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A Record Data Base with Find, Sort, routines for use on BBS's.
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A Record Data Base with Find, Sort, routines for use on BBS’s.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARTICLES.DBF 894 379 deflated
BOOKS.DBF 1081 350 deflated
DB.DOC 3032 1133 deflated
DB.EXE 99600 58987 deflated
DORINFO1.DEF 99 88 deflated
DV&RAD.TXT 915 450 deflated
FREQ 668 326 deflated
HLIST.LST 5175 1829 deflated
INFO.TXT 2923 1433 deflated
RADCFG.DBF 708 239 deflated
RADDIR.DBF 3847 717 deflated
RADPLUS.DOC 22043 7662 deflated
RADPLUS.EXE 117108 68025 deflated
README 592 378 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 1543 748 deflated
SERVICES.DBF 1016 359 deflated
SUPPORT.DBF 2681 1171 deflated
UPDATE.INF 129 113 deflated
WHATSNEW.TXT 583 350 deflated

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Contents of the README file


Dear computer person;

I sincerely hope you enjoy this piece of work. As a result of the many RAD
users who supported me over the years, I was inspired to take RAD to the next
level of functionality.

I am interested in any public domain data that could be presented in an online
database. If you have something, chances are I'll have something just as
interesting to send back to you. I'm trying to develop a public domain
library of databases for RAD users.


Harvey Parisien
Box 323 Station A, Kingston, Ontario Canada K7M 6R2
FidoNet 1:249/114

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