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[v2.3] When using the MMAINT program to search for a user, using their
Logon Name, a match would not be found. it would work fine for
a search by Handle.

With this version the use of the Personal Identification Number
(PIN) has been eliminated.

[v2.2] If a caller chose to change all the answers to the questionaire,
their changes were not being recorded in their database record.

Several complaints that the "brown on black" colors were hard to
read on some monitors. Changed them to yellow.

When a new user is presented with their PIN, they will be
required to re-enter it. Hopefully this will remind them that
they must write the number down.

Under certain circumstances a new caller will fill out all of
their info and answer all the questions, logoff and call back
in again only to be told that their First Name/Alias already
exists.. this version will fix the problem but you must run the
maintenance program once and re-index the master file.

You can now use an environmental variable for Non-Standard
IRQs. This will eliminate the need to have multiple batch
files to execute the door. See DOCs under NON-STANDARD COM
SUPPORT for details.

You can now use environmental variables, on the first line
of the configuration file. This will eliminate the requirement
that you create an individual configuration file for each node
in a multinode environment (ONE config file for ALL nodes!!).
See DOCs under MULTI-NODE SETUP for details.

[v2.1] One more time... Error #63 , when a new user was being added
to the INDEX files. The user was being added to the main
database, but not to the Index file. If you have users that
attempted to get into the door but enountered the error 63,
then run the MMAINT pgm and select option # 5. This will
recreate the indexes and the users that had gotten the Error
63 will now be indexed. Sorry again for the inconvenience..
This has not been a good week!

[v2.0] Error # 63, when a new user is being added to the database.
Sorry for the inconvenience, as this should have been caught
during version 1.9 testing (author choking himself!!!)

[v1.9] Added time remaining as part of each menu prompt.

MMWELCOM file would not stop scrolling if there was a full
screen. This change will now allow the file to be of an
unlimited length.

Added a new option to the maintenance program (MMAINT) to
clear all questionaire answers in every users record. This
will allow the Sysop to institute a new set of questions and
the user will be forced to answer them the next time they use
the door. A new text file called MMNEWQUE.TXT is required. A
sample file is included in this ZIP. You may change it anyway
you want. This option requires the Door to be REGISTERED!

There was a report of 2 callers accessing the door at the same
time. Both were new and when they finished answering the
questions, both were added to the MMINDEX files, but only one
was added to the master file. Rewrote one of the routines and
this should fix the problem.

The birth date entered by the user, will be displayed as the
Birth Sign (Aries, Leo, etc) when being displayed with option
#5 and option #6.

Changed the screen used to list all MatchMaker users to
accomodate the Birth Sign display.

With this version, you will NOT be able to display a screen at
logoff, showing the name(s) of those that may have adopted the
door. This was necessary to make room in the program for more

Expanded the number of lines you can enter in a message from
10 to 15.

After entering a message you are presented with a choice of
saving, editing, etc. If you pressed enter you would be returned
to the Message Center menu, thus losing what you had entered.
Now, if you press enter you will be asked the question again.

When you aborted a message it would take you back to the Main
menu. It will now take you back to the Message Center menu.

Added a reminder, at the bottom of the screen, as to the number
of lines permitted in a message.

[v1.8] If caller chose Option #1, then Option #5 (chose someone to
review), pressed "E" to prematurely terminate the answers
display, then chose Option #1 again, the callers info would
be replaced with the info from the person previously reviewed.

Some BBS Software was generating mixed case for the caller's
name, thus erroneously reporting that a caller's alias was
already in use!

If a caller reads all mail addressed to him/her, logs off and
comes back on, the system tells him/her that there is mail
waiting. When the caller goes to the Message area and tries
to read the personal mail the system just goes back to the
menu as if it did nothing. In actuality there were no messages
to read. Problem existed in the routine used to check for mail
at logon.

Under certain circumstances, the program would display a msg
that there were no matches, even though there were matches
displayed on the screen.

Made several changes to the screen displays. Nothing dramatic.

MMAKER.EXE size reduced!

[v1.7] Entering a message to someone, already in the database, the
program did not recognize their existance.

Changed Message database structure to allow the existance of
unlimited number of messages in the registered version. This
requires that you remove line number 10 from the Config file!

If you have an existing Message database, you must run the
maintainance program and select option #3 (Recreate Message

When trying to backspace over characters you entered, while
logged on LOCALLY, the system would lock up.

[v1.6] Corrected a problem whereby caller reading personal messages
was getting the correct header info (To, From, Subject), but
message text was from another message.

When sending a message, the program will now check to ensure
that the person is in the database.

[v1.5] Error 70, "Permission Denied", generated when running under a
network and more than 1 caller accesses the database.

Support for "Adopt-A-Door" has been removed. You must make a
change to the CFG file to delete the line relating to
"Adopt-A-Door". If you wish you may use the ADOPTxx.ZIP to
promote this concept. ADOPTxx.ZIP is part of the Sunrise
Door Collection!

Caller can now (Q)uit back to the BBS from the "Is this your
first visit?" prompt.

I have now made the WELCOME screen an external file. This will
allow you to use your own words to greet your callers and/or
define the ground rules for the use of the MatchMaker Door.
NOTE: Registered versions of MatchMaker have the option of
using a Welcome screen, non-registered versions MUST
use the supplied welcome file called MMWELCOM and MUST
not make ANY changes to the text!
If you create your own text file, be sure you name it MMWELCOM

Added a new option to the CFG file. This option will allow you
to DISABLE the Message Center function. This option will be
line number 9. 1 = yes, allow callers to leave/read message
0 = no, do not allow any message functions

If a new caller used the door AND did not choose to use the 3
lines of optional information, the information from the last
entry in the database was being used. This should be fixed!

When making a match, and no matches were found, the "No matches
Found" message was not always being displayed. While I was
fixing this I also changed the wording of the message, as
suggested by a Sysop.

New option added to config file to control the number of
messages you want to allow in the message database. This option
is being added for those with memory constraints. This will be
removed in a subsequent release.

Redesigned the User index files. This will now allow an
UNLIMITED number of users to exist in the database, rather than
the imposed 1000 limit. If you are upgrading from a prior
release you MUST run MMIXCVRT.EXE. MMIXCVRT will convert your
MMAST.INX file into index files named MMINDEX and
MINDEX.A - MINDEX.Z (You can then delete MMAST.INX).

Maintenance program (MMAINT) has been enhanced so you do not
have to define the purge criteria on the command line when
running it locally. Purge criteria will be requested when you
choose the option on the menu. An option was also added to
allow for the recreation of the User Indexes.

If you choose to change the Questionaire Answers, you will be
asked to confirm since once you start you can not stop.

Cleared up a number of Error 55 problems.

[v1.4] If you entered a message line that did not contain a blank
(ie: one continuous line of text) the program would abort with
an "Illegal Function Call", Error # 5. - Fixed

Some Error # 63s were showing up in the Error Log. I found
some possible causes. Please keep an eye peeled for any

Duplicate Alias' were being allowed, under certain
circumstances, believe I got this one fixed.

Error #70 when running under a metwork environment. This was
a file sharing problem. - Fixed

[v1.3] If caller attempts to enter more than one alias the program
rejects the attempt. In prior versions the caller was
immediately returned back to the BBS. This change allows for
3 attempts to get things right...

Added the ability(optional) for each user to add a narrative
about themselves; 3 lines/74 characters per line. The prompts
will be presented to each NEW caller... all present users can
update theirs by choosing option 1 on the Main Menu and then
changing any or all of the 3 lines (lines 6, 7, 8). BE SURE
running MatchMaker).
>>>>>>>>>>> NOTE: You must run MMCONV.EXE if you have been running
^^^^ MatchMaker versions prior to this one.. see README.1st

When the user chooses option 5, he/she will be presented with
a new screen of information, prior to being shown the answers
to the questionaire. Included in the display will be everything
the user entered (City,State,Age....etc).

[v1.2] Added an option to control when you DO NOT want the DOOR
to be used. Allows for 5 Blackout periods. This requires
a configuration file change. SEE DOCS for DETAILS!

Added an option for callers to read messages they have
entered and allow for caller to delete them.

Added an option to the "Private Message Center" menu to
allow the Sysop to review every message in the message
base and optionally delete any he/she finds inappropriate.
This option will appear on the menu for the Sysop only,
however, it can only be chosen if the Door is REGISTERED.

[v1.1] MMAINT maintenance program accessed the Menu during an
Event. Fixed

Match screen display changed to include the match
percentage(%) for each entry selected.

"File Already OPEN" error message displayed if you ran
a match and received "No Matches" then ran the match
process again. FIXED.

When making selections for a match and you selected the
"B" Sex option the program would not find matches. FIXED

The match percentage algorythm, was incorrect. FIXED

New heading for the match display.

[v1.0] Initial release

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