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º º
º REGISTRY OF USERS Version 3.15 º
º for WWIV v4 º
º º
º by Jon Dietrich º
º Dietrich Software Enterprises º
º º
º March 18, 1993 º
º º

Registry of Users is a program which allows a sysop of a WWIV BBS to set up
a questionnaire with whatever questions he/she wants. Each user answers the
questions, and the responses can be viewed by all the users on the BBS.
Basically, it allows each user to describe him/herself so that the other users
will know them better.

One of the most interesting aspects of using a bulletin board system is the
variety of people that use it. Many times you have a lot in common with other
users. I find it very hard on WWIV BBSs to get to know things about other
people, such as age, sex, etc, without asking them. Having used some Galacti-
comm Multiline BBSs, I found that their "Registry of Users" aspect was very
helpful. If you wanted to know what a person was like, you just did something
and typed their name and you got a brief description.

That is the basic idea behind Registry of Users for WWIV. It is a way for
users to get to know each other better and to have more fun. There have been
many times I've scanned a message base, and wondered what the person was like
who wrote a message. With this addition to your BBS, you can press a button
and get a description of them.

Simply put, the sysop sets up prompts to be questions for the registries,
such as age, interests, likes, dislikes, BBSs Owned, BBSs called, etc. When a
user logs on who does not have a registry, he/she is prompted to fill one out.
After filling it out, that user's registry can be viewed by everybody else on
the BBS.

Hopefully, through knowing more about each other, users will get to know
each other better. This will hopefully create a friendlier atmosphere on your
BBS and attract more users. It should also induce more activity like message
posting and e-mail because users will be more familiar with each other. I've
tested it on a couple of BBSs already and both the sysops and the users have
found it very worthwhile.

The following files should be in the file REG-315.ZIP:

REGISTRY.EXE- The program
REGISTRY.H - The header file
REGLOGON.EXE- The logon program
REGISTRY.DOC- The file you are reading right now


REGISTRY OF USERS can be installed as either a mod or as an on-line
game. If you have the ability to mod your BBS, you should install it as
a mod, otherwise simply install it as an on-line game.

*************** INSTALLATION AS AN ON-LINE GAME *************************

1.) Place the files REGLOGON.EXE and REGISTRY.EXE into the main BBS
directory (The one with BBS.EXE in it)

2.) Add the file REGLOGON.EXE to your logon event batch file. For more
information on how to set up the logon event file, see your WWIV docs.
Adding this will make it so that every time a user logs on, they will be
prompted to fill out a registry if they have not already done so. This
is also needed to assure that registries are deleted when users are

3.) Enter the WWIV program and do a "//CHAINEDIT" command. At that point,
you should press 'I' to indicate you want to insert a chain. After
that, you should set everything up as follows:

A. Description Registry of Users
B. Filename REGISTRY.EXE <- Important
C. SL 10
D. AR None
E. ANSI Optional
F. DOS Interrupt Used <- Important
G. 300 Baud Allowed
H. Shrink No
I. Disable Pause No

Some of the options above may not be available on all versions of WWIV,
but as long as the entries labeled "Important" are entered, everything
should work.

The only step left is to encourage your users to use Registry of Users.

************************* INSTALLATION AS A MOD ***************************

1.) Place the files REGLOGON.EXE and REGISTRY.EXE into the main BBS
directory (The one with BBS.EXE in it).

2.) Add the file REGLOGON.EXE to your logon event batch file. For more
information on how to set up the logon event file, see your WWIV docs.
Adding this will make it so that every time a user logs on, they will be
prompted to fill out a registry if they have not already done so. This
is also needed to assure that registries are deleted when users are

3.) Add the file REGISTRY.H to the directory where all the WWIV source code
files are (like BBS.C, BBSUTL.C, CONIO.C etc...).

2.) Load the file BBS.C into your editor. Search for:


You will find it in the function mainmenu(). This will locate you in
the block of code that follows. Then,

AFTER this block of code:

case '.':

INSERT the following:

case '$':

Type carefully and remember that C is a case sensitive language, so
if something is in lowercase above, it must be entered in lowercase
when modding. The same goes for uppercase. Basically, insert it
into your source code exactly like above.

This part of the mod makes it possible to enter Registry of Users
from the Main Menu.

3.) Load the file MSGBASE1.C into your editor.

A.) Search for:

#include "vars.h"

It should be right near at the beginning of the file.

AFTER that line, on the next line, INSERT the following:

#include "registry.h"

B.) Search for:

switch(s[0]) {

And INSERT the following immediatley after it:


Make sure that it is in all capital letters and that you hit
after you type it.

4.) Save both the BBS.C and MSGBASE1.C files. At this point, the only
step left is to re-compile the bbs. After that you should be all set.

³ * SETTING UP * ³

The first time you run Registry of Users you will be prompted to create
the questions. At each prompt, enter the question exactly as you want it to
appear in all of the registries. A colon (':') is automatically added to the
end of a question when it is displayed in a registry. Questions may be up to
eighty (80) characters long. You are allowed up to fifty (50) questions.
To stop creating questions, simply hit when prompted for a
question. If you don't create any questions, the data files will not be
After you're done creating the questions, you will be asked how you want
to run Registry of Users. Select '1' if you installed the program as a mod by
modding BBS.C and re-compiling WWIV. Select '2' if you set up the program to
run as an on-line game. The number that you select has no effect on the
execution of the program except that if it is running as an on-line game the
user will not be prompted to hit '$' at the main menu to make their registry
when they log on.
You will then be prompted to set up the parameters on which access to
Registry of Users will be based.


If run as a mod, REGISTRY OF USERS can be accessed by pressing the '$' key
at the main menu. At that point a very brief title screen will be shown, along
with the Registry of Users Main Menu.

If run as an on-line game, REGISTRY OF USERS can be accessed by pressing
'.' at the main menu, then selecting the number that corresponds to the program
At that point, a title screen will be shown along with the Main Menu.

At the prompt, the standard user (not a co-sysop or sysop), has the
following options available: Q,I,?,U,N,E,Y and L.

Q : This simply quits back to the main menu of WWIV and allows the user
to access any other aspect of the BBS.

I : This displays information on how to use Registry of Users.

? : This redisplays the Main Menu.

U : This displays a list of users in alphabetical order who have filled
out a registry.

A : This command allows you to view all of the registries that have been
entered into the database. If you have sysop access, you will be
able to edit and delete registries from within this function. If you
are a normal user, you will be able to edit and delete your own
registry from this prompt.

N : This lets you look at all the new registries since you last used
Registry of Users.

E : This allows you to make changes to any of the responses that you put
in your registry.

Y : If you have not yet filled out a registry, this command will allow
you to create your registry. The letter 'Y' will be flashing (if you
have ANSI) to prompt you to do this.

D : This allows you to delete your own registry.

L : This lets you look at the registry of any user. At the prompt, you
may enter either the alias or the number of the user whose registry
you wish to view. You only need to enter part of the name of a user.
If the user who you entered does not have a registry it will tell you

If running as a mod, the next feature is probably the most useful of the
functions in Registry of Users. While scanning the message base (for example
during a N-Scan) you can view the registry of the author of that message by
pressing '$' at the prompt. If your BBS is on a net, you will not be able to
view the registries of users on other systems. Registries of anonymous users
also may not be viewed. This feature is not available if the program is
running as an on-line game.

That's it for the regular aspects of this program. The following aspects are
available for the sysop or co-sysop: S,1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

S: This displays the Registry of Users Sysop Menu.

1: This allows you to edit the questions. This is probably the most
important sysop function because this is where you in fact set
evrything up. When you start off, there will only be one question,
which will be blank. A prompt will be displayed with the following

M: Modify a question. This will allow you to modify a question.
You must first select which question, and then you will be
allowed to change it. A colon will appear after the question
automatically when it is displayed, so you don't need to
include it.

I: Insert a question. This will allow you to insert a question
after another question in the list. It will also insert a
blank response in the space for the new question in all of the
registries. Use this if you want to add another question.
You can have up to 50 questions.

D: Delete a question. This deletes a question from the list, and
also deletes all the responses to that question that were in
the registries of all the users.

L: This will relist the questions.

Q: Quit. This will take you back to the Registry Main Menu.

2: This allows you to edit several things that will alter the
accesability of Registry of Users. It also allows you to change
whether or not the program thinks it is running as an on-line game
or not. See "SETTING UP" above for information on this parameter.

3: This allows you to edit the registry of any user. It is similar to
pressing 'E' at the main menu to edit your own registry, except you
can choose which user to edit. The user must have a registry in order
for you to edit it; you cannot create other user's registries.

4: This lets you delete the registry of a user.

5: This function is if you want to delete the current set of
registries and start over fresh. You will recieve a
warning before it does this.

6: This gives an address where I can be contacted.

Users spend the most time in the message scanning area, and pressing '$'
allows quick access to the registries. If the program is running as a mod,
be sure to tell your users about this feature, and possibly even put it onto
the message scanning menu.

******************************** FINAL NOTES **********************************

Feel free to distribute this to as many BBSs as you like. It is freeware. I
require no fee for its use. The only thing I ask is that the file be
distributed in its original form of the file REG-315.ZIP

PLEASE send me ANY problems, questions, suggestions, comments, or criticisms
about this program. I'd love to hear what you think of it so that I can make
this program the best it can be.

My address is as follows:

Jon Dietrich
1337 Brook Road
Baltimore, MD 21228

Lastly, I'd like to thank Freddie of The Furnace BBS (410) 433-1149 for
allowing me to test this mod out on her BBS, and to the users of that board for
putting up with filling out registries over and over again after something got
screwed up. Thank you...

I hope you find this program a worthwhile addition to your BBS. Thanks for
taking the time to install it!

-- Jon

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