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MatchMaker v. 1.2

Copyright (c) 1989, Mark R. Price
All Rights Reserved

A QuickBBS Match Making Door Program!

MatchMaker v. 1.2 Page 1

Table of Contents

Warranty .................... 2

Setting Up MatchMaker ....... 2

Editing QUESTION.DAT ........ 3

SysOp Functions ............. 4

Command Line Parameters ..... 4

A Bit on Colors ............. 5

Registration ................ 5

Atta-Boys! .................. 7

Version History ............. 8

MatchMaker v. 1.2 Page 2


To all who use this program, please be advised that there is no
warranty or guarantee of any kind. I will not be liable for any
damages to your system or it's data which occur while using this
program. You may use this software only under the agreement that you
do so at your own risk.

Even though I offer no warranty, if you happen to encounter any "bugs",
I would like to hear about them. I do support the programs I write and
will attempt to fix any bugs as quickly as I can. To report bugs
please contact me through the MM support BBS given below.


Now with the legal biz out of the way, let's get this thing set up.
First, check to make sure that all the files needed were included in
your archive. Check your list against the following:

CONVMM.EXE ..... Program for converting userbase.
MM.BAT ......... A sample batch file.
MM2.BAT ........ A second sample batch file.
MM.DOC ......... This documentation.
MM.EXE ......... The MatchMaker executable program.
MM.HLP ......... Sample MM help file (ACSII customizable).
MM.PRM ......... A sample MatchMaker parameter file.
MMUPD.DOC ...... Documentation for MMUPDate.
MMUPD.EXE ...... The MMUPDate executable program.
QUESTION.DAT ... A sample questionnaire file (ACSII customizable)
README!.DOC .... Recent update stuff. Read first!
WELCOME.FIL .... Sample welcome screen (ASCII customizable).

Now that your sure all the files are there the first thing you'll need
to do is edit the MM.PRM file. This file is used by MM in order to
determine the locations of files MM will use. The format of MM.PRM is
as follows:

Mark <=== SysOps First Name
Price <=== SysOps Last Name
C:\QuickBBS\ <=== QuickBBS Directory
C:\MM\ <=== MatchMaker Directory
ON <=== SysOp Page Mode (ON or OFF)
ON <=== Local Screen Printing (ON or OFF)
Welcome.Fil <=== Name of welcome screen (located in MM directory)
3 <=== Color to use when displaying WELCOME.FIL and
MM.HLP (See "A Bit on Colors")

MatchMaker v. 1.2 Page 3

** IMPORTANT! ** Note the back-slashes at the end of the directory
parameters. These are required! Also, the word ON or OFF indicates
the default mode for Sysop Paging and Local Screen Printing. Do not
use YES or NO!

Now edit and then copy MM.BAT to the QuickBBS directory. Then copy
directory. Use any ASCII text editor to edit WELCOME.FIL, and take a
look at MM.HLP and customize it to your liking if you desire.

Next you will need to create a type 7 or type 15 shell menu item in
order to call MM.BAT. I have installed MM using the following command
line for a type 7 shell:


Note that you do not need to pass any information to MM on the command
line. MM obtains all the info it needs from DORINFO1.DEF. However, if
you would like to run MM in "Local" mode, just type MM /L.

Welp, that's it! Now just sit back and let your users take it from

If you'd like to enhance MM a bit more, read on!


Included in your archive you should have found a sample of the file
QUESTION.DAT. This is a straight ASCII text file which MM uses to
obtain the questions which will be displayed and answered by your
users. Each question in this file should have the following format:

5 E
2. What color is your hair?

First you must indicate the number of possible answers for the
following question (5 in this case). Then you will need to tell MM
whether the answers to this question should be an EXACT (E) match or an
OPPOSITE (O) match. This information is used when MM is attempting to
find someone a match. Next you will enter the question as you want it
to appear to the user followed by the number of possible answers you
indicated for this question. Each question and answer must NOT exceed
one line in length.

NOTE: Notice that the sample QUESTION.DAT file begins with question
number 2. This is because question number 1, "What sex are you?" is
hard coded into MM.

MatchMaker v. 1.2 Page 4

When you have finished entering all the information save your file,
making sure that there are no blank lines at the end of the file.

** IMPORTANT ** If you have decided to change your QUESTION.DAT file
after users have started using MM, you MUST erase MMUSER.DAT from the
MatchMaker directory.


F5 - Pressing the F5 function key will immediatley return the
current user to the BBS.

F8 - Pressing the F8 function key will toggle Local Screen Printing
on and off. When off, only the status line will appear on the

F9 - Pressing the F9 function key will toggle Page Mode on and off.
The status of Page Mode is displayed on the status line.

F10 - Pressing the F10 function key will immediately enter Chat Mode.



Using the /L command line paramater wil force MM to run in "Local"
mode only. This is very benifical for testing the two paramters we
will talk about next. To use the /L command line parameter just type
the following:


/Q and /U

With the release of version 1.2 you now have the option of specifying
the question and user base files. This makes MM much more flexible,
and gives you the ability to use different question and user base files
for different groups of people. (For example, you may want to have MM
load one question file for those users under 18 and another for those
over 18.)

** WARNING! ** Please note that if you specify a substitue question
file you must also specify a substitue user base file. Users answers
are saved in this user base file and must correspond in number to the
number of questions in your new question file. If you do not do this
MM will use the default setting, and matching users will be next to
impossible as the data field in the MMUSER.DAT may not match your new
question file.

MatchMaker v. 1.2 Page 5

The format for specifying a new question and userbase file is as

MM /q /u

/q indicates that MM should use in place of QUESTION.DAT
as the default question data file. (Additional question files must
use the same format as described above for QUESTION.DAT.)

/u indicates that MM should use in place of MMUSER.DAT
as the default user dase data file.

Although either the /q or /u paramters may be ommitted with care, it
is my strongest suggestion (and probably the saftest way to avoid big
problems) that you use the default settings to start and then use both
paramters for any other questionnaires you may develop. Also note
that for each new question and user base file you will need to create
a new type 7 or type 15 exit, and a corresponding batch file. (See
MM2.BAT for an example of loading MM using /Q and /U.)

All command line parameters may be used at any time in any order.


You may specify the color MM will use when it displays Welcome.Fil and
MM.HLP. Use the following color chart as a guide:

Number (in MM.PRM) Color
------------------ ------------------------------
1 Low intensity blue
2 Low intensity green
3 Low intensity cyan
4 Low intensity red
5 Low intensity magenta
6 Low intensity yellow (brown)
7 Low intensity white (gray)
8 High intensity blue
9 High intensity green
10 High intensity cyan
11 High intensity red
12 High intensity magenta
13 High intensity yellow
14 High intensity white

If you have a monochrome monitor use 7 or 14. This will get you low or
high intensity green/amber. Of course you can still use any of the
other numbers and colors will displayed to those users who have ANSI
turned on.

MatchMaker v. 1.2 Page 6


MatchMaker is now distributed under the shareware concept. If you
like this program you are free to use it for a period not to exceed
30 days. After 30 days you are required to register MatchMaker by
sending the attached registration form and fee to the author.

If you register this program you are entitled to recieve all bug fixes
and updates. ONLY THE FIRST update will be sent to you via your BBS or
mailing address (provided on the registration form). All other updates
and bug fixes will be availbe for file request or download on the MM
support system, and you will be responsible for obtaining these at your

As of this release I have not yet put any restrictions, such as
counters or limiting MMUSER.DAT size. However, due to the fact that
many people are using MM and not registering it, I may be forced to do
so. Please, $10.00 is not a lot to ask and besides, there are many
enhancements to MM already in the works.

MatchMaker v. 1.2 Page 7


Many thanks go to Nancy Martin for her time, patients and support in
beta testing.

Nancy's Place
(918) 627-6289

MatchMaker v. 1.2 Page 8


Apr. 1, 1989 - Initial BETA test release of MatchMaker.

Apr. 6, 1989 - Fixed the display of an extra "Tap any key ..." which
sometimes appeared after a users info was displayed
using the Browse feature.

- The use of the command line switch LOCAL was added to
allow for easier operation of local mode.

- Added a status line to the bottom of the local screen.

- The SysOp can now press the F5 funtion key to force
the current user out of MM at any time.

Apr. 8, 1989 - Added the ability of the user to page the SysOp from
the Main Menu.

- Added the ability of the SysOp to toggle Page Mode
by pressing the F9 function key.

- Added the ability of the SysOp to enter Chat Mode
by pressing the F10 function Key.

- Added a small, but hopefully helpful, error trapping
routine. (This will be expanded!)

Apr. 12, 1989 - Initial public release!

Jun. 14, 1889 - Added a question mark (?) to the Main-Menu. This
allows the user to re-display the menu, in case he
forgot what it looks like.

- Added the ability to toggle printing to the local
screen on and off.

- Added internal carrier monitoring. No need to use
an external monitoring program!

- Added non-ANSI support.

- The callers time is now monitored by MM. If it is
exceeded the program will return to the BBS.

- Fixed problem with display not pausing when listing

- Many, many code enhancements and some other stuff I
just can't think of right now.

Jul. 25, 1989 - MM will now verify each answer when users are

MatchMaker v. 1.2 Page 9

answering the Questionnaire. This allows the user to
change his/her answer without having to go through
the entire process twice.

- Added two new command line paramters. See COMMAND

- Added a costumizable "welcome" file.

- Added a customizable "help" file.

Oct. 21, 1989 - Users can now abort answering questions by entering an

- MM now exits with an errorlevel of 0 (normal exit) or 1
(indicating a user has answered the questionnair).

- The MM package now includes MMUPDate, which is a utility
that enable systems to share user data base entries.

MatchMaker v. 1.2 Registration Form

Personal Information:

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Street: _____________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________ State: ____ Zip Code: ______

BBS Information (if applicable):

BBS Name: __________________________ BBS Net/Node #: _______________

BBS Phone #: (_____)_____-________

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Copies of MatchMaker ____ X $10.00 .................... $ _________

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Mail your registration to:

Mark R. Price
15037 Laurel Oaks Lane
Laurel, MD 20707

To inquire about MatchMaker or report bugs, you may contact me on the
MM support BBS, FidoNet 1:170/608 or call 1-918-627-6289.

Your suggestions are always welcome!

Bug Reports/Suggestions:

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