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A brief word on RELAYNET:

1) over 300 ACTIVE conferences available - broad range of topics
(active on our network means if you take all our own conferences,
2.8 megs of new quality mail available daily!) Others claim
activity and quality - we provide it!

2) only two required conference - COMMON conference which provides
a link between every board in the network and a small announcement
only conference - RIMENEWS

3) all conferences available to every node - each node selects those
conferences which interest him/her in order to maintain own BBS

4) powerful software, auto-configurabe for conferences, add and
subtract with ease, sysop flexibility, real private mail, routed
mail, file sends, file request,

5) over 950 active boards - including Canada, Saudi Arabia, Norway,
Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Holland, England, Japan, Sweden, Yugoslavia,
Taiwan, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Croatia, Yugoslavia, France
to name a few.

6) friendly group of sysops, working together to produce an outstanding

7) your board maintains it own internal structure, no need to conform
to a network wide structure

8) interactions with other networks - including MediaNet, MetroLink
to name a few. In the main however, we support our own conferences
with our own usership. Watch your user base increase when they discover
the potential of International communications with active message bases
and outstanding discussions.

9) not limited to PCBoard, network includes QBBS, RBBS, WildCat, EIS,
GAP, SpitFire, TBBS, Remote Access, Tritel among others -
many author supported - almost any system is welcomed

10) We allow you to remain a member of any other network of your choosing

11) for information on joining call:
The Running Board * Bethesda Md 301-229-5342/5623 (dual standards)
The Running Board * New York City 212-654-1349

or any board listed in our RelayNet list!!!