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Archive   : RBBS-TXT.ZIP
Filename : UT.HLP

Output of file : UT.HLP contained in archive : RBBS-TXT.ZIP

UTIL Command T - Toggle settings

This command allows you to turn certain RBBS-PC settings on and off.
The options in TOGGLE are:

A)utodownload Whether to use auto-downloading
B)ulletin On logon only display bulletins if they are new
C)ase change Display characters in upper case only or upper/lower
F)ile On logon give option to download new files
H)ilite Color hilights in menu option lines
L)ine feeds Insert line feed after each carriage return
N)ulls Insert 5 nulls between carriage-return & line feed
T)urbokey Accept one-character input without pressing [ENTER]
X)pert Show full menus, only single command line
!)bell Beep whenever RBBS-PC expects input.

A)utodownload. A downloading enhancement that allows RBBS-PC to tell the
caller's software what to start a file download. Packages that support
"autodownloading" include some variants of PC-Talk and Pibterm.

B)ulletin. If this option is OFF, RBBS-PC will always display the bulletin
menu when you log on. If you turn this option ON, RBBS-PC will only
display the bulletin menu if there are NEW bulletins to read. The
sysop can disable this option, in which case you will always see the
bulletin menu when you log on.

C)ase change: Most computers can display both upper and lower case
letters, but some computers only display upper case. The "C" command
alternates between "UPPER CASE ONLY" and "UPPER CASE and lower case."

F)ile: RBBS-PC will give you the option to review files added to the
RBBS-PC downloads since your last logon as soon as you call the system.
If you want to wait until you go to the FILE menu to review files for
downloading, turn this option off. The SYSOP can disable this option.
This option makes it fast and easy to check for new download files on

H)ilite: If your system can support ANSI color commands, you can specify
text colors for RBBS-PC prompts. When you turn HILITE on, RBBS-PC will
ask you for your preferred color and intensity, and then show you what
the prompt will look like in your selected color. When your selection
is correct, press [ENTER] to save the change.

N)ulls: Nulls put a delay at the beginning of each line that RBBS-PC sends
to your system. Entering "N" will toggle or alternate nulls on and
off, as you choose. Only systems that need time to move back to the
start of a line should set NULLS on (such as teletypes).

T)urbokeys: RBBS-PC can act on one-character input without requiring an
[ENTER] key. With Turbokey ON, whenever RBBS-PC only expects one
character, instead of using a "?" to prompt you, a "!" will appear
instead. When you press one key, RBBS-PC will act on it immediately.
If you want to enter more than one key at a turbokey prompt, type a
slash "/" key, and RBBS-PC will allow you to enter an entire line.

X)pert: RBBS-PC operates in two modes. Novices get verbose menus, more
detailed explanations, and extra warnings. Experts get succinct
command prompts and no menus. The novice mode makes it easier to learn
how to use RBBS-PC, but is slower.

!)Prompt bell: An auditory reminder (beep) to tell you when the computer
is awaiting your input. Some find it useful, but if you do not want to
hear the noise, use this option to turn it off.