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April 15, 1990

I am in no way trying to take accolades away from the author of MAKERANK
for the Global War game!! I think it real nice he took the time to do
so. The only comment I have is that not everyone has access to Turbo
Pascal. As a result MAKERANK would only create a Bulletin that would
agree with the Rank command in Global Wars if the "Points to Advance"
were set at 1 in WAR.CFG. Well, I have Turbo Pascal and decided to make
it easier for those that don't by creating 4 additional MAKERANK.EXE
files so you could create your Bulletins even if you don't have the means
to change and recompile the .PAS file. Have also modified the way the
Bulletin is output by adding in some minimal graphics to make the display
more pleasing to the eye to include centering on the screen.

Here you are... Enjoy!

8 files are included in MAKERNK.ZIP

README.1ST ---- What you are doing now!
MAKERNK1.EXE -- Use this one if Points To Advance are set to 1 in WAR.CFG
MAKERNK2.EXE -- Use this one if Points To Advance are set to 2 in WAR.CFG
MAKERNK3.EXE -- Use this one if Points To Advance are set to 3 in WAR.CFG
MAKERNK4.EXE -- Use this one if Points To Advance are set to 4 in WAR.CFG
MAKERNK5.EXE -- Use this one if Points To Advance are set to 5 in WAR.CFG
MAKERANK.PAS -- Modified Source Code
READ.ME ------- Author's info

Another nice feature with this is that you can evaluate what effect the
setting of Points To Advance in WAR.CFG has on the Rank Command in the
game AND Bulletin. All you need to do is have your WINNERS.WAR file and
these files in the same directory and just try each of the .EXE files
one at a time (without any redirection) and the results will be displayed
on the screen for you -or- redirect them to your printer and have yourself
a printout to stare at (IE: MANKRNK1 > PRN and press ).
Whatever suits your fancy! Hope this makes it easier for someone!

Gus Gustavson
Sysop, Desert Winds
Las Vegas, NV
Apparently Gus has an OLD version of MAKERANK. The current version of
MAKERANK for Global War version 1.6 reads WAR.CFG to get your
"Points to Advance" value. Still, this version has much better looking
-Joel Bergen 4/16/90

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Archive   : NEWRANK.ZIP
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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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