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Output of file : INVNTORY.LST contained in archive : RBTCH220.ZIP

A short explaination of what each file is in RBTCH220.ZIP

--==[General Files]==-- [RBTCH220.ZIP]

UPDATE.TXT - How to update from previous versions of RBatch to
version 2.20
README!!.1ST - How to proceed with version 2.20, new items, etc.
RBATCH.EXE - The RBatch Program.
MSGFILE.00 - File that contains all of RBatch's output messages
These messages can be modified by yourself either to
******* change what is said or converted into another language.
NEW This file MUST reside in the same directory as the
******* configuration file for RBatch. See instructions at
the top of the file (MSGFILE.00).
FILE_ID.DIZ - Description of RBTCH220.ZIP
DESC.SDI - Description of RBTCH220.ZIP
INVNTORY.LST - What you are currently reading.
WHATSNEW - Whatsnew file lists fixes, & enhancements

--==[Example of setups used with RBatch]==-- [EXAMPLE.ZIP]

SAMPLE.CFG - A sample configuration file of RBatch with the latest
parameters added since version 2.00 - The configuration
file format can now accept comments - Review this file
to see how to comment you configuration file.
BATCH.ZIP - Batch files used with the included sample Proto.Def
BIMODEM.ZIP - Setting up BiModem on your BBS very quickly. Batch
files for proto.def & BiModem configuration files.
EXAMPLES.ZIP - Phase?.Bat file examples (Upload file checking).
HSLNKBAT.ZIP - Batch files used in Proto.def for setting up HS/Link
on your BBS.
NEW-PHZ.ARJ - A Phase1.Bat file written by Fred "Buz" Busteed for
use with RBatch - This is quite an amazing batch file
for checking uploaded files.
PROTO.DEF - An example of a Proto.Def to use with RBatch. This
Proto.Def has DSZ, HS/Link and BiModem as examples.
MRG1230.ZIP - Merges that you can use with RBBS, but NOT NECESSARY
to be able to run RBatch on your BBS. THIS IS AN
THE 2.00 RELEASE (ooopppsss...)
USEPCZ.ZIP - How to setup and use PCZ Protocol with RBatch.
Includeds Proto.Def and Batch files.
USEZSX.ZIP - How to setup and use ZSX Protocol with RBatch.
Included Proto.Def and Batch files.

--==[Documentation for RBatch usage]==-- [DOCS.ZIP]

RBATCH.DOC - This is the MAIN DOCUMENTATION file for RBatch. This
file covers the complete setup and use of RBatch with
your BBS.
WHATISA.DOZ - Explains what a .DOZ file is and how to use one. This
new file description format, designed by myself, makes
posting of files locally on your BBS VERY easy.
LOCALPST.DOC - This documenation explains how to use FAKEXFER, CAP2DOZ
and RBatch to post files on your BBS locally.
PROBLEMS.DOC - Some of the most common problems setting up RBatch.
ADDIN.DOC - A "hidden" feature of RBatch that enables your to add
a file to uploads.
REGFORM.DOC - The form to send in with your registration.
USERUP.DOC - A file that you should make available to users that will
explain how to batch upload to a RBBS-PC system that uses
RBatch. It also explains the format of the .DOZ file.

--==[Extra Programs included with RBatch]==-- [EXTRA.ZIP]

DVRBBS3.ZIP - A file written by Tom Hansen on running RBBS under
DesqView for Multi-Node usage. This file is the
best I have seen in help with setting up DV and RBBS.
Many, many thanks to Tom Hansen for this file.
TESTFIL3.ZIP - Program to test the dates of uploaded files.
FAKEXFER.ZIP - Program to generate a XFER-?.DEF file for posting files
locally to your BBS with RBatch.
CAP2DOZ.ZIP - Program that reads captured file listings of BBS's
where you just downloaded files from and will also
read a XFER-?.DEF generated by FAKEXFER to be able
to make .DOZ files for posting of files on your BBS
without ever having to type in file descriptions ever
FIDXCONV.ZIP - Program that reads your FIDX file and converts it for
use by HS/Link to check for duplicate files on the fly.

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Archive   : RBTCH220.ZIP

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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