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Rank-Edit v1.00
(C) 1992 Ed. T. Toton III

Welp, I'll make this doc file short, since I don't want to devote too
much time to something I'm not asking money for 🙂

To install Rank-Edit, put it in your main BBS directory, and go to your
chains editor. Put in RANKEDIT %1 and set dos-interrupts to YES. That's

If you don't already have a RANKS.LST file, worry not, just run this
thing and make your ranks.

Here are the commands:
E : Enter a rank
Q : Quit.

When entering them, first it'll ask for the name of the rank. Then it'll
ask for the first SL to have that name, and finally the last SL. It'll
fill all the SL's in between with that name.

[ SL = Security Level ]


I make no garuantees of any kind. I will not accept any responsibility
if this blows up in your face, or your computer melts down into a pile of
molten goop, or anything else. Remember- It's YOUR source code, and YOU
are doing the modifications. If anything goes wrong, it's YOUR problem.