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What's New In ProDoor 3.4?

** Note: the environment setting
may be needed under DesqView and other windowing/timeshare systems to prevent
screen bleed-through or background lockups.

environment setting to assist in development of PROTRNS files. When present,
the program will output all translatable messages surrounded in {...}. These
can be used to determine changes or additions that are possible in the PROTRNS

Added "/ $LASTMSGNO$" after display of current message number.

Added #, !, -, $ and _ to list of characters that filenames may start with for
automatic directory colorization to work properly.

Added '*' flagging of newer files in file listings.

Added (CHAT U), (CHAT A) and (CHAT ?) commands to control and report node chat
availability status.

Added @[email protected] macro, which acts like @[email protected] used to.

Added a check for $HELPFILE$ on a line by itself. If present, the remainder
of the current display file will be processed as a multi- topic help file with
topic and subtopic prompting/searching.

Added a check for @X codes in DIR files. When one of these codes is found,
the program disables automatic colorization for the remainder of the DIR file,
allowing @X codes to take control.

Added a new help file:
which is active at the (F V) and (VX) prompts.

Added code that will check for the environment variable
and if found, will creat the file
in the prodoor directory whenever an "echo" message is saved. It will be the
responsibility of your mailer system to remove this file when mail has been

Added explicit (G) option at 10 second countdown for automatic logoff.

Added logic in (W)rite-user-info function to reject passwords that are listed
in the new PROPCAN file. Passwords that contain parts of the username
are also automatically rejected.

Added logic to allow prodoor to open doors requiring USER.SYS or DOOR.SYS
files by means of a call to PCB145 with a /KEY parameter.

Added logic to allow xx/xx/xx date formats as well as xx-xx-xx.

Added logic to check for PROTRNS when PROTRNS.LNG is not found.

Added logic to disconnect a user after repeatedly entering invalid input at
any prompt.

Added logic to expand $ and @ macros in DIR files and in results of (F), (L),
(N) and (Z) commands.

Added logic to flush message file buffers when checking for end-of-messages.
This corrects the operation of the 'messages left by alternate node'

Added logic to help in accessing pcb145-specific doors within prodoor and
prologon. The new logic executes the command
prior to executing the DOOR.BAT file for doors that require doors.sys or
users.sys files. This in conjunction with some changes in your board.bat file
will allow a temporary way of accessing all doors within prodoor. This method
will be replaced with direct file updates in the prodoor 4.0 betas. See
sample PRODOOR and BOARD.BAT files.

Added logic to honor the "disable uploads XX minutes prior to event" option
from pcboard.dat.

Added logic to periodically update USERNET.DAT file even when the current node
status has not changed. This is needed in cases where the USERNET.DAT file is
erased by PCB145.

Added logic to properly handle the "door directory" entry in pcb145 format
doors.lst files.

Added logic to recognize NS as autojoin at a read mail prompt when there are
no more available messages in the current conference.

Added logic to totally disable checks for the NS16550 buffered serial chip.
Add the environment statement:
SET NO16550=ON
to force the code to act like ProDoor/ProKit 3.1 did.

Added new (PA)ge command in message reader and proedit to set the page length.

Added new (TA)gline command in message reader, allowing users to specify
alternate message taglines prior to message entry.

Added new CONFIG option to specify the minimum estimated transfer time that
will trigger a (G) default at the "LAST CHANCE" prompt.

Added new help system that allows selective help with unlimited topics and
subtopics contained within each help file. See the new PROHELP for examples
of the file format.

Added new option in configuration file "Require filenames before batch
uploads". When set to YES, this prevents batch uploads without filenames
being specified in advance.

Added new variables in PROKIT interface:
user_changed: boolean;
pcbsys_changed: boolean;
if set to FALSE, the corresponding data file will NOT be updated on exit from
a door. This is useful in TPA based doors that do not wish to directly update
the USERS or PCBOARD.SYS files.

Added support for "unlimited" download bytes when download K limit is set to

Added support for TO: @[email protected] and TO: @[email protected] security level specific

Added support for security-level specific doors.lst files. For example,
DOORS30.LST will be used, if present, for level 30 users.

Added the following macros:
@[email protected] Sends an audible tone (control-G) to the speaker.
@[email protected] Same as $C$ (connect BPS)

Added the following new PROKIT variables for PCBOARD.DAT (pcbsetup.) fields:
read_comment_level: integer; {level needed to read comments}
read_ro_level: integer; {level needed to read R/O except comments}
temp_sysop_level: integer; {temporary sysop level}
high_conf_number: integer; {high conference number}
is145: boolean; {running under pcboard 14.5?}
userinf_path: varstring; {path/name of USERS.INF file}
editmine_level: integer; {security to edit my messages}
editany_level: integer; {security to edit any message}
snoop_level: integer; {security to use snoop mode}

Added the following prompts to the (W)rite user info command:
Disable Visual Editor Prompt (yes/no)
Visual Editor Default (yes/no)
Clear Screen Between Messages (yes/no)

Added two new help files:
PROMORE Active at all MORE: prompts.
PROJOIN Active at Join Conference Command prompt.

All ansi decoding is now internal-- you no longer need ANSI.SYS loaded for
ProDoor/ProLogon operation.

Changed (N)ew files scan to prevent setting the last-date-scanned to a date in
the future.

Changed (Q)uote function to allow line numbers up to the program limit of 255
instead of the limit specified by PCBSETUP.

Changed (W)rite-user and F6(update) functions to allow password editing
without entry of original password or display of new password.

Changed @[email protected] macro to force a "More" prompt instead of "press enter to

Changed F6(update user record) function to disable user display of record

Changed PRORATIO system to change file and kbyte limits according to specified
ratio instead of rejecting selected files.

Changed PROUTEST.BAT file to call the new PROUT1.BAT file for each individual
file uploaded. The new PROUT1.BAT has specific tests for each type of
compression and should simplify efforts to detect and prevent bad uploads.

Changed message file locking to allow control characters as well as
SPACES in the obsolete "LOCKED" field in the message header.

Changed security level checks on MODIFY and RU commands to follow new entries

Changed visual edit to use entire screen in local mode, regardless of the
specified (P)age setting.

Changes in "Going off-hook" procedure to time out if the modem does not return
an "OK" result code after 10 seconds.

Changes in $DISP handler to allow this macro in PROTRNS as well as within text

Changes in upload/event contention logic to make prodoor's upload logic
conform with pcb145 and pcb142 standards.

Combined logic of (t)hread/(z)ip searches so they will work together better
and provide more consistant displays.

Corrected runtime error 201 in PROSM Extended User File Edit function when
encountering a last-read pointer > 65535.

Corrected runtime error 203 in PROSM Renumber/Arrange Conferences function.

Increased internal stack space by 1k.

Increased maximum length of PROTRNS entries to 255 characters.

Increased maximum number of active download directories to 300.

Increased message limits to 80 columns and 255 lines maximum.

Increased number of conferences to 5000.

Recompiled all units with Turbo Pascal 6.0 compiler.

Recompiled prokit libraries with $O for overlay-capable applications.

Redefined ascii code 127 to function as ^G rather than ^H in visual editor.

Removed "FREEFILE" as a special password. The standard passwords "FREE" and
"NOTIME" are now properly ignored, if present.

Removed "wildcards are okay" message when prompting for upload filenames and
upload filenames are required by the sysop.

Removed case sensitivity in PROSM command line parameters.

Removed support for the obsolete PCBTRAP program.

Removed support for PROUSER file and mail waiting flags. This feature will
return with PCB145 compatibility in the prodoor 4.0 betas.

Removed the "Thanks @[email protected]!" and "Upload time credit" displays following
an aborted upload.

Rewrote screen handlers for quicker displays.

The 'new files' function now updates the last-scanned date to that of the
newest file seen, rather than the current date.