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QWKMerge 0.27á -

Finally REALLY fixed the problems with QWKMerge not handling the
KingQWK message read flags correctly.

Turned off the file buffering code to try to determine if it was
where a very occasional message got corrupted.

QWKMerge 0.26á -

Found a problem that would cause QWKMerge to lock while trying
to open the first source QWK if the source QWK path was more
than 15 characters or so. Fixed.

Fixed a problem where the KingQWK read flags were not being
properly maintained.

QWKMerge 0.25á -

Took out most of the restrictions in the unregistered version.
The only restriction in the unregistered version is a maximum
limit of 200 messages per conference. You may set this to
fewer than 200 if you wish.

Rewrote the conference sorting functions to greatly speed them

Fixed a number of bugs that were poping up infrequestly.

Rewrote much of the program. It seems highly stable now.

QWKMerge 0.24á -

Found that a certain mail door put things other than messages
and message headers in their QWK packets. QWKMerge should now
merge these QWK packets successfully.

QWKMerge 0.23á -

Fixed problems in both QWKCfg and QWKMerge relating to the
maintenance and merging of QWK packets using the optional names
configuration file.

QWKMerge 0.22á -

Removed the debugging code as the programs appear to be very
stable now. You should notice a considerable speed

QWKMerge 0.21á -

Fixed the problem with changing flags for archivers in QWKCfg.

Added support for the LHA archiver command line. Note that
when using LHA, be sure to add the /m1 switch to all archiver

QWKMerge 0.20á -

Unregistered versions were not working due to an error in the
new path search code. Fixed.

QWKMerge 0.19á -

Added a configurable option to have QWKCfg and QWKMerge
swap to XMSS/EMS/disk during DOS shells. This should be
configured in the new options portion of QWKCfg.

Added the ability to turn off duplicate message checking
during the merge process to increase performance.

Added the ability to set a default for the conference
selection sorting to get rid of the dreaded "extra" prompt.

Fixed a problem occuring if your DOS path was in excess of
200 characters long. A path up to 64k characters is now

Added additional KingQWK support - namely the ability to
process message read flags.

Fixed all known bugs.

QWKMerge 0.18á -

Introduce a new feature, introduce a new bug... QWKCfg was
not inserting the BBS ID correctly into newly created BBS
configuration files. Fixed.

QWKMerge 0.17á -

Fixed a problem when specifying a complete drive and
pathname for the work file in QWKCfg.

Added code to show the number of messages in the current
QWK in each conference on the bottom frame of the
conference configuration menu in QWKCfg.

I had to introduce at least one bug in 0.16á! I failed to
delete the old destination QWK before archiving the newly
merged QWK resulting in errors if it was an EZR QWK or if
you suddenly decided to start packing out a new conference.

In anticipation of the upcoming QWKAgenda program (a script
generation program for QWKMerge), I have changed the
configuration files again. You will need to run them all
through QWKCfg before QWKMerge will process them. Also, if
you are upgrading directly from pre 0.10á, you will
need to reconfigure those BBS's.

Added QWKMerge session scripting capability for unattended
operation. Use the scripting language with care! There is
some error checking in QWKMerge of the scripts, but it is
still very new. For more information on scripting

QWKMerge will now ensure that every file involved in a
merge process is from the same BBS.

QWKMerge 0.16á -

Finally! This has been a major rewrite of all the QWK
utilities. The program may look the same, but the code has
changed dramatically. Please let me know of any and all
problems you encounter. I have added extensive error
checking which may slow down some functions slightly.

I changed the code that handles the personal message indexes
again. You should notice a substantial increase in speed
during the merge process. Please let me know if you
discover any QWK packets from any boards that have problems
with this.

The program will now automatically return to the correct
directory/drive if you change paths/directories while in
your editor.

I cleaned up quite a few routines that could have caused
system crashes.

Added more mouse support.

QWKMerge 0.15á -

It you entered a full path including a drive for the Work
Path in QWKCfg, the program would sometimes mistake it for
a root directory and disallow it. - fixed.

Changed the buffer size for copying files.

QWKMerge 0.14á -

Fixed a bug in QWKCfg that would sometimes cause a system
error when using the bulk set feature.

Fixed a similar bug in QWKMerge.

QWKMerge 0.13á -

Fixed non-display of help text and error messages on some
mono systems.

Fixed conference not found error.

Really fixed the problem with lost personal message indexes.

Fixed at least two memory errors that could crash the system.

QWKMerge 0.12á -

Fixed problems with confirmation prompts that would give
bizzare results.

QWKMerge 0.11á -

Fixed the personal message indexes again. This time I used a
completely different method for tracking them that doesn't
require DOS telling me the truth about the current position in
the message file.

QWKMerge no longer deletes old bulletins unless a newer version
is available.

Built in hooks for the upcoming KingQWK reader to allow for
individual selection of which messages to keep/delete.

QWKMerge 0.10á -

I changed the formats of the BBS and QWKMerge configuration
files. If you are upgrading from a previous version, you will
need to run QWKCfg to convert the configuration files to the
new format.

Added support for different archivers in the QWKCfg utilities

Added support for your choice of text editors in the utilities
area as well.

Added "processing" windows when performing various tasks that
were previously being executed with a blank screen.

QWKMERGE.CFG has been renamed to QWKMERGE.CTL to remove any
possible confusion when selecting BBS configuration files.

The number of configurable conferences per BBS was hard coded
at 2000. This has now been changed to a soft format allowing
up to 65,534 total conferences per BBS. You should notice that
any new BBS configuration files created by QWKCfg will be
significantly smaller that with the older versions.

Added support for configuring lists of To/From names to retain
in the merged QWK files (see NAMES.DOC for more information).

New docs are included in this beta written by Nancy Hattaway.
Hopefully they are clearer than the ones I supplied in earlier
beta releases. 😉

QWKMerge 0.09á -

The "Quit" mouse option on the help window borders should no
longer appear on systems without mice.

Removed a stray piece of debugging code which would cause a
"Unable to access PERSONAL.NDX" message to appear if the QWK
file being processed contained no personal messages.
Unbeknownst to the user, pressing any key would have continued
a successful merge process.

Added the ability to delete the source QWK file after the merge
is complete.

QWKMerge 0.08á -

Still more improvements in the file buffering subsystem.

Finally fixed a bug that would occasionally cause certain
personal message indexes to disappear.

QWKMerge 0.07á -

Much improved the file buffering subsystem for faster and more
reliable operation.

Fixed problem with registered key files.

QWKMerge 0.06á -

Added internal file buffering for much faster processing during
the QWK merge processing.

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