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Nordevald Software Callback Verification Door
for use with Registered Versions of Searchlight BBS
Documentation for Demonstration Door
Version 1.0

NSCBDD10.EXE Copyright 1989 by Nordevald Software.
NSCBDR10.EXE Copyright 1989 by Nordevald Software.
NSCBCONF.EXE Copyright 1989 by Nordevald Software.

Disclaimer of Warranty

This software and documentation is distributed "As Is" and without warranties
as to performance of merchantablity or any other warranties whether expressed
or implied. Because of various hardware and software configurations, no
warranty of fitness is offered.

The user of this software assumes all risks of using the program. Nordevald
Software's liability is limited exclusively to product replacement of
registered versions.

Callback verification offers the sysop added security for his/her system
(much greater control of multiple handles, a valid phone number for each
user) and allows virtually automated user verification (only long distance
callers will have to be voice validated).

The Nordevald Callback Verification Door is quite flexible, prompting the
new user only for the information you want, including an optional ten-
question questionnaire.

The Demonstration Door will allow you to see how the door operates and
test it with your system. The operation of the registered version and
the demo are basically the same, with several exceptions:
The demo will not update user files.
The demo is not configurable.
The demo version's status window is nonfunctional.

These are important differences however. The registered version offers
the sysop full control over the door. Options available in the registered
version only are marked with a plus (+) sign throughout this document.

In the Registered Version, the sysop has more control over access to
his system. If new users do not answer the callback, their user record
is deleted. A successful connection and completion of any other information
will result in the new user's record being updated and his gaining immediate
access to the board. Updated access is determined by the validated user
parameters that you have configured in the Searchlight Configuration (Access,
Files Access, Timelimit, Available Subboards).

Door activity and user information gathered by the door is recorded in
two logs. The Failcall.log will include information on each user who does
not complete the verification process. The entries are marked as follows:
Failcall : the door could not connect with the user.
Noterms : the user answered "no" to the terms you specified in
Duplicate+: the user's phone number matched a current user's phone
Illegal+ : the user entered information that matched either a name or
number in one of the Trash files.
LongDist+ : the user is in an area that would be a long distance call
from your location.
!!!!!!!!+ : user's information not updated -- userfile not accessible.

The user also has the option of leaving feedback which will be included in
the log.

The CallBack.log contains information on users who successfully completed
the validation process including:
Real name*
City, State, Zip*
Computer type*
Date of birth*
Answers to the questions*+
Those items marked with an asterisk are optional; set via the DoorConf+.
In the Demo Version all these options, except the questionnaire, are
in effect.

The door automatically checks trash files.+ You should have the following
files in the same directory as the bbs:
TRASHP.LOG -- invalid phone numbers
TRASHN.LOG -- invalid names/handles

Also, to prevent calling a user who is not in your local calling area, you
must create a file called LDPHONE.LOG.+ Enter into this file, one per line,
all the valid calling exchanges from the location of your board.

Samples of these files have been included.+

As the door executes, in several places it can print a text file so that
you can personalize the door. All of the files are placed in CALLBACK.TXT.
Please be careful to place each in the correct place.
You do not need to add these files, if you don't want to, with the exception
of the TERMS file. The door asks the user if he agrees to abide by the terms
before continuing with the verification process. The files fall under these
headings within CALLBACK.TXT:

CALLBACK.TXT #1 -- welcome
CALLBACK.TXT #2 -- terms
CALLBACK.TXT #3 -- long distance
CALLBACK.TXT #4 -- reentry
CALLBACK.TXT #5 -- intro to questions
CALLBACK.TXT #6 -- feedback

DOORCONF+ sets the following conditions for the door:
Prohibit duplicate phone numbers -- if set to YES, will enable checking
of the new user's phone number against all current users' phone
numbers. You must run MAKEPLOG to create the log file of the current
users' phone numbers.
Ask for real name -- if set to YES, the new user will be prompted for
his real first and last name.
Ask date of birth -- if set to YES, will prompt the new user for his date
of birth.
Ask gender -- if set to YES, will prompt for male/female.
Ask location -- if set to YES, will prompt the user for his city, state,
and zip code.
Ask computer type -- if set to YES, will prompt the user for his computer
type (IBM XT, IBM AT, Apple, Mac, Commodore, Other).
Ask questions -- set this to YES when you are satisfied with the questions
you have entered. You may enter up to 10 questions.

When using the Registered Version, it is recommended that you select the
Searchlight Partial Registration and then allow the door to prompt for
the information. The user's location, voice phone number, and computer type
will all be added to his record upon successful completion of callback

Status Window:+ When the door is executing, a status window appears across
the bottom of the sysop's screen. As the user enters information, the window
is updated. Pressing the F1 key will bring up a window of Sysop Functions:

F1 -- toggle window from User Info to Sysop Functions and back.
F2 -- toggle check for duplicate phone numbers.
F3 -- toggle real name prompt.
F4 -- toggle city and state prompt.
F5 -- toggle male/female prompt.
F6 -- toggle date of birth prompt.
F7 -- toggle computer type prompt.
F8 -- toggle questionnaire.
F9 -- toggle sound (if sound is off, ^G is only written to modem, not
F10 - save changes to door configuration file.

Door Overview * denotes optional procedures

Greet new user to bbs+
Prompt for real name*
Prompt for city, state, and zip*
Prompt for voice phone number
Prompt for data phone number
Check trash log for name, numbers, and local phone+
Check for duplicate phone numbers*+

If invalid info has been entered or phone not local:+
if long distance, print CALLBACK.TXT #3
option to leave feedback (CALLBACK.TXT #6)
delete user's record

Information valid:

Call user

If successful connect:
Prompt for date of birth*
Prompt for computer type*
Prompt for gender*
Print CALLBACK.TXT #5 & ask questions*+
Update user's record+
Add user's phone numbers to Goodph.log+
user gains access to board

If callback unsuccessful:
Delete user's record+

Return control to Searchlight BBS

Step-by-step setup:

1. Place the file NSCBDD10.EXE in your Searchlight main BBS directory.
2. Execute the Searchlight Config program and select AutoDoors SetUp.
Select New User AutoDoor and enter:
Enter a period (.) for the Path.
Select NONE for Communications Support.
Select TERMINATE for the Abort Method.
Answer NO to Write Protection.
+ 3. In the Searchlight Config program, set Registration to PARTIAL.
+ 4. Make any adjustments to validated and new user setup via Searchlight
Config Program.


Nordevald Software Order Form
CallBack Verification Door
for Searchlight BBS

Date ___________________

Name ______________________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________________
City, St __________________________________________________

Bulletin Board Name _______________________________________
Bulletin Board Phone Number _______________________________

I am ordering the following:

Demonstration CallBack Verification Door ($5.00) _____
Registered CallBack Verification Door ($14.00) _____

I have enclosed a cashier's check or money order for $_____.

Mail to: Nordevald Software Money orders & cashier's checks
930 Lakewood Avenue ONLY!
Tampa, Fl 33613 Payable to: Marianne Love

All software is shipped on 5 1/4" floppies via first class mail.
If I cannot ship your order within one week, I will promptly return
your money. Most orders are mailed the day they are received.

If you would like access to Nordevald Software BBS, please complete
the following, and I will add you to the user file:
Voice phone number...... ______________________
Data line number........ ______________________
Password (max 8 chars).. ______________________

Nordevald Software, PC-Pursuitable, 813-963-3403, 1200/2400 baud, 24hrs.

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