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PCBDESC Version 3.02
Automatic Upload Description Insertion for PCBoard 14.5a

Copyright (c) 1991 by Clark Development Co., Inc. All Rights Reserved

PCBDESC.EXE checks uploaded files for FILE_ID.DIZ (Description In
Zipfile) files provided by the program author. If the uploaded file
contains a description file, it will replace the user supplied description
with the one provided in the file.

Also, PCBDESC can optionally append a line to the description
showing the number of files and the dates of both the oldest and the newest
files in the zipfile.

PCBDESC *REQUIRES* PCBoard version 14.5a or higher BBS software to
operate. Earlier versions of PCBoard, or other BBS software packages are NOT
compatible with PCBDESC.

PCBDESC is used inside of the PCBTEST.BAT file, which is run to test
each upload to the system. Place the PCBDESC.EXE file in your default \PCB
directory, and insert the following line into PCBTEST.BAT:


And it's ready to go. There is only one option; if you would like
to have an additional line in the description showing the date of the oldest
and newest files in the ZIP, then use this command instead:


The word "UPLOAD" in the above example is case sensitive. Make sure
you type it in uppercase letters. Also make sure that you have a copy of
PKUNZIP.EXE available in your default \PCB directory, or in a subdirectory
referenced by your PATH.

PCBDESC can be the first thing in your PCBTEST.BAT file; it will only
operate on ZIP and self-extracting EXE format ZIP files.

Beginning with the 2.10 release PCBDESC will watch for DOS reserved
words such as CON, AUX, PRN, CLOCK$, COMx, LPTx, and, if found in the ZIP file,
will RENAME the file to filename.ZIQ (adding one to the last letter of the
filename) and it will then leave a one line addition in the UPDESC file
indicating the reason for the rejecting. Finally, it will exit to DOS with an
errorlevel of 5 to indicate a problem with the file so that further testing
of the file can be AVOIDED saving the system from a lockup that could occur if
you have a testing program that does not watch for DOS reserved words. NOTE:
none of the other functions of PCBDESC will be performed if a reserved word is
found. You should write your test batch files so that no other functions are
performed by any other programs either.

It is recommended that immediately after the execution of PCBDESC you
insert a line in the PCBTEST.BAT file that reads:


Then have a line at the bottom of the PCBTEST.BAT file that has nothing
but ":END" on it. This will allow PCBDESC's errorlevel 5 to signal that the
rest of the testing process should be skipped.

PCBDESC will return errorlevels to your batch file to indicate what
it has done. These errorlevels can then be tested and used for your own
purposes. Return values are as follows:

0 = No processing performed
1 = File was not a ZIP/EXE file or ZIP contents were damaged
2 = Description was updated (due to FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI)
3 = Description was updated (no FILE_ID but dates were added)
4 = Found description file but unable to process
5 = Found a DOS reserved word in the ZIP file, file renamed,
description modified, no further actions have been taken
nor should be taken by other programs.

PCBDESC will accept descriptions contained in FILE_ID.DIZ files
found in the ZIP being tested. The FILE_ID.DIZ file is an ASCII text file,
and can contain up to 10 lines of 45 characters each. The first line of
this file is the program name and version, and the following lines describe
the function of the program.

ATTENTION! The FILE_ID.DIZ file is intended for the program
author's use in providing a coherent description of his program. In this
way, the author and the sysop can be assured that the program will be
properly described when uploaded to a BBS. DO NOT use this file for BBS
advertising - such use is in violation of the copyright associated with the

PCBDESC will also detect and use descriptions contained in DESC.SDI
files if they are present. No other description file formats are supported.

Version 1.00 - Original Release

Version 1.10 - Maintainence Release
If a stray description file was left in the default directory,
PCBDESC could stick on it. Fixed.

And to prevent problems for those who insist on using PCBDESC with
the wrong BBS software:
Added testing for improper version of PCBoard software.
Added testing for proper filespecs on command line.

Updated documentation to include the exit codes returned by PCBDESC.

Version 1.11 - Bug Fix Release

Error 53 at 4626 caused by incorrect call to PKUNZIP. Sorry about
that, folks. Fixed.

Version 2.00 - Rewrite in C
Made the program both smaller and faster

Fixed a problem with running on Alloy Slave Cards

Changed date line from "Latest File Date in ZIP: MM/DD/YY" to "Files: #
Oldest: MM/DD/YY Newest: MM/DD/YY"

Added ERRORLEVEL 2 if a description file was found and processed

Previous recommended usage was: PCBDESC [/D] %1 %3
Current recommend usage is now: IF %2 == UPLOAD PCBDESC [/D] %1 %3

The change avoids running PCBDESC if PCBoard's "TEST" command is being
used instead of executing an upload test procedure.

Version 2.01 - Minor fix
Removed the FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI files after reading them. Not
deleting them caused no harm, they could not be re-used, but the
change was made just to make the running more transparent.

Version 2.02 - Minor change
Old errorlevels:
2 = Description was updated (file_id or dates added to desc)
3 = Found description file but unable to process

New errorlevels:
2 = Description was updated (due to FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI)
3 = Description was updated (no FILE_ID but dates were added)
4 = Found description file but unable to process

Version 2.03 - Minor fix
Errorlevel 3 was being returned to indicate file dates were added to
the description even if you did not use the /D parameter to insert
the file dates. Fixed.

Version 2.04 - Minor fix
FILE_ID.DIZ files are only supposed to be up to 10 lines in length. A
34 line file managed to lock PCBDescribe up. Fixed.

Version 3.00 - Added new capability
Added the ability to detect and REJECT a zip that has a DOS reserved
word in it.

Version 3.01 - Minor fix
PCBDescribe could crash on some OS/2 installations. The same fix
that OS2PATCH.ZIP provided for the PCB145.EXE file has been applied
to the PCBDESC.EXE file.

Version 3.02 - Minor fix
PCBDescribe would add a blank line to the posted description if the
very last line of the FILE_ID.DIZ or DESC.SDI file was exactly 44
characters line (after word wrapping, if necessary). The blank line
has been fixed.

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