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CONFLIST.DOC Listing of all Echos/Conferences available via RFNet(tm)
| a PCRelay software network and CrossNet(tm) a Fido Technology
| software network.
CONFLST .RLY CONFLST.RLY file for node sand hubs using PCRelay software
CONFRULE.DOC Rules/guidelines to be followed in the RFNet(tm) Conferences
DESC .SDI Ingore this. Works with SDI.EXE to import file desc to BBSs
NET .ID PCRelay RFNet(tm) NET.ID file for PCRelay software nodes
RFAPP .DOC Send in this to Jim Rhodes to join RFNet(tm) or CrossNet(tm)
RFINFO .DOC Information about RFNet(tm). Who and what we are.
RFNODES1.DOC Listing of RFNet(tm) nodes connected with PCRelay software
RFNODES2.DOC Listing of CrossNet(tm) nodes connected with Fido Technology
RFLIST .### CrossNet(tm) Fido Technology NODELIST file for use with Fido
| mailer software. This file also serves as a listing of
| CrossNet(tm) hub and node systems.