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RASORTER RemoteAccess File Sorter Version 1.30


1) Takes your jumbled FILES.BBS (and/or FILES.###) files and
puts them in order. Sorting by Name, Extension, Size
or Date, the results are quick and painless.

2) Creates AREA-NNN.A?? for each specified area (where NNN is
the Area Number 001-200).

3) Creates ALLFILES.A?? - complete listings of files (Master
Lists) for your callers to view/download.

4) Creates AREALIST.A?? - list of available file areas with
optional hot-keys for selecting the current template
file area.


US Registration fees are $5.. Not. No charge. Hopefully it
works well enough that you will use it. Because it's
freeware, I'm not doing any support for it. But that
doesn't mean that I don't want to know about any problems
you have with it. Chances are I WILL work on it until
there aren't any bugs. It will still be free.

Jon Kent (Tonic Avenger)
The Thabes BBS (1:347/21 FidoNet)
(208)338-5145 (9600 CompuCom)


Copy RASORTER.EXE to your RemoteAccess Directory (C:\RA\).
RASORTER may be placed in any directory, however the
RASORTER.DAT file it creates must be in the current
directory. It is easiest to place RASORTER.EXE into
your RemoteAccess directory so that when you sort files
you do not have to change directories.

Type RASORTER SETUP to configure RASORTER for your system. You
will be prompted for the path to the CONFIG.RA file. The
setup procedure will create the RASORTER.DAT file that
holds the sort information for each area.


Each area is seperately configurable to increase the control
over your results.

At the top of the screen are the Master List and Area List
options. Press 2-5 to activate/deactivate these options.

The areas are shown at the bottom of the screen (scroll through
the list with the cursor keys). Press SPACEBAR to tag an
area as included for the sorting. Press RETURN to edit
the area's specifics:


1) Name : Sorts by Ext if Names are the same
2) Extension : Sorts by Name if Ext's are the same
3) Date
4) Size


1) Create Area File List : Creates Individual
AREA-NNN.A?? files for this
2) Show Area Totals : Shows Total Files/Size in
Individual Area-NNN.A??
3) Include in File List : Includes area in list of
all files.
4) Include in Area LIst : Includes area in list of
available areas.
5) Kill Missing Files : Remove Name and Description
from Files.BBS if the file
is not in the directory.
6) Show Missing Files : Include missing files and
their descriptions in the
area list.


Include RASORTER in your BBS's batch file just before RA is run.
This will automatically run RASORTER after every call. If
the file area has not been changed, it will not be sorted.
This speeds the sorter up tremendously.

Type RASORTER SETUP to reconfigure RASORTER.

Type RASORTER FORCE to force RASORTER to run regardless of
whether it needs to or not.


The Area List "Hot-Keys" begin at "1" and end with "Z". That means
only 35 areas ("1"-"9", "A"-"Z") maximum will be available
if you use the "Hot-Keys" option.

All text files created (ANSI and ASCII) are placed in your
RemoteAccess Text File Directory.


1) Area "Hot-Keys" for each selected area on the AREALIST.A??

2) Detects if it needs to run or not, makes it much faster.

3) Individual area sorting orders instead of global sort order.

4) Areas may be sorted without being included in the Master List
and/or list of areas.

5) Places text files in the RA Text File Path instead of the
current directory.

all the configurations for each area.

7) Supports the Alternate File List Path (For Read-Only Media)!

8) Supports Long File Descriptions.

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