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** Opus - Computer Based Communications System **
** Conversion Manual **
** **
** Copyright (C) 1986, 1989, 1990, 1991 Wynn Wagner III **

A Product of the Opus Covert Action Committee
The Not Ready for Mainframe Players
Chico and Elsewhere


OMAKE is a collection of files that you can use to create a new
Opus CBCS where none has been before or update an Opus 1.1x to Opus

The main files you need to start an Opus 1.70 are:

OTEC_170.ZIP Opus 1.70 Technical reference manual!
OEXE_170.ZIP The main Opus.Exe program.
OMAKE170.ZIP Contains basic instructions for conversion
and many of the little programs you'll need.
OMMM_170.ZIP Version 1.70 of the Opus Matrix Mail Muncher.
OFAM098b.ZIP Opus-Fam, file area manager.

The two main programs in this file are:

STARTUP.EXE - Creates a totally new Opus. You can run START-
STARTUP.HLP UP.EXE with just "startup" and it will ask a very
few questions and create a simple Opus for you.
You can also start it as "startup advanced". Then
STARTUP will ask a lot of detailed questions to
build a more customized CBCS.

CONVERT.EXE - Converts an Opus 1.1x to Opus 1.70. All your
CONVERT.HLP current area definitions, user information, echo
links, structure and schedule will be saved.

Other files here:

CONVERT.DOC Detailed, step-by-step instructions on converting
from Opus 1.1x to Opus 1.70. Be sure you read this
before starting the conversion.

UTILS.ZIP Basic set of utilities to handle the conversion
between Opus 1.1x and 1.70.

HELP.ZIP Set of new help files, either for the first-time
Opus Sysop or for additions to your current help

MISC.ZIP Set of informational files for online use, primar-
ily for new Opus Sysops.

NODELIST.ZIP A startup Version 7 nodelist. Only contains the
hosts of FidoNet so new Sysops can find out where
to get a node number.

NACL.EXE (Sodium Chloride) Converts control files to PRM
NACL.MSG and data files.

CAYENNE.EXE Converts PRM files to CTL files.

ENGLISH.MEN Sample of and ENGLISH menu file for you control

UTIL173.ZIP Basic Opus 1.73 utility files to manage the
FILESBBS database.

If you use STARTUP.EXE to create a new Opus CBCS, you will be
assigned a password of "sysop" in your user record. YOU MUST CHANGE
THIS AT ONCE!!! Just log on, go to the HISTORY option in the menu,
and change your password.

If you have questions, need help, or whatever, your best source of
information will be the MEADOW echo. The MEADOW echo is the of-
ficial Opus Sysop echo, dedicated to help, tips, questions and
announcements. If you don't know how to get into the MEADOW echo,
ask around the other Opus sysops in your area.

Doug Boone.
FidoNet 1:119/5
July 13, 1991