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-==[ RBatch 2.20 ]==- [RBTCH220.ZIP]

Whats new in Rbatch 2.20 since 2.XX

1. Put in a fix for extended descriptions in personal file. If you had
NO in the configuration file, and RBatch processed a .DIZ or .SDI
file, an extended description would be used.

2. If files were converted from the original archive type to another type
RBatch would not be able to extract the .DIZ or .SDI files. This is
now fixed.

3. Put in a feature for Personal Uploads. When you choose Distribution
List, you are now given the choice of either enter the list name
or enter "H" to show the lists that are available. Thanks to
Tom Geery for this suggestion.

4. RBatch, if configured, will delete partial uploads (uploads that have
a "L" or "E" as the transfer success in the DSZLOG). This new option
is placed on line #17 (this line is for saving files on timeouts).
Here is how you implement it:

Old config entry:
YES (save files on timeouts & don't delete partial uploads)

New config entry:
YES;YES (save files on timeouts & do delete partial uploads)

As you can see, if you don't wish to use this new feature, all
you have to do is replace the RBatch.Exe with the one included in
this archive and you are all set. Thanks to Tom Craver for this

5. Went back to the TC 2.01 compiler, as some SysOps were experiencing
VERY STRANGE problems with the BC 3.1 compiler (RBTCH20?.ZIP).

6. The configuration file now can support comments in it. A comment line
starts with a "#" as the first character on the line. See SAMPLE.CFG
in the file EXAMPLE.ZIP - Thanks to Walter Ames for this suggestion.

7. Added a new feature for SysOps using the BamaWho feature but did not
want "Uploaded by SysOp" when they uploaded a file to their BBS. This
can be suppresed now by adding a "NO" to line #20 at the end. Thanks to
Marion Royal for this suggestion. Here is an example:

Old Setup:
6;YES - 6 Ext. Description Lines & Use Bama Who Support

New Setup:
6;YES;YES - 6 Ext. Description Lines & Use BamaWho Support and
post "Uploaded by....." for all users.

6;YES;NO - Same as above, but if the user is the SysOp, do not
post the "Uploaded by SysOp" to the FMS.

8. Fixed problem of files posting to the FMS with VERY LARGE file
sizes. (ie. 1083837212 was posted as a file size in certain
instances and has been found and fixed).

9. All of RBatch's output messages are now contained in a file called
RBatch configuration file. This file can be modified by yourself
either to change what the prompts say or converting them to another
language. (See the instructions at the beginning of the MSGFILE.00)
Thanks to Mercurio Franco for this idea.


To upgrade from RBatch 2.XX to RBatch 2.20, just replace the
RBatch.Exe file with the RBatch.Exe file included in this archive.

If you wish to use the new options:

- deleting partial uploads: then you have to make the change to
the configuration file as noted in step #4 above.

- Suppress SysOps name on BamaWho Feature: then you have to make
the change to the configuration file as noted in step #7 above.

-==[ RBatch 2.07 ]==- [RBTCH207.ZIP]

OR 2.20

Whats new in Rbatch 2.07 (Since 2.00)

1. To properly support ZSX you must now include ZSX as the last parameter
on the RBatch command line. Example:

Proto.Def entry for upload side:


NOTE: ZSX should only be used with ZSX protocols. You should have
the ZSX parameter in the PROTO.DEF and pass the %# to the RBatch
command line as shown in the above example. The reason for this
fix is that ZSX uses 'b' for a Ymodem Batch protocol upload and
BiModem uses 'b' for a download. By adding ZSX, RBatch will
properly determine the transfer direction with these two protocols.

2. User is now informed when RBatch is using a FILE_ID.DIZ, DESC.SDI
or a .DOZ file for a description. Many users have asked on my BBS
why they did not get prompted for a file description, yet when they
viewed the files a description was there. A prompt like this seemed
a good way to keep the user informed of what was going on.

3. Fixed up the BiModem section of the code so downloads would not
be processed as uploads.

4. DIR.CAT with multiple category codes would cause lock ups on some
machines. This is fixed, and if a SysOp allows a user to categorize
a file with multiple cat codes, the first cat code is used for the
file. Example:

"RBBS","RBB,BBS,DOR","All RBBS Related Files"

The file then gets the "RBB" code in the FMS

5. Ending screen that lists the number of files and the average
CPS time, was displayed wrong for users that did not have color.

6. Extended descriptions in Personal Files are now displayed across
a full line instead of in the "PCBoard" style. Found out how to
properly display it from Ken. Was using a "!" at the end of the line
instead of a "."

7. A SysOp Personal File was being posted with the Secret Name. RBatch
now will post the file as SYSOP to maintain RBBS security. Also, if
you have BLANK as the SysOp's secret name in the RBatch .CFG file,
SYSOP will be posted in the personal file, but you will not be notified
of a personal upload due to RBatch not knowing your name, hence not
being able to set your personal upload flag.

8. Becuase of the problems with Quick Basic and external programs that
return errorlevels (like RBatch), you should implement the SETERROR
statement in your batch file ONLY IF YOU HAVE OCCASIONAL hangs when
RBatch exits and the user returns to the BBS. The statement
"SETERROR 0" should be on the last line of the batch file. SETERROR.EXE
is part of the RBBS distribution package.

-==[ RBatch 2.00 ]==- [RBTCH200.ZIP]

--------- IMPORTANT ---------- IMPORTANT ---------- IMPORTANT -----------

The configuration file has CHANGED since version 1.80 - Please see the
SAMPLE.CFG file for the new changes. Also, you can read the RBatch.Doc
file for complete details of the entire configuration file.

--------- IMPORTANT ---------- IMPORTANT ---------- IMPORTANT -----------

Fix = # or Enhancement = *
1. * Personal Uploads are now supported in RBatch!! User will be prompted
to see if the file they just uploaded should be a personal upload.
If their security allows, and if they answer yes for personal upload,
they will be prompted if the upload should be to:

a. A User
b. SysOp
c. Security Level (Controlled by Security Level)
d. Distribution List (Controlled by Security Level)

The personal upload flag will be set in the users file, when a
personal upload exists. NOTE: if a personal upload is sent to
the SysOp and the SysOp wishes to be notified of the personal
FILE. (Line #12)

If you are using Distribution Lists, the filename of the distribution
lists MUST END WITH A .LST as requried in RBBS. If they do not end
with a .LST, then RBatch will not be able to find them.

2. * Additional .CFG parameter added for the security level of a user that
is able to bypass the batch file checking of uploads. If their
security level is greater than or equal to the level entered in the
.CFG file, then the batch file(s) will not be called by RBatch.
(Line #30 in configuration file)

3. * Additional .CFG parameter added to have .DOZ files take precedence
over FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI files. If this parameter is omitted,
then RBatch processed .DIZ/.SDI files before .DOZ file. This
parameter should not be used unless it is set for local file
posting (This is just an opinion/recommendation, as you can
set it up either way). (Line #26 on the configuration file)

4. # Found a small bug in the duplicate file checking process. Would
sometimes allow a file with the same name but different extension
to be uploaded to the BBS. Fixed.

5. # Improved process that reads configuration file to ignore trailing

6. * .DOZ files can now be used to do a personal upload. See WHATISA.DOZ
for more information on the new .DOZ format. The old format will
still work, but on a BBS with RBatch that allows Personal Uploads,
the program will prompt you if the file is a personal upload or not.

7. # The command lines for using DSZ (Xmodem and 1K-Xmodem) have been fixed
for use with RBatch. Thanks to Don Silva for assistance in figuring
this one out. See Proto.Def and Batch.Zip for the setups. Case is
very important when using the pR1 command with DSZ.

8. # CAP2DOZ.ZIP has been updated with a newer version of the program. This
program will aid in the creation of a .DOZ file from capture filelists
of the BBS's you downloaded files from. Will now read the FAKEXFER
file for names of files to search in the capture list. Read the
Cap2doz.Doc file included in the archive.

9. # FAKEXFER.ZIP has been updated with a newer version of the program. Read
the Fakexfer.Doc file included in the archive if you use this program.

10. # If in the file, if you have a category that had multiple FMS
codes like this:


RBatch did not know how to interpret the multiple codes. It is now
fixed so that the first code is read. For example if a user
categorized an upload as GAMES, then the code put in the FMS will be

11. # When the user is prompted with a (Y/[N] - [RETURN] = N), the program
will only accept a "Y", "N" or [RETURN]. If these keys are not hit,
RBatch will sit at this prompt until the user hits the correct key
or a keyboard timeout occurs.

12. * Added a new feature for overwriting a file when it is found to be
a duplicate file by RBatch. Line #21 of the configuration file
has to be modified to take advantage of this new feature. Two
new parameters are added: 1) Path/File for Lidx.Def file &
2) the security level to prompt for overwriting a file. When
you try to upload an existing file in RBBS, it will ask you to
overwrite the file, and if you say "Y", RBBS deletes that file.
When RBatch then starts to process the upload and finds it to
be a duplicate, it deletes the upload as a duplicate file. But
with these new parameters, you can now keep this upload and have
it copied to the same directory that RBBS deleted the file from
if you have a high enough security level to do this.

13. * Added in support for Tom Hansen's TAG160.ZIP program. When using
TAG to prepare uploads, if you are making a .DOZ file and you
forget to change one of the file descriptions, RBatch will post
the description which says: "File description goes here." - this
is the TAG default file description.

Now when RBatch detects this string, it will prompt the user for
a file description instead of posting this string.

14. * Added a new feature that will allow RBatch to post filenames
to the FMS/.DIR file system with or without the period as part
of the filename. This new parameter is listed as #7 in the
Sample.Cfg file. If the file is posted without the period, the
filename will be padded with spaces and the extensions are then
lined up. (Configuration Line #5)

15.* Abilitiy to have RBatch put as part of a Personal File upload
description the string: "UP by USERNAME". This way a person
who receives a personal upload will know who uploaded the file
to them.

16.* Added in support for PCZ (Protocol by Drue Kennon and Gary Smith).
When using PCZ, you MUST ADD an additional parameter (5th) to the
RBatch COMMAND LINE. This 5th parameter is PCZ and would appear
like the example below:

RBATCH RBATCH%node%.CFG %1 %3 %4 %5

- OR -

RBATCH RBATCH%node%.CFG %1 %3 %4 PCZ

This tells RBatch to read the PCZ log file which is DIFFERENT from
the DSZ log file. If you do not specify the PCZ parameter, RBatch
will not work properly (probably not at all) with PCZ.

The 5th parameter can be added on the command line as PCZ or you
can pass the parameter from the PROTO.DEF - The two examples above
show both ways. The included PROTOPCZ.DEF file also shows both ways.

17.* Added in in support for ZSX (Protocol by Jan Terpstra). The previous
problem was that ZSX used "b" for a Batch Ymodem upload, but that
same letter was used by BiModem for a Download. RBatch now looks
for the BiModem phone number at the end of the DSZLOG line to detect
if BiModem is being used. If BiModem is not being used then the
"b" is treated as a Batch Ymodem upload when RBatch reads the XFER

If you have never used ZSX, it is an EXCELLENT protocol. It is
well suited for use with DV as it does not HOG up time slices
like DSZ does, due to it being DV aware! It does all the protocols
that DSZ does and more and should be considered by the SysOp if they
run under DV. The protocol does require a fossil to be used though.

Many thanks to Tom Hansen for supplying the setups for using ZSX
with RBBS/RBatch.

18.# EOF markers were showing up in file listings from .DIZ/.SDI files
processing. These EOF markers are now stripped.

19.# Attempt to finally fix the blank line in the callers file. Went
back and looked at the code and made some changes to it so I
believe that it is now fixed. (Fingers crossed!).

-==[Rbatch 1.80]==-

Mostly the new things in 1.80 were requests from registered users, but
1.80 also includes a fix for file description posting problems.

1. # The first line of extended descriptions would carry over to the
next file when both files contained internal file descriptions,
but only in a certain circumstance. A hard bug to track down
as it only occured in a very specific instance, but I finally
found it.

2. * If the file(s) you uploaded contains a FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI and
a .DOZ file is also present, the description will be taken from
the .DIZ/.SDI and the category will be used from the .DOZ file.
This makes uploading or local file posting totally automated
once the upload or local file posting process is started. RBatch
takes care of both the file descriptions and categorizing with
no intervention by the User/SysOp! If the .DOZ file does not
exist, then the SysOp/User will have to categorize the file, if
the security level allows them to.

3. * The ending screen now will show the number of files transfered and
the average cps rate of the files transfered.

4. * When a user is in the extended description part of the program,
text will appear before the first line telling the user how many
lines of extended descriptions they are allowed and how long each
line can be.

5. # The merges that are included (Remember these are optional!!) have
been changed to fix a problem when a user stacks commands to have
the proper filenme displayed as ready to receive by RBBS.

6. * Added to the BIMODEM.ZIP file a sample configuration for BiModem.
Documentation is also included describing how to modify the
configuration file so that you can get BiModem up and running
on your BBS "QUICKLY" with just a few changes.

7. * Added into archive, the program TESTFIL3.ZIP - This program was
written by myself to be able to check dates of files uploaded to
your BBS. The program is configured by the sysop to determine
what percentage of files are allowed for what date. If the number
of files exceeds the percentage, and errorlevel is returned to
use in batch files to delete the upload. An example is used in

8. * Added into archive, the file DVRBBS3.ZIP - This file was prepared by
Tom Hansen of Church Chatters BBS (tm) to aid the RBBS sysop in
setting up RBBS with DV. This file is not specific to RBatch but
does help in the setting up of the DSZLOG and NODE parameters that
RBatch uses. Many thanks to Tom for preparing this file.

9. * Added into archive, the file PROBLEMS.DOC - These are some of the most
commonly asked questions about RBatch. I have compiled this list in
hopes it helps out with problems you may have with RBatch. It does
not cover all the problems that I have ever answered, just the most
common ones.

10.# Took out the check for the FILE_ID.DIZ & DESC.SDI format. RBatch use
to check to see if each line exceeded 45 characters, and if it did
it would prompt the user for a file description. It seems that
A LOT of folks do not know about he 45 character/line limit, so I
have changed RBatch to read lines longer than 45 characters without
detecting an error.

11.* Added into archive, the file CAP2DOZ.ZIP - This program was
initially written because I got tired of manually editing a
screen capture file listing, to prepare it as a .DOZ file. It
started out just as a simple reformatter and then progressed into
what it has become in version 1.0. The program is nothing stupendous,
but it does the trick and really makes preparing a .DOZ file MUCH
MUCH easier. Hence, local file posting on your BBS is much easier.
Once the .DOZ file is prepared, you just fire up RBatch locally, and
sit back and watch all the files get posted to your BBS automatically!
So far CAP2DOZ has been tested and works on RBBS and PCBoard captured
file listings.

-==[Rbatch 1.76]==-

Sorry for the quick release of another version right after 1.75, but a
very nasty bug (#1) was present and another release was required.

1. # Fixed nasty bug where if the internal file description had a single
character as the first word on the line, it would hang the system.
This was due to old code not removed prior to 1.75 release. Not sure
how this got code did not get removed? Probably lack of brain
function on my part!

2. # If a user dropped carrier during the upload, RBatch would not invoke
any of the batch file(s) to check the upload,

3. * Found another character that DSZ/GSZ would put in the XFER file and
have now added that to the RBatch processing. This was an undocumented
feature of DSZ/GSZ. Boy am I suprised that this was not it the
DSZ/GSZ documentation <>!

4. # Fixed up FakeXfer so that if you are using it in command line mode,
and all the files that you are processing already exist in the
target directory, the program will properly tell you that they
already exist and no files were processed or copied.

You should replace your version of FAKEXFER.EXE with the one supplied

Here's what's new since 1.70 - This listing contains fixes & enhancements:

1.#* If a FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI file is found and an error is detected
in the format of one these files, then the .DOZ file will be used if
it exists. If a .DOZ does not exist, then the user is prompted
for a file description. (See #13 for description on error detection)

2.# The RBATERR.LOG should now be written to the current directory
where RBatch is started from and not in different directories
like previous versions were doing.

3.* Protocols that do not strip out the EOF marker that RBBS puts
at the end of the "pre-write" has been fixed. When the EOF marker
would not be stripped, this would cause RBatch to think that there
were no files transfered, and hence would not check the files or post

4.# Found that RBatch would not make the "node" directory under the
defined work directory (last line in configuration file) under
certain circumstances. Fixed.

5.# Parameter %1 that is passed to the PHASE?.BAT files was sometimes
messed up. Fixed.

6.# Fixed the formatting of .DIZ/.SDI/.DOZ file descriptions.

7.* Added the ability to have a category code as part of the first
line in the .DOZ file. For example, previously the first line
consisted of:

File description goes here

Now you can specify the category code after the filename:

File description goes here

Where "16" is the category code a user would enter if he/she were
prompted to categorize. Note that you do not use the 3 character
code that is in the FMS, you use the category code that comes from
your upcat.hlp and your dir.dir's

Note that each parameter on this first line is seperated by a SPACE
and that the line MUST end with a Carriage Return (NO SPACES after the
category code or else RBatch will not be able to find a match).

All lines in a .DOZ file start at the LEFT MARGIN. See WHATISA.DOZ
file for further information on the .DOZ file.

8.* You can now specify the name of the batch files that RBatch uses
by adding another line at the BOTTOM on the configuration file.
If no additional line is entered, the program defaults to the
PHASE?.BAT files.

Here are some examples:

YES;C:\RBBS\WORK;C:\RBBS\ARC.LST - Currently the last line in config.
LOCAL.BAT;LOCAL1.BAT;LOCAL2.BAT - New line is entered with the names of
the batch files to use.

In this example LOCAL.BAT is called first, LOCAL1.BAT is called next,
and LOCAL2.BAT is called last.

Here is another example:
YES;C:\RBBS\WORK;C:\RBBS\ARC.LST - Currently the last line in config.
LOCAL.BAT;LOCAL1.BAT - New line is entered with the names of
the batch files to use.

In this example LOCAL.BAT is called first, then LOCAL1.BAT, then
PHASE3.BAT is called last.

Here is another example:
YES;C:\RBBS\WORK;C:\RBBS\ARC.LST - Currently the last line in config.
LOCAL.BAT - New line is entered with the name of
the batch file to use.

In this example LOCAL.BAT is called first, then PHASE2.BAT is called next,
then PHASE3.BAT is called last.

Here is another example:
YES;C:\RBBS\WORK;C:\RBBS\ARC.LST - Currently the last line in config.
- No additional line is entered in
the configuration file.

In this example PHASE1.BAT is called first, then PHASE2.BAT is called
next, then PHASE3.BAT is called last.

Note from the examples, that you can specify from 1 to 3 new
batch files for RBatch to use. When using more than one batch
filename you MUST seperate each name with a SEMI-COLON!!!! Just
like in my above examples.

9.* RBatch will now support colorized batch and upcat.hlp files
for users that have color chosen as their graphics type. The
program will look for the following:

Non-Color Graphics Choice Color Graphics Choice
------------------------- ---------------------
or if you use a specified
batch file name(s) in config:


Colorized = ANSI & High Ascii Characters.

You will note that the program looks for the filename with a "C"
appended to the filename. If the "C" file does not exist then
the non-color file is used. Also, remember that you can call
the upcat.hlp whatever you wish, as long as it is specified in
the configuartion file. (Some people like to have a different
upcat.hlp file for RBatch)

10.# When in "local mode" for posting files to your BBS, the keyboard
timeout function has been set to 60 minutes.

11.* Time Credits can now be assigned by security level(s). The format
for the Time Credit line in the configuration file is:

security level,percentage;security level,percentage

Here is an example:


You must have the HIGHEST value security level at the minimum
if just using one time credit percentage. In other words if
your hightest security level of a user on your BBS is 100, and you
want all your users to have 100% time credits, then your configuration
line would be:


Remember that the program checks to see if the users security
level is LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO the security level(s) on this
line and then uses the associated percentage. For example if
you had the following:


Then users with security levels LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO 5 would get 100%
credit, and users with security levels between 6 and 25 would get 150%.
Note also that if you use multiple security levels that you have
your HIGHEST SECURITY LEVEL listed as your last item.

Currently you can have up to 20 security levels defined.
Remember that you this line should be input from lowest security
level to the highest, just like my examples.

12.# File category for first file could carry over to successive files
during a batch upload. Fixed.

13.* Included better error detection for the processing of FILE_ID.DIZ,
DESC.SDI and .DOZ files. An error will be detected when processing
a file if:

1. The .DOZ file does not contain a {FI or {fi
2. The .DOZ file has a description line length longer
than 80 chars
3. The .DOZ file does not contain a matching filename to the
file currently being processed
4. The .DIZ or .SDI has a description line length longer
than 45 characters

14.* When processing prepared file descriptions using .DIZ/.SDI or .DOZ
files, RBatch will strip ALL High Ascii Characters.

15.# A quirk with BiModem on some systems will cause a filename to be
written to the XFER-?.Def file twice. Since trying to get Erik
Labs to fix this is impossible, I have written in a fix for this.

16.# Another anomolie with BiModem is that when a file exists and it
does a verify on the file, it will post the file as having 1 CPS
as the transfer rate. I have also written in a fix for this.

17.* RBatch will now check for the existance of the following files
that are listed in the configuration file. If the files do not
exist, RBatch will terminate and write the error to the

Here is a list of files that are checked:

1st FMS/.DIR Messages Callers Upcat.Hlp
2nd FMS/.DIR Users Dir.Cat

Dorinfo?.Def - But only when you say "NO" for RBatch to create it.
(For use in 17.4 which now create a dorinfo?.Def
file for Dooring Protocols)

18.# If you only have one file extension listed in the configuration file
to check for file duplicates, the program would not work. Fixed.

19.# Reports of BBS's that use \FMS TOP, writing the descriptions
backwards instead of from the top down. Fixed.

20.* If the FIRST THREE characters on ANY line in the UPCAT.HLP is
{NS, the program will strip it and replace it with three spaces.

21.# If the file uploaded did not have an extension, the duplicate
file check would say - Checking .FILENAME as a Duplicate file,
instead of saying - Checking FILENAME. as a Duplicate file. Fixed.

22.# When processing description files (.DIZ/.SDI/.DOZ), sometime the
line lengths in the FMS/.DIR would be off. Fixed.

23.* The FakeXfer program would not check the destination directory to
see if the file already existed (this is commonly your upload
directory). If a file already exists in the destination directory,
FakeXfer will not process and copy that file. If all the files
are duplicates of files in the destination directory, FakeXfer will
post a message to you stating that no files were process or copied.

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