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RAMUsrEd v1.1
Copyright 1991-1992 by Randy Blackmond
All Rights Reserved

RAMUsrEd is the user editor for RAMail's user file, RAUSER.DAT. It will
allow you to view/modify/delete the users' RAMail configuration. The
RAUSER.DAT is created the first time RAMail is executed. RAMUsrEd will
not function unless the RAUSER.DAT is available in the current directory.

User Name - This field contains the user's name.

Include New Bulletins? - This is the toggle for receiving new bulletins
with the QWK packets.

Include New File List? - This is the toggle for receiving a list of new
files with the QWK packets.

Selected Protocol? - This is the user's selected protocol. Valid values
are 1 through 9. Note that 1 through 6 refer to RAMail's internal
protocols and 7 through 9 refer to your external protocols (if any).

Selected Packer? - This is the user's selected compression method. Valid
values are 1 through 3.

Enable NetStatus? - This is the toggle for NetStatus. Enabling it will
allow import of the resulting QWK packet into the user's BBS message
base using a third party QWK net package. Unless the user is using
your system as a HUB site for a QWK network, leave this set to N.

Last QWK Date - This is the date the user last downloaded a QWK packet.

Board Selections - Pressing Enter in this field calls up the Board
Selection list. Once the board list is displayed, use your cursor keys
to select a conference to view/modify by pressing Enter. Another small
window will appear with 4 toggle fields. If a dash (-) is displayed
in the field, the selection is disabled. If a block is displayed, the
selection is enabled. Toggle the fields by pressing the space bar.
Pressing ESCape returns to the previous screen with any changes being
saved automatically.

Pressing Alt-D will deleted the user currently displayed.