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version 1.00 January 8, 1992

a public domain Wildcat! 3.0 SysOps' utility by Michael Conley.

[ requires BRUN40.EXE in the path ]


NODESC examines your ALLFILES.DAT file and produces a file called
NODESC.RPT which contains a list of any files without descriptions,
or files who's descriptions are "Ask (username) who dropped carrier."

Running the program:
NODESC will run automatically from a batch file. Simply be sure that
all of the files the program needs are in the CURRENT Directory when
the program is started.

Here's a list of the files NODESC expects to find:

BRUN40.EXE (anywhere in path)
MAKEWILD.DAT (in the current directory)
FILEAREA.DAT (in the current directory)
ALLFILES.DAT (program gets path from MAKEWILD.DAT)

An optional switch may be added to the NODESC command line: "/PATH"
If this is present, the file listing will include the pathname as
specified in your FILEAREA.DAT. This is handy if you want to use
a program such as AUTODESC to add the descriptions to the missing
files. You could create a batch file by editing the report file,
adding AUTODESC in front of each filename.

NODESC is public domain. I don't seek or accept any donations for this or
any of my other Wildcat! utility programs, including TODAYBBS, FLOP, MSTAT,
USTAT, and others.

I welcome suggestions, and will try to help (no guarantees) if there are

You may contact me at The Charlatan's Cabin BBS (213) 654-7337. Mention
your Wildcat! registration number in the comment and you'll be upgraded to
membership without the usually required registration by mail.

You may also leave a message via CompuServe (70250,220).

Please, NO VOICE CALLS. This isn't meant to be unfriendly, but with
the price of public domain software these days ... I just can't afford
to be "on call." I WILL respond to your questions via my BBS or CompuServe,
or via the Mustang Software registered SysOp BBS.

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Archive   : NODESC.ZIP
Filename : NODESC.DOC

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