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History of ProDOOR changes (in reverse order)

Implemented LIVE CHAT as an internal function of ProDoor. Please add
the new PROCHTM and PROCHTMG chat menu files to your prodoor
directory. If you are also using the PROLIVE chat door, please node
that you should configure it to run from your prodoor directory so
that it can share chat files with prodoor.

Added "Node CHAT entered at xx:xx" and "Node CHAT exited at xx:xx"
caller log entries.

Increased frequency of chat request polling at prodoor command

Corrected function key decoder to prevent runtime error when CTRL-F1
key is pressed.

Corrected the logic added on 18-nov to stop it from saying "access
denied during write" following a page announcement.

Changed page detection logic to clear the "pager" field after
displaying the PROREQ file. This makes it possible to page someone
multiple times from the PROLIVE door.

Corrected an error in 10-nov postings that caused a 'missing fossil
driver' error to be printed when attempting to logon locally.

Corrected a few reported RUNTIME errors that were uncovered by
rangecheck code that was enabled in the previous betas.

Removed logic to check for upload duplication with alternate file
.EXT values. It appears that folks want to allow this kind of

Internal changes to prevent lockup following 'g' command on some machines.

Enabled stack and rangecheck code- this version will take more RAM, but
perhaps it will report a runtime error that will help solve the recent
problem of crashing.

Internal prologon/prodoor/prokit changes to prevent missed events.

Changes in prodoor/prologon to prevent logons during the 'event
window', allowing callers prior to the window to have up to 'window'

Changes to allow ansi detect strings during the initial prompt
if they do not arrive within the first 6 seconds.

The QPREFIX environment variable was not working.

Internal change in bufio unit to prevent endless DOS error [6]
retries while reading buffered files.

Added logic to bypass the "Loading XXXXX - Please wait..." messages
if NS is appended to the OPEN or DOOR command.

Added logic to allow " NS" suffix in PROXxxx command translations to
trigger non-stop mode, allowing seamless control flow to other doors.

Added a check for QPREFIX environment variable to override the
message default quote prefix of ">".

Added support for $$LOGOFF.BAT file during logoff.

Internal changes to allow CONFINFO file to be made read/only.

Internal ProDoor/ProKit changes to allow operation at 115200 com port

Added a check for the environment variable
to disable carrier detect monitoring. This makes it possible to
set up an inhouse/direct connect board with 3 wire serial cables.

Some corrections in &, |, .AND. and .OR. search processing.

Some 21-may postings could not find ANY download files.

Added & and | as alternates for .AND. and .OR. in dir searches.

EXE files are no longer compressed with PKLITE -E; you can compress
them yourself if you prefer compressed files.

Changes in prokit to properly set PCBOARD.SYS 'curconf' and
'conference' entries to match USERS file 'curconf' and 'curconfh'
entries. (May solve problems when current conference > 255 on entry
to a prokit door).

Changed graphics mode logic to speed up file directory listings
by converting leading spaces in multi-line file descriptions to
ansi cursor positioning codes.

Possible correction to exec/(f v) problems when SET NOSAVE=ON is not
in the environment.

Hardcoded the option /e:1000 in subshells created by exec/(f v) to
deal with the possible problem of truncating the
environment to the existing environment variable allocation.

Added new caller log entry
New CONFINFO file created by PROGRAM
to identify when ProDoor or a related program needs to create a new

When a new CONFINFO file is created, all conferences of #39 are now
flagged as public.

When a new CONFINFO file is created, all conferences are given the
default propack options of "400 eltkwn360".

(I don't know why, but my CONFINFO file mysteriously dissappeared
and had to be re-created - perhaps these changes will help track down
what's going wrong)

Changed 'q y' and 'personal mail scan' during logon and conference entry
to no longer report messages FROM the current user.

Corrected a problem that would occasionally cause a drop to DOS after
logoff (broken 21-apr).

Corrected 'off abnormally' caller log entry when carrier is lost
and caller has NOT given the G command.

Added prokit function
procedure auto_detect_ansi;
which will enable graphics modes if graphics is currently disabled
and the caller's terminal emulation appears to support ansi codes.
This function may result in a delay of up to 5 seconds for non-ansi
callers. The delay cannot be reliably reduced because of slow turn-
around times with networks (such as PC Pursuit) and some buffered

Increased maximum download batch size from 10000k to 32000k bytes.

Changed $DOOR.NAM format during downloads to be the same as that used
during uploads- this makes ADDBIDIR/PRODIZ processing possible for
bidirectional uploads. This version finally DOES retrieve
FILE_ID.DIZ descriptions for bidirectional uploads.

Some early 31-mar versions wrote "| (download)" to the $door.nam
file, possibly confusing external protocol drivers.

Changes in upload logging logic to preserve bidirectional upload
descriptions found in $DOOR.NAM file (compatibility with PRODIZ and
ADDBIDIR utilities).

Changed upload posting logic to handle DSZLOG entries that do NOT
include the path to where the file was stored.

Added a check for the environment variable
and if present, ProDoor will now call up PCB145/KEY:G to perform the
logoff function instead of doing it internally.

Added the message 'Sorry, file is being updated. Try again later'
when repeated attempts fail to open an existing file. This usually
indicates a SHARE violation resulting from concurrent updates in
progress over a network.

Changes to prevent 'Time limit reduced because of a pending event'
message from popping up during user input.

Returned logic to eliminate hangup delay when 'G Q' is used.
The 'goodbye after transfer' option now does 'G Q' rather than 'G'.
Changed logic to consider carrier loss after 'G' command is issued as
a normal logoff rather than an abnormal one.

Removed 'ctrl-L' from local screen after @CLS@ is expanded.

Corrected a long-standing bug that prevented prodoor from creating a
new CONFINFO file with over 130 conferences when additional
conferences had already been allocated with EXTADJ.

More changes to possibly remove the need for SET NOSAVE=ON setting.

Added logic to keep the "Time limit reduced because an event is
pending" message at the bottom of the screen in visual edit mode.

Added a check for conference specific PROFREE files in the form
where nn is the conference number.

Corrected logic in com port re-initialization that may correct
problems on systems needing the SET NOSAVE=ON environment.

Added a check for security specific PROTRNS files, using the format
where xxx is the user level. For example,
would be used in place of PROTRNS for level 10 users.

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Archive   : PROD344O.ZIP
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