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QSTATS ver 1.1
Written by Shorty Leatherood
Shorty's Corner BBS 1:3616/10

Thank you ahead of time for using QSTATS system log anylizer. If you like
this program you may also want to try FILEHOG. Both of these files can be
freq from 1:3616/10 or at HST speeds from Ed's Place 1:3616/1 under the magic
filenames of FILEHOG and QSTATS.

I hate to but I must say that QSTATS is only guaranteed to take up drive
space and by using QSTATS that you agree to not hold the programer or anyone
related to or the BBS from which you obtained this software from liable for
any damage caused by or resulting from using this program. If you disagree
with this please erase all copies of this program and do not use it.

Most all the information that you need to run QSTATS is in the QSTAS.CFG
file that is well commented for you. Since these two files are the only
documentation please only distribute the unedited version.

Version information

0.5 first beta release

0.5b Made provisions for selecting the conig file.

1.0 First Major release. Fixed minor linewrap problem.

1.1 Changed the seperator in the config file to a Tilde "~"