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QWKMerge now has the ability to run unattended via scripts that you can
create. The scripting also brings to QWKMerge the ability to locate
files in directories other than the defaults.

To run a script file with QWKMerge, simply type the name of the desired
script file on the QWKMerge dos command line.

Script commands:

L->filename.LOG - Change to a new log file.
C->filename.CFG - Use the indicated configuration file.
D->filename.QWK - Select destination (master) QWK file.
S->filename.QWK - Select source QWK file.
SK>filename.QWK - Select source QWK file and kill after use.
B-> - Begin merge process.

Note: the "filename" specification may also be a path and filename on
the current drive or the COMPLETE drive, path and filename on
another drive. If your current drive is C: and you enter a
filename specification as D:BBSID.QWK, QWKMerge will very likely
be unable to locate it. Enter it as D:\MAIL\BBSID.QWK instead.
If a filename alone is entered with no path or drive, QWKMerge
will locate it in the default directory as specified in QWKCfg.

Sample script:


The above example will use idcbbs.log to start logging the session (if
no log file is specified, qwkmerge.log will be used). Then using the
configuration file idcbbs.cfg, the destination QWK idcmast.qwk, QWKMerge
will merge in 5idcbbs.qwk, 4idcbbs.qwk, etc. and delete each one after
processing. Then it will switch log files to lvwr.log and using
lvwr.cfg and lvwrmast.qwk, will merge in lvwr.qwk without deleting it
after the merge.

The script file should be edited using a standard text editor like

I know, I know. Lousy docs! What do you want from a programmer!?!

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Archive   : QWKMERGE.ZIP
Filename : SCRIPT.DOC

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