligence quotient, or
ethnicity is allowed. Messages meant to harass or bully
another users are not allowed.

BBS Advertisements

Please do not post BBS ads except for BBS phone numbers
within a message to advise recipients of a contact telephone

Your BBS number is usually included in your network tagline
this will suffice as a acceptable BBS advertisement.

For Sale Advertisements

For-Sale ads are not allowed in any conference other than
the Trading Post conference. We have no objection to
Conference participants advertising the desire to purchase,
actual sale or trade of equipment as long as, it is a item
that is related to Amateur Radio or Shortwave Listening.

Please state in the ad as much pertinent information as
possible. The ad must include a price, (or swap
requirements) and contact information (phone number with
area code, address, or Home BBS routing information).
Please limit all replies to such ads to routed messages
and/or direct the message to the originator's BBS whenever
possible. Also, please send a message when the equipment is
no longer available for sale/swap.

No implied sale, trade, use or modification of illegal

The conference host or Network Committee shall make the
determination as to any questionable item posted for sale
that is not related to the hobby.

All transactions are between the seller and the purchaser.

The RFNet(tm) Network, National Network HUB SysOp, Network
Administrators, HUB, or NODE SysOps will not be held liable
for any claim for purchased items usefulness or functionality.

Commercial Advertisements

Please note that any and all commercial advertising is
the National HUB SysOp, Jim Rhodes or a RFNet(tm)

ANSI Code In Messages

No ANSI messages of any kind. Please do not post ANSI
graphics in messages. Many users on the network are
using computers that are not ANSI compatible. ANSI
graphic charactors will look like line noise on their

Signature Lines

Signature lines should be limited to two lines. Remember, a
signature line is an informative line - include some useful
information about you, your home QTH (city/state/country),
and call sign.


The enforcement of these rules, as well as the "keeping of
the peace" in the conferences, is the sole responsibility of
the conference hosts and the National RFNet(tm) HUB
SysOp. Please do not interfere with the Conference Host
job. Do not take the law into your own hands. If you
have a complaint, criticism or gripe, send a routed
receiver only message to the conference host or
to Jim Rhodes in the RFNet Administration conference.