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RAD v2.?? by Overerx Inc. REGISTRATION $25.00

New Release

Non Commercial BBS SysOps may register RAD Plus for $ 25.00.
Commercial Organizations must register RAD Plus for $ 75.00.

(This is a commercial version of the original RAD)

RAD is a dBASE III & dBASE III Plus compatible Remote Access Database system.
RAD does not need gateway, redirection, or a fossil. It has it's own built in
carrier detect (which will return control to it's parent smoothly).

RAD allows the user to do the usual commands (see summary) and has all the
normal SysOp related features like Chat mode, Jump to DOS, Toggle User Levels,
immediate disconnect, etc. Files can be individually passworded. Information
files on databases, passwords, configuration and control files can all be
maintained remotely. This is a commercial version of the original RAD.

This is a summary of commands...

CHOICE: Help Dir Find Browse N]ext Prev Goto List Info Add Edit Cmd Quit _

Command: Function:
/ Invoke command MENU option.
HELP (or ?) Display this screen
INFO Display system and user information
CLS Clears Screen and Resets FIND search to ALL
DIR Displays directory of *.DBF files
USE filename.dbf USE or LOAD database (.dbf not required)
LIST STRUCTURE List the file structure for the current database
FIND text FIND and display record matching text
BROWSE text FIND and list records (max fields that fit on one line)
NEXT FIND and display NEXT record (or just press ENTER)
PREV More to previous record
GOTO n where n is the record number (also GOTO FIRST or LAST)
COUNT FIND and COUNT occurrences of FIND
SUM fieldnumber Add contents of a field and display total
ADD ADD (or append) a new record
EDIT n n is an optional record number (default = current record)
DELETE n n is an optional record number (default = current record)
CREATE Closes current file, and prompts for creation details
PACK Pack current database (removes deleted files)
SORT fieldnumber SORT database on a field (will prompt for fieldnumber)
QUIT Exit program (closes all files)

There are many security features which make RAD the prime choice for
applications where secure remote access to data is required. RAD comes with
an offline dBASE III file manager that allows for importing, exporting, dup
checking, and other functions that are not appropriate for online use.

OVERERX INC., Box 323 Sta A, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7M 6R2
613-389-3992 Data line 1:249/114.0 FidoNet

Hardware Requirements : IBM compatible, 256k RAM, hard drive.
(640k recommended)

Other Requirements : DOS 2.11 or higher.

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Archive   : RAD211.ZIP
Filename : INFO.TXT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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