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I was overwhelmed with applications for beta testing RAMail 3.0. Unfortunately,
most were received after the beta cycle was well under way. For the next
version of RAMail, I will post a notice in the FIDO RA_UTIL conference and
the RIME RA conference that I am ready for beta testers. Until you see that
notice, please do not send me any more applications. When you DO see that
notice and you wish to participate in beta testing, that's the time to send
in your request. Complete the following questionaire and submit it WHEN you
see the beta tester notice. The only major requirements are that you have
a 9600 baud modem capable of connecting at 9600 baud to a USR Dual Standard,
you run the latest version of RemoteAccess and that you will call my system
at least once per week during the beta cycle for mail and new betas.

BBS Name ___________________________________________

BBS Number(s) ______________________________________

Sysop Name _________________________________________

Home Voice Number ____________________

How many BBS nodes do you run? _______

Do you run under a LAN? Which? ________________________________________

Do you run under a Multitasker? Which? ________________________________

What brand/model modem(s) do you use? _________________________________

If you are in FIDO, will you agree to carry the RAMail Beta echo and
poll my board at least once per week for mail/betas? ____

If you are not in FIDO, will you agree to call my board at least once per
week to pick up the RAMail Beta echo (via RAMail) and pick up new betas? ____
Mail application via US MAIL (do NOT netmail) to:

Randy Blackmond
RR #1 Box 634
Anthony, NM 88021