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Q-Maker (Questionnaire Maker) By: Dave Green
(c) 1990 GreenSoft (All Rights Reserved)

This program is NOT FREE of charge! It can be shared with others or placed
in your download area on your BBS PROVIDED that you do NOT modify the
program or it's code in any way. 30 days should be ample time to decide
if it's useful to you or not. It is not disabled in any way what-so-ever
nor does it flash nasty warnings. I TRUST you!

Technically, you don't register this program. You purchase it for $10.00
by sending the payment via U.S. Mail at the address listed below:

Dave Green
124 Goya Drive
Stockton, CA 95207

This program was written to aid the RA/QBBS sysop in writing questionnaires.
It is NOT for the weak at heart or the NON-EXPERIENCED sysop.
You must have at least SOME knowledge of how questionnaires work for this
utility to be useful to you. Your RA/QBBS doc's covers this area and if you
have not done so, you should study that section.

I take absolutely NO responsibility for any damage to software or hardware
which may result in the use of this program. You use it entirely at your
OWN RISK! It may eat all the data on your hard drive! I have tested the
program and it is in use HERE and I have had NO PROBLEM. My point being
that whether you use it is up to you.

NONE except to take up a (small) portion of disk space.

Q-Maker was written to save a few extra keystrokes. NOTHING MORE.
Anyone that has the knowledge of how to write questionnaires
COULD do so with any ASCII text editor but this program saves
typing out those L-O-N-G words.
There are OTHER programs around that write questionnaires but
to date I have not found one that allows you to enter certain
parameters which I have included here which means that you STILL
end up having to use a TEXT editor to modify the script.

USING Q-Maker:

Running Q-Maker is EASY! Using Q-Maker is the REAL trick.
The program is Menu driven for the KEYWORDS but you must enter the
parameters. Q-Maker inserts all the QUOTES, PIPE SYMBOLS etc. when
necessary for a certain function.

The MENU options are:
sk --------------- Inserts ASK and prompts for PARM#1,PARM#2
hangeColor ------- Inserts CHANGECOLOR and prompts for PARM#1,PARM#2
isplay ----------- Inserts DISPLAY and prompts for text (Leading and
trailing ["] is automatically inserted)
ndIF ------------- Inserts ENDIF
f ---------------- Inserts IF and prompts for text (" and = are
automatically inserted)
etChoice --------- Gets users choice and prompts for a variable
number to store it to
istAnswer -------- Inserts LISTANSWER and prompts for ANSWER#
Can be used to show the user what thier responses
were....before saving them.
utputAnswer ------ Inserts OUTPUTANSWER and prompts for QUESTION #...
(Variable Number) and posts it into the answer file.

ostInfo ---------- Posts users name and other information. Should be
the first command given when saving to an answer file.
uit -------------- Inserts QUIT into the questionaire. Can be used as
a choice dependant upon an IF----ENDIF statement.
etFlag ----------- Inserts SETFLAG and prompts for FLAGLETTER then FLAG-
NUMBER and finally whether you want it ON/OFF.
<*> DisplayFile ----- Inserts DISPLAYFILE and prompt for the name of the file
you wish to display. I use this option at the beginning
of my New_User.q-a to display my BBS RULES....This
way I know they read them.
<#> SetSecurity ----- Inserts SETSECURITY and prompts for LEVEL #. This can
be used to automatically raise or lower the security
level of a user depending on answers given.
<@> ClearScreen ----- Inserts CLEARSCREEN
Refresh Screen -- By far, the MOST IMPORTANT command at your disposal!
The means by which to CLEAR your screen of all those
SPENT ELECTRONS which clutter the inside of your
screen display....USE IT OFTEN!
-------------- QUITS the program and SAVES your questionnaire.
(QUIT is automatically inserted as the last line
of the questionnaire)

I would like to thank the following individuals for their help in this project.

Paul Lewman -- Testing & Doc's (Dark Shadows / Lodi,CA / 1:208/304)
Gary Reigel -- Testing (The Flop House / Stockton,CA / 1:208/207)
Phil Horner -- Testing (Tri-STAR Enterprises / Stockton,CA / 1:208/205)
Steve Scarboro -- Testing (The Junkyard / Stockton,CA / 1:208/202)

This program as well as any future programs should be available at any of
the above systems.


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